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"The Impact Zone" by Bobby Clampett

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I can "do" the drills as you quoted it, but I also agree with your… for lack of a better word right now… "nitpicks" about it.

I can certainly have a little ulnar deviations to line the shaft up with my left arm while also gripping the club in my fingers properly. It's tough to get much below horizontal, though, as I suspect you would say too.

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All I do is pitch, chip, and putt. The impact position of a pitch shot is the same as a full shot. So I focus on having the bottom of my swing occur as far to left of the ball as I can. Basically, ins

Just ran across this online and thought I'd post here. Good info

I read this book over the weekend and attempted the lag and load. Was very surprised with the results. Mind you it was the first day. But, was nicely surprised with the effortless power. One con

Hi Guys, first time poster.  

Call me dumb but i have only recently discovered Bobby Clampett & this impact zone stuff.  I am a 15 HC, have played golf on & off for 40 years and after 10 years off invested in new spanners 18 months ago and with time now on my hands have become a golf geek.   I played Royal Troon last year and heard the Clampett story of the 1982 Open & his subsequent demise as a player & find him and his views about the game very interesting.   Now that we are in convid lockdown in UK and unable to play I was researching & came across this thread.  Pre-lockdown I had taken a number of lessons from a PGA Pro and believe my ball striking is not too bad (or at least good enough to receive a 15 HC).   Now I am determined to improve & make single figures (Target 8 HC).  I have had a good look at WIG online & do like how SC approaches the swing & the simplicity of some of his content.  Reviewing this thread & doing some further research I am very attracted by the Impact Zone focus of Clampett, his personal story and the structure of his approach & the 5 dynamics.   Anyway this thread has inspired me to yesterday purchase a copy of The Impact Zone & for that I thank you.  FYI I also purchased The Golfing Machine, don't believe can be as difficult a read as some on here have said.  

Stay Safe      

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    • History is written by the winners. Truth should always prevail.   
    • I don't know when I said we shouldn't change anything.  We shouldn't re write history, that is all I said.  So, yes, make changes, but don't forget why the changes were made.   People should be able to see/read history so they can understand why the change was made. I just don't agree with ALL the changes.  Some yes, some no.  Some I think is silly.  
    • On days when I'm hitting my driver well this is my play too. Otherwise I'll usually hit 4i a tad left of the aim point denoted by the white lines on the left fairway. Though honestly I set the bar of "playing driver well" a little low and block a driver into the water too often 😬
    • I agree with your message, as I thought the same in response; however, I don’t agree with attacking the person, but ideas or statements that he holds are fair game in my eyes. Not trying to be a mod, so don’t “get it twisted,” as young ones say; just expressing my opinion of partial agreement. 
    • Meh. They could have had a bit more fun with it. I would have preferred the "Cleveland River Fire" to honor when the Cuyahoga River actually caught fire. 12 times. 
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