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    • You’re right. @onthehunt526 didn’t realize how bad the lie was (see above where he quoted the app indicating “first cut” when it wasn’t), so I think that’s where he was going with that statement. I mean, he’s right, if the lie wasn’t as bad as he thought. 
    • Day 3: Did more of the same stuff working on backswing priority piece, with LVP camera. Bought a net that’s supposed to go up/down easy, and measured my mat to cut it down to more portable strips for new practice area. 
    • You may as well say that not trying to carry a ball 370m over water on a par 5 isn't going to win you the tournament if you need eagle to win. Are you seriously suggesting that Oosthuizen does not realise that 3 is better than 4 and that  4 doesn't win? So...in a press conference you would ask him why he laid up and he'd say "I had a better chance of holing out from 80 yards than making a putt like I did on Saturday"? Come on. There is no hypothetical scenario here. He did all he could do. 
    • I forgot how he reacted to the eventual birdie.  Probably the most disappointed "I just made a birdie on the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open" ever.
    • Yeah, I agree. He would’ve went for it  if it was in the first cut, sitting up, or in the fairway—no question. If you put it in the drink from there, at least you went with the right shot under the circumstances and tried to win the tournament. He probably doesn’t eagle though because it would’ve been so hard to stop the ball on that green. But then again, maybe he makes the Tiger putt from the back of the green (not the “expect anything different” putt). 
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