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    • The Mosconi Cup, the pool equivalent to the Ryder Cup, is this week.  USA vs Europe. If you’re interested in watching some of the best in the world, it’s awfully entertaining and instructive to watch these guys think their way around the table. You can find it on DAZN and Sky Sports...
    • ?  "Talking Shit" is saying something like, "oh you suck, your swing sucks, my grandma could beat you" etc.  That is "talking shit."   Saying "if you miss this it will go into the water," or "there is out of bounds to your right don't hit it out of bounds."  Is definitely not talking shit.  I guess you could consider it gamesmanship.   Regardless, it goes back to the weirdness of not having a rule regarding "gamesmanship."  Technically, "gamesmanship" could keep escalating. 
    • No, it’s not. Some people call it “gamesmanship.”
    • I've got a Cobra Long Tom you can have.  It might give you some insight and/or ideas.
    • Your not getting it.  I would totally be ok with someone talking shit to me!  In fact, I like that and think it's funny, and have no problem with that.   The issue is when someone introduces bullshit doubt into the next shot I'm about to take.  On my own I can sometimes eliminate (in my mind) the possible negative outcome of the next shot, but if someone specifically talks about that negative outcome right before I hit the shot I'm unable to clear it from my mind.  That's completely different from what you are talking about....
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