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I got a bunch of new clubs, so I figured it's time to post here: Sun Mountain Tour Series Cart Bag: PXG 0211 Driver (10.5°, Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60 shaft) Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro F2

My current set Driver 10’ and 3W 15’ Callaway XR Pro  2H Cobra Baffie 18’ 4H Benross 22’ 5-PW Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Wedges 50’ 56’ 62’ Mizuno S18 Ping Sigma Tyne H B

Lots of new stuff the past month, new bag, new irons, new wedges, new putter. Funny story with the putter, it's not mine. Buddy lent it to me in Scottsdale when I couldn't get my bags out of airport s

Posted Images

Completely off topic, but Dent why do you have orange dot irons? arent you a big tall guy? I'm 6-1 and I should be using 3* up and +.5 inch

Because they were such a good deal (Like i said $450 brand new shafts, grips and refinished) I decided to get them and didnt mind them being orange dot. I can just get them bent at my local shop or something. I am Red Dot anyways so that's only 1 more degree upright.

Dang, those do look brand new! Got anymore pics? Who did the refinishing?

I'll take some more right away. Ping did the refinishing.

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Here you go Harry, the guy used them for one round so there may be some marks on the faces of the clubs. I'll make them extra closeups. Don't mind the pop bottles everywhere. I always empty my bag on the floor.

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Yes they have a lot shinier finish then the regular S58's that have more of the dull grey.

Did you (or the prior owner) request a different finish and, if so, which one? I really like it. I may even like it more than the black nickel finish that they come with brand new.

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Ha thanks everyone, I wanted to make them extra big cuz Harry said he wanted more pictures, so you can really see the details on the club.

Harry: I'll ask the guy right now what he requested in the shop.

Glad you all like them, hopefully I do too

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Heres my stuff, and harry there is plenty of random stuff in here.

My D-Stick

My TM TP-Mid 2 Hybrid

My Tour Issue TM TP Rescue 3...and if you look really closely you can see TST on my comp.

My 695's

My Wedges - 2 vokey spin milled and 1 raw

And My Putter

Not bad pics for a camera with a broken screen.

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I'm going to take new pictures tonight,,, my qwiver's changed so much in that last year that I needs to do it...

OH, Dent... I really really love those S58's! Awesome! After deciding to give up on my mizzy mp-30's I was trying every club out there (used unfortunately) and loved these... GReat clubs.

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    • Day 543 - June 23, 2021 Two things today: Played 9 holes: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/3065509. Worked downtown on my swing: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/43987-my-swing-iacas/?do=findComment&comment=1542138.
    • So two things are my focus for the next three weeks: Keeping left wrist extension (not flexion) during the backswing. Left wrist cupped. I go arched during late backswing and that f***s up the right wrist and the right elbow. Causes a steepening move, and shuts the face, but I still tend to swing out slightly. So I get straight over-draws or if I don't force it inside, some big pulls. Left arm not anywhere near as deep. This starts early — from A1.5. Three swings here from VERY early in today's practice: Swing 1 — bad wrist. Swing 2 — almost the same. Swing 3 — Long, but maintained the left wrist cupping longer. Too deep, though.
    • I added number 9 tonight at golf league. Tugged the drive way way WAY to the left. It was actually left of the 10th teebox. Hit a hooking stinger hybrid under the trees that skidded and rolled all the way off the back of the green. Then I chipped in for birdie with my 60 degree.  A very non-standard birdie, but a birdie none-the-less. I will say the hooked stinger hybrid was a thing of beauty.  I felt a smidgen of redemption. Last time I played number 9, I hit a beautiful drive leaving a sand-wedge approach which I stuck to about 6 feet. Then missed the putt. It actually rolled way past and I three-putted for bogie. So, getting the birdie on the short chip shot felt even better. 
    • Day 2: More backswing practice with LVP camera while I continue to research an easy up/down net for practicing on my patio without compromising the new outdoor space.
    • Looking for a Spalding Tour Edition Bird on Ball sand wedge...hopefully in good condition vintage 1990s I think...  Thanks
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