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    • Sunday, 18th hole at Indian Preserve in Mims, Florida.    Par 5.   Nice drive that hung on to the left side of fairway,  any more oomph, possibly roles off into water.   Now 240 yards away with water all the way down tbe left side, im lefty, so kind of intimidating.  Said screw it, im not on vacation to be a wimp.  Took out 3 wood.  Hit it absolutely flush, ball trajectory straight as an arrow going to green,  lands before green, and then runs up to the left of the flag, about 15 feet.    Go for eagle putt, almost went to walk it in and lips out, you son of a.....lol
    • Again I will say it has very likely been hot melted. Does it feel "thin" when you hit it or is it more of a thud? If it's a thud, that tells me hotmelt. 
    • Went on a Christopher Reeve kick last week. He's an underrated actor, so much charisma.  Somewhere in Time - IDK if it's a birdie or an eagle, but it's magnificent. my wife said she didn't like the ending, but she's still been talking about it days later so it must be great.  Deathtrap - easy birdie. Reeve more than holds his own against Michael Caine. Marvelous.
    • They should give Fleury a primary assist on the tying goal 😉
    • Peacock is pretty limited in its broadcast. I posted the schedule in the first few pages of this thread. Like today there’s nothing on Peacock according to the schedule. 
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