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Can't cure my slice!

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1. Check your grip. Is your left hand in a weak position or is it in a strong position? I strengthened my left hand grip up about an inch and it helped drastically. Look for two to three knuckles visible at address. The "V" formed at the thumb and forefinger should point to the right side of your face or shoulder. I hit my irons well...but same as you...the driver suffered.

2. Are your grips the right size? That can also promote a slice if they are too big.

3. The driver is taken back in a sweeping motion versus the more upright plane that you would use in an iron. Place the ball just to the left of your left instep at address. That would allow the driver (assuming it's an oversized head) to make contact on the up slope of your swing...also helping to eliminate your slice.

Good luck and I hope e that one of the above helps you have a better day!

I had a huge problem with my slice until I tried the above three items. It always seems to be the obvious things that we miss.

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I use a 4 hybrid off the tee, then 5 iron, then lob wedge to get within 5 feet for par on a 450 yard par 4.

Wedges are much easier to groove than driver or putter.

Why do you need driver ?
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Why do you need driver ?

I don't know about anyone else but I love driving. It's probably my favorite part of the game. It's the moment of maximum effort in golf, and when you do it well the results are impressive. I stuggle mightily with it, but I refuse to give up on my driver and hit lesser clubs off the tee (unless of course the shot itself requires it). If I've got 300 yds in front of me I'm driving!
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I think it's all about the hands right after impact,...
(for right handed playes) If the palm of your right hand is facing up at this moment,... look out, righty slicy,...
If you can get it to where the palm is not facing up after impact the ball will go straighter and may even turn over just bit,... then you'll be fighting the dreaded lefty's,... The timing here is critical,... the hands have to roll over at impact, to quick left hook,... not quick enough, righty slicy,...


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That' my problem off the tee as well - slicing. The spin is so severe it rolls me off into the right rough (or worse).

So I thought, OK, just aim left and you will end up in the fairway. Nice idea, but I ended up shooting the ball dead straight left with no fade/slice at all. I gave up on that (temporarily).

I've tried lots of methods to get rid of the slice, but they haven't worked consistently.

Then I stopped and remembered the shots that went straight left and I aimed my feet right, my shoulders and head center, and..pow..long, straight drive. I did it over and over and it worked like a charm. It looks awful, though, and I fear that "two wrongs make a right" can't possibly work. I'd prefer a normal stance and swing, but, unless I can hit without a slice like that, I may have to go back to that crazy thing I don't even have a name for. I am seeing a Pro in Sonoma, CA in a couple of weeks and hopefully he can help me.
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I use a 4 hybrid off the tee, then 5 iron, then lob wedge to get within 5 feet for par on a 450 yard par 4.

I have a guy in my league that does the same thing. I have the same club as him, the #3 19* Taylor Made Rescure with the Stiff flex shaft. I love my hybrid on the course, since my highest iron is 5i.

So I played with him one day, and left the big sticks in my bag. I hit the club a little high, but got a solid 200+ out of it all day off the tee and dead straight. My only justification for the big stick would be to get closer to the green.
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I've been working on this all week. I'll preface to say that I am top level slice offender of the highest order. I once carried the fairway to the right of me and ended up in water that was 100yds to my right from the tee box. Impressive I know!!

That being said, I was watching playing lessons with the pros on golf channel. Nick Flado and Kyle McLachlen episode. Faldo said something that clicked with me, and has straightened my ball right out. I can't bring in much more than 50-60% power just yet but its going 220-230yd and straight +/- 10 yds.

The tip he gave was simple. At your finish, wherever your stomach is facing that is there the ball will end up. So I looked at my swing that I filmed and sure enough, I wasn't completing my finish until well after the ball had taken flight. Also I was standing very open. As much as I hate those mats at the driving range. That small area forces you to address the ball in the proper position, at least it does me. So pull back to half throttle, nice and easy swing, take the club back to vertical (how I've been doing it), be sure to twist at the waist and not just your shoulders, and then un-coil and don't worry about pouring on the power on the down swing. There is power in the form, I know its a hard sell but there is. Whats more, you will be able to aim your drives. Yes control off the tee, I said it. I am having more fun controling tempo and not swinging hard than I ever have playing this game. You will too.
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Agreed... whenever I start hitting it right... with any club... I just tell myself Low Long Around... Keep your takeway low with a longer backswing and keep it around your body.

The above is the answer in a nutshell. You slice your driver because you are too steep. You lift the club with your arms, inside, and the only way down is over the top. If you hold the driver stright out in front of you with your grip at waist height and simply turn your chest back and then forward you will the club swings on an arc, inside to inside, and there is no way it can come across, outside in. Keep the club low and turn it with your torso, not arms, keeping your left arm extended out to the front and then up. Beware of letting it get inside, too early, as the club then is out of position and will come over the top. My advice, FWIW, is to have a driver made up which is 44 inches long and 12 degrees of loft or more, that is square. Snake eyes makes the Viper head which can be weighted with screws to get the Swingweight up to D2 (otherwise tought to do). It is much easier to swing a shorter driver properly than a long one. Avoid closed faces because once you correct your swing and flatten it out with a good turn, the closed faces drivers will hook, messing up your new swing. The swingglyde is a good tool to buy to help your backswing and keep it on plane. Cheap and fits on any club.

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This helped me, but might not help you. I hit my irons good but my drives sucked. I moved my hands about an inch right of the grip and keep my left arm straight the whole way through. No lie, yesterday I hit one striahg tdrive around 250 and today I hit five fairways and my average drive was around 260-265. I chunked one drive and sliced tow. Only one of the slices was unplayable, though.
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This is probably the single greatest advice to a slice I've come across. It never even occurred to me that after going through the whole thing of toes, knees and shoulders I was throwing my shoulders out of line at the grip. It should have occurred to me but when you get frustrated on the course it can cloud your thinking a bit. Thank you for this.


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Note: This thread is 2554 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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