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Well i live in town so I dont have much plave to practice except for chipping, do any of you guys have a net that u can drive golf balls into? and what do you think about them, are they a good investment? I found one a K-mart yesterday for $40 and might get it but not sure
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Amazing investment for any high handicap/new golfer. I've had one since I started playing about a year ago and it has helped me a lot. Great for getting the feel for your shots the day before a round, or working on them after a round. IMO, a mat + net is an amazing investment that every golfer should have. I'd recommend a high quality net(mine has broke twice) from a local sporting goods store, such as sports authority, dicks, etc. Good luck!
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Alright thanks, they also had one at k mart that was $80 and it looked quite nice, but thats just a little more expensive then I wanted but if thats how much I need to spend then I guess I will have to get it
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I got mine from Brunson Netting (extremely nice folks, BTW)

The rumor is, that I can tear up an anvil, with a rubber mallet; so I wanted something sturdier than the flimsy one's I found at the golf and sporting goods stores.

I ordered a screen (flat net) and hung it from the rafters on the side of my shed. I picked up a mat from Golfsmith, and I can smash balls until I fall over dead. A few stainless eye bolts, and some aluminum snap link carabiners and it's easy to take down when I want to also.


I ordered my net in a heavier HDPE twine (#42 I think), which is UV stabilized so it won't break down in the Texas sun, they made it, and got it to me in just a couple of days (make sure you tell them it's for golf, not another sport)

I wove a piece of pink flagging ribbon in there for a target to aim at.

I can snap a pic of it if you want, shoot me a PM, so I get an email reminder and I'll get one for you this weekend.
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I have one from HERE . It's a good one, but I really don't use it much anymore (wanna buy it?). The problem is they give you no visual feedback. Since the ball only flies a few feet, you can't see the ball flight so you don't know if you're slicing, hooking, etc. You could be practicing a faulty swing over and over again and not know it. A driving range is a better option, IMO.
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Dont you feel it if you hook or slice/hit it fat or thin? Only thing i cant really differ is, if i plan to draw or fade if it actually happens when i hit it. But the basic shot is no problem to feel if its alright or not with a little bit of experience
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Here ya go (more pics in following post, with some explanation):

#902 - shows my setup

#903 - shows my mat. It's this one: http://www.golfsmith.com/products/29...9;_Hitting_Mat

#904 - shows how I hang my net. Simple, cheap, weatherproof, and effective. I can take down the net in just a few minutes with standing on a 4 foot ladder.

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OK - here we go:

#905 - shows how I set my bag and mat

#907 - shows the bungee that I use to help absorb some shock, and keep the net just taut enough that the ball doesn't whack the shed, but loose enough that the ball doesn't bounce back to me.

#908 - these are the stakes I use. It takes 5 to set it up the way I have it now. 2 for the bungees on the sides, and three across the front.

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Note: This thread is 4716 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 113 (7/28/21) - Did some putting on the rug today, focused on the target when I made my stroke. Putts were only 3-4 feet, but I can see enough benefit, at least on short ones, to give it a try on the course.
    • Broke 80 today, shot a 79 at Sydney Marovitz Golf Club in Chicago. Smooth 39 on front nine and started leaking a little oil toward the end. Had a 10 foot downhill birdie putt on 18, and I didn't want to be the golfer who babied it to the 18th hole - so I rolled it 4 ft past and lipped out the par putt for an ugly ending 40. Still overall it was a 79 and I'm thrilled!!  
    • Picked up a birdie on my away course, hole 5 a par 4 ay Campbell’s Scottish Highlands. Pulled my drive left but had a nice recovery 4H to about 105 yards. PW to 4 feet and made the birdie putt.
    • Day 277: Play 18 in a light rain this morning. Played ok with some good drives and shots, but also some missed right.
    • Thank you.  I'll play this out a bit in 2022 and count the rounds at each, too.  I think for 2022, my formerly-close home course will be the most common "not my close home course" I play, so it'd be different from the rest of the away composite.  
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