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decided i need a lob wedge

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i am the latter. i rarely ever take a divot (unless i mess up a shot!) i always get a clean hit. so i need less bounce as in 8* or less correct?

That would be my guess, unless you want to use it exclusively as a sand club. If you are taking small to no divots, you are probably what is called a "slider" - meaning you slide the leading edge under the ball, as opposed to a "digger" (like myself) who crashes down on the ball. If you were trying to slide a wedge with high bounce off of a tight lie, the bounce of the club will make it do just that....bounce off the tight lie making the leading edge hit too high on the ball. This will look and feel like a thin shot, when in fact you have really hit it a touch fat, or in front of the ball.

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Haha yeah, the spin milled is definitely my favorite wedge by far. Really gives a good kick back on softer greens.

i can find it used (which is probably what im going to get) for around 50-75 buy it now. new is over 100 for buy it now.
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I really like my Callaway X-Forged 60.09 lob wedge with the MD grooves. There are several good wedges on the market though, such as Mizuno and the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled. The 58 degree wedge also makes a good lob wedge too. Make sure you try to get one with a bounce angle that fits your swing and the courses that you play.

For me, a 60 or 58 degree wedge is absoutely the most fun club to practice with too.
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You may be talking about bounce (or bounce angle)

Definition courtesy of about.com:

"Measurement in degrees of the angle from the front edge of a club's sole to the point that actually rests on the ground at address. The middle or rear of many soles is lower than the front edge. Bounce is most commonly applied to wedges. More bounce will keep the club from digging too deeply into turf or sand.
The amount of bounce needed depends on conditions. If you play courses with soft, fluffy sand, you'll need more bounce. If the courses you play typically have harder sand, you'll need less bounce. Playing from fairway - less bounce.

The type of swing can influence the amount of bounce needed, too. Players who swing their wedges steeply into impact need more bounce. Players who sweep through and undercut need less bounce."
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you need a lob wedge

laid open 56 wedge can get a 36 handicap into real trouble. lob wedges usually have less bounce which helps avoid blading and usuallly have a sharper leading edge to cut through the long grass.

don't listen to anyone about wedges unless they have taken the wedges to the grinder to get the bounce and edge that they want.
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so i ended up getting what i considered a pretty good deal. at rockbottomgolf.com they had a special if you bought a ben hogan sw for $70 you get the lw for free. sw is a 56* with 6* bouce and the lw is a 60* with 6* bounce. both are perfect for me because i have more of a sweeping flat swing. i have tested these clubs for the past week EVERY day hitting in my back yard or in a field and i love them. i can put 8 out of 10 balls inside a circle the size of a hula hoop from 30 yards out. and i havent tested on a regular green yet (been a weird week with a hurricane evacuation) but im pretty sure i can put lots of backspin on it. just open the club face up a little bit and take a good swing at it. ive been hitting out of the equivilency(sp) of light rough grass. but ya check it out if youre not happy with your wedge situation. i think the confidence it brings me already is worth it!
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56 deg laid open.

All that does is increase the bounce, which makes that shot nearly impossible to play from a tight lie (fairway or hardpan). I recently added a Callaway 58° X Tour. It's only 2 degrees more loft than my Cleveland CG 11, but with a lower bounce angle it is more useful in more ways than the Cleveland. I love the CG 11 in the sand, but I've rarely used for anything else. Now I have a club in my bag that works for all of those other shots where I need a high arc with a soft landing. And the 58° is still much easier to hit consistently than the 60°. I have a 60° and it lives in my garage.... my scoring is much better when I leave it there.

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Note: This thread is 4558 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 443: Did some backswing/takeaway drills (COVID-19 day-3 and something I found on AMG YouTube). Then some COVID-19 day-5 drills. Then some full swing balls with 9-iron and 3-hybrid.
    • Thanks for your reply. To elaborate  I use the GPS on the watch to conserve the iPhone battery. What I don’t understand is why it only used 1% on Friday but 21% today with the same settings.  When I raise my wrist to look at the watch, the grint is nearly always open, when  I used Golfshot it was always on the home screen with similar settings.  I had to keep pressing the button on the watch to get back to golfshot. 
    • I’ve used Golfshot in the past. 18Birdies has a watch app that I used a couple times.  GameGolf has one. There are others, I’m sure.  I currently use the watch app for Arccos, because I use that tracking system. Not sure about the “disappeared off the watch” problem.  I don’t recall doing anything special for setup, but whenever I raise my wrist with a round going, it’s got my yardage right there (Arccos and Golfshot for sure, I think it did with GameGolf, don’t remember with 18Birdies). Maybe try (in the Apple Watch app on the iPhone): General > wake screen > wake on wrist raise (and) Return to clock after 1 hour.  I don’t know of a way to improve battery life in the watch, but I usually put my iPhone in low power mode when I play, and that helps prolong the iPhone battery without adversely affecting the golf app function.  But using 21% of battery for a round doesn’t seem excessive (meaning you finished the round with 79% left).
    • Just finished LSW, great info.  Now I just need to apply it so I can claim a few achievements for actually shooting lower scores.
    • Work, life & rereading some chapters 3 times slowed down my reading of LSW but I did finish it tonight.  I think it merits more reads as the season progresses since some aspects can’t be practiced with snow on the ground.  I need to work out my shot zones and need to figure out how to do that.  I do not know a range where I can walk out to my target to plot them as suggested.  I am wondering if it can be done with TrackMan Range? Or if a fellow Michigander can suggest a place it would be appreciated. One thing caught me by surprise, I’ve read many comments about shot cones and expected to read about them in LSW, but I did not.  I’ll look back on Threads to see where I saw that and what they are. My main question is for myself, why did I wait nearly 9 months after joining TST to order the book.  
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