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What is the widest lake you would dare attempt to hit over?

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I was not saying that I do change balls,just a question.I am not the longest hitter in the group I play with but I can most time hit the fairways.I dont hit a very expensive ball anyway so its no big deal for me to hit on in the water,but I have been working on not getting in there if you know what I mean.There are a couple of guys that I golf with that will do it almost everytime and I tell them the samething,dont be a sissy
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Here's an aerial view of a par 5 on a course near where I live. If your tee shot reaches the corner, you're left with 180 yards to cross the shallow part of the lake and onto the fairway, or 225 to carry the deep part of the lake and onto the left side of the green.

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One guy I play with carries 250m consistently, with about 85% chance of hitting the fairways. His long game is truly enjoyable to watch...

Right now, I would only be comfortable with a 200-yard lake.
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Probably 240, I suppose if I really went after it I could get 250, but 240 is the max I would go for unless I had absolutely nothing to lose coming down the last and needed a birdie.
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The 17th hole where I play once or twice a week is a par 4 of just over 300 yards from the back tees. The thing is though, to have a crack at it you are faced with a carry of 252 yards to clear a creek and I always have a go unless the wind is in to me and always clear it comfortably. If you can carry the creek there is a nice little downhill bit for about 20 yards before it flattens out closer to the green so get it over the creek and on the fairway and you get a big bounce forward and are often putting for 2.

Without the downhill stretch over the creek there'd be no point in having a go as I wouldn't be getting it there anyway. So basically, anything under 250 and I feel comfortable in carrying it from the tee with driver, again though it depends on what you are trying to land the ball in. Trying to carry it 250 and also avoid some very deep bunkers would mean the option is a bit silly.

Off the fairway, I am comfortable carrying my 3 wood 220 but again it depends on how tight the landing area is as to whether I'll have a go.
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My average drive is only about 220, but I get very little roll. On occasion, the stars will align and I have pushed the 300 mark. (i only average distance of drives in fairway, seems I always hit longer when I slice or hook ).

Off the tee, I would be comfortable carrying about 190 and fairly confident of making 200. From the fairway (3 wood), maybe 175 to feel comfortable.

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At this country club near me, from the championship tees, the carry is 270 yards over a lake. You can go the safe root to the left, but it's narrow over there and then you have about 200-210 in even with a good drive. So my friend always carried that lake when I played with him. I always had to take the safe root.

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I could carry a lake 1000 miles wide if it was 235 to 240 yards to carry it.

Nice one!!!

the answer depends on temperature, wind direction and altitude. I stunned myself by hitting five-irons 220 yards on a recent visit to the Mid-West; normal in the UK - this summer, anyway - is 180-190. In the UK: 220 with total confidence; 240 if i really had to do it, all was lost and it was hit or bust time. But i'd use a previously-enjoyed ball!!!
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When I was growing up, the 11th hole at my home course hat it.

It was a par 5 and from the tee you had to hit an iron most of the time. The second shot, you could either try to go over the lake or follow the fairway around the lake. If you tried to go over the lake, you had to carry it at a minimum of 225. Now I would probably try it, but not back then.
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Off the tee, or off the deck?

Off a tee, I'm only confident up to about 200 yards.
Off the deck, if I have a good lie, I will try to carry anything that is a 7 iron or shorter. Long iron to get across means I lay up.
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off the tee .. 260 - 270. tailwind farther .. into .. maybe 250.

off the deck .. 240 - 250 with my 3 wood.

i've been watching streaming video of the PGA .. they're following Padraig, Angel Cabrera, and Trevor Immelman ..

on the 2nd hole, 535 yd par 5 .. cabrera had 147 yards left to the green .. flew it 300+ they said and had another 80 yards of roll.

the other 2 players were back 100 yards behind him .. lol.
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It would seem like I'm in line with most of the group here. 240-250 would be the edge of my comfortable range. I can hit it farther, but as for straight carry I would say 250.
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Note: This thread is 4460 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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