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Does your wife/significant other play golf?

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My wife has recently expressed interest in taking up the game, so we went out today to get her a set (1-inch long, she is 5'10"), and the requisite pink bag and shoes. I think she will do well, and I am excited for her to like it and improve. I have talked to some guys, and the LAST thing they want is their wife or GF to take up the game....cause thats their time away. I dont see it that way, cause I honestly dont have a lot of "friends" that golf outside of the club ....so I end up going by mysef a lot. To me, this is like a built in two-some every Saturday until we have kids.

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My wife play, she started playing when we got together. She used to play field hockey so has the co-ordination for it. She started playing regularly last year when we got married and has gone from a 34 to a 24 handicap in a year. She has recently started playing off the first set of mens tees and seeing her handicap differentials drop as a result. I have taken great pleasure in watching her improve and enjoy playing the game as much as me. I travel for work quite a bit and am jealous when she's able to go out and play in the evenings after work. I also play in the men's league and she plays in the ladies league so its not like we only play together either.
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Before we had kids, my wife expressed interest and we went to play at a local muni. We had gone to the range a couple times before.

Of course the 1st tee was backed up which made her nervous. She proceeded to swing and miss and then top the ball into the bush next to the tee box. I told her not to worry and just come and hit one from where my tee shot was. As we're driving to my ball I look over at her and she's crying. She hasn't picked up a club since.

Now with two young kids, it isn't really an option either. But I'd like her to give it another try in about 8-10 years when the kids are old enough.
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My wife loves to play as much as I do, which to be honest makes it tough. We have a 2 year old and a 6 year old so finding a babysitter kinda gets in the way. I try to get her out once every 10 days or so which isn't too bad. She is like me and would play everyday if possible though.
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My wife started playing on our first date.

She is now down to a 20.9 index (started with a 29.3 in September of '07 when I got her to enroll in the women's club) and shot an 84 a couple of weekends ago. I really am now trying to get her to play in tournaments and such, so I'm looking for couples tournies around town as well as scramble's just to get her into it. She started her athletic career with tennis, and we are both very competitive.

I hear a lot of guys say that they wouldn't want their wives to play. What kind of marriage do you have where you don't want to spend time on the golf course with your significant other!?!? As for my wife and I, we love getting out there and enjoying the course and each other's company. Not sure how it could get any better than that...

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My wife started showing an interest a few months back. As we could afford it, I built her up a set of clubs from Golfsmith (Viper W) and she's very proud of them. Since it's so damned hot here, she's not playing much now, but she'll get back into it once it cools down some.

She really stinks something awful, just like I did when I first started, but she's having fun, and I got her set up to take some lessons when she's ready so she can start learning some fundamentals.
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My wife also took up the game when we started dating. She's a former college softball player so it came naturaly. I made the mistake of getting her lessons, now she's a 15 and gives me a run for my money ( usually she can get me on one of the nines but blows up after!)
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My girlfriend loves to play. She still hasn't gone to an actual course yet though. I take her to the driving range and we always have lots of fun. This weekend I'm taking her out to an executive course.
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My wife loves it. We always play together, and she's getting better. She actually got me into it - I just wanted to go to the driving range to hit some balls, and she starts talking about getting clubs and going to the course, etc. Now we are in a country club and play several times a weekend!

It's a great way to spend time together and be active. Then we go home and watch the PGA Tour. She especially likes to see the really bad shots because then she feels better about her game She gets pretty down on herself on the course sometimes.

She thinks it's funny that most of the women's stuff is pink. She's getting into it - now she plays the pink Slazenger's, and has pink/black/white footjoys and all sorts of matching outfits.

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brought my wife out to the range a couple of times...she hated it cause she had to use my callaways x-18s.... they were too heavy for her. so i rented a set of lady's clubs for her and brought her out to a 9 hole par 3 course to give her a "taste" of the game.

That got her hooked and now she's taking lessons! ( i know better then to try to teach her on my own)

hehe, if i can just get her to stop complaining abt the sun. Need to get her industrial strength sunblock!
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I took my wife (of 16 years) out for the first time last year. I had always been willing, but she wasn't interested. I won't say she's hooked, but she enjoys it when we go. I have her taking a few lessons, to help with her confidence, and she is coming along pretty well. She still doesn't push to go, but we enjoy it when we do.

Sometimes she will pick up and play where I am (depending on how crowded it is) and sometimes we take the extra time to let her hit a few mulligans. A couple times each year we go out with our two sons (12 and 6) for a family foursome.
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No, she has went to the range a few times but never had the desire to play. Which is fine by me. However my daughter is starting to show interest already, which I think is great.
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This is my wife's 2nd full season of playing. We started off putting in the basement on carpet that represented a pretty slow green. The following spring, we went to FL where she began work on a short game. We worked until she got the 'hit down on ball ... ball flies' principle down.

While we were there, I'd play a round, she'd ride and throw out a ball when we got to the green. She's chip on and putt out. After the round we'd head to the range where she'd practice by hitting 1/2 swings with a 7i off a tee. I'd load 'em, she'd hit 'em!

When we returned from FL (still spring up north) we'd hit the range and work on full shots. By June '07, she was ready to hit the 'short courses' in the area. It's now Aug '08. She loves to play, can hit bombs off the tee with her Adams driver, uses hybrids until she gets in wedge range and has a VERY good short game with SW and putter. She'll shoot ~120 on a typical par-72 course (last Saturday) and it's a lot of fun to have her as a playing partner.

One word of caution: Athletic ability in other areas doesn't automatically transfer to the game of golf. My wife was a varsity softball player in HS and can bowl a 180 any day of the week, but could NOT figure out how to hit a whiffle ball with a 9 iron in the back yard when we first started. It takes time, effort, patience and practice to enjoy ANY level of success in this silly game we play.

The key to her enjoying golf as much as she does was starting off small and on parts of the game she could learn, work and see results quickly. For example, within one hour at a good practice facility, she could get chip shots to fly and go in the direction she was aiming AND stay on the green half the time. I know guys who've played all their lives that still don't chip with any degree of success!

Good luck to your wife. You guys will have a blast playing together. What's best for me is I can schedule a golf vacation and my wife is 100% on board with the idea EVERY time!

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I am happy for you. Mind GF/wife (in 9 days) has went to the range with me a couple of times and she is aweful. She is not taking tips and if she keeps trying, she might get it.

I wish she would get more into the game and play some. I have the same problem with only me ever playing. Every now and again, I get asked to play while I am at the course because the people that would be in front of us are really going to be slow.
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... so we went out today to get her a set (1-inch long, she is 5'10")...

well, if all goes pear-shaped, it will be easy to get one-inch long clubs into the trash can...

my wife has started playing and is very keen. handicap just established (36, natch) and now it's a question of easing her into competitions and encouraging her to play with other people, not just me...
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