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    • I would be interested if the schedule worked.  I am in Michigan.  For the record, I am a high handicapper @ 25.8 but willing to have fun.  As of now Sept. 19th is good for me and I will try to keep it open.
    • So... I've been playing for I think about 5 years, but not consistently - with lots of breaks of more than a year between spurts of enthusiasm, or times when work has made it hard for me to play at all.  I got my first handicap last season, and then didn't play much at all.  Since lockdown has cancelled a lot of my business travel, and I now work from home, I'm able to play and practice much more. When I started, I had some lessons, but I didn't get on with my teacher, and stopped.  Then in browsing the internet came across S&T, which made a lot of sense to me.  I've had four lessons (two each with two instructors).  The first three were probably at least two years ago, if not more.  I had one about 7 weeks ago.   I'm now playing 2-3 times a week, and am committed to putting in practice time.  My immediate target is to break 100 repeatedly, and ultimately I'd like to get to an index of 28 or below by the end of the year. I've just invested in the Arccos Smart Caddie system, so I now have some real data on what is happening when I play, which is proving to be illuminating! I wouldn't say I have any particular strengths or weaknesses - I'm just bad all over! I do perceive a number of changes, though, in the last few weeks.  I just started playing with longer clubs - until recently I was playing with only irons - up to 4 or 5I, because I was afraid of missing fairways.  I'm now hitting drivers and woods and hybrids.  I'm missing fairways (I'm hitting 4 or 5 at the moment) but when I do hit fairways I'm advancing the ball.  And I'm hitting woods and hybrids off the fairway, and advancing the ball much further than I was.  I don't have the stats for before, but I sense that when I don't get in trouble - eg hit a duff shot that means I am already at minumum shot off a nGIR, and sometimes more, or hit a shot into rough, under trees, or out of bounds, and again, fighting for double bogey, I'm actually getting to greens and getting pars or bogeys, and putting at 2.4 per hole at present.  Unfortunately the blow-up holes, or trouble holes happen three or four times a round, and cost me 2-3 shots a hole at least, and suddenly I've thrown away 10 or more strokes. On recent performances I'm hitting around 36, but today was a bad day, and I hit 41.  Reducing those blow-up holes, and I feel like I'm within a shout of breaking 100 regularly. I'm going to read through the TST instructional section, and come up with a practice plan.  I'll also try to get some video of my swing. Also my signature says this: Taylor Made R7 Quad; Callaway Big Bertha 3W; Ping Carsen 4H; Macgreggor V-foil M455 Irons; Taylor Made ATV 50*, 60*, 64*; Odyssey White Hot #1 But that's years out of date, but when I updated my signature in my profile it didn't seem to take effect.    
    • DJ to win again? No thanks. That guy isn't a story. He's not interesting.
    • Welp, one thing we can agree on.. would have loved nothing more than a DJ win yesterday. Although, sometimes you wonder he wants it as bad as others want him to want it. That rolling stone won't ever gather any moss...😕 
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