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"Four Magic Moves" by Joe Dante

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IF I incorporate the 5 simple keys plus the 4 magic moves.......that's only 9 thoughts that I'll need to think about in the (how many sec.'s?) swing movement...!!!

just kidding but the only issue I seem to have is when I have my weight forward when I strike my golf shot, I seem to be so far in front of the ball with my head/body....I cannot get any eight on my ball...

Hmmm...can you get any nine? 'Cuz that would be even better.... :-P

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"Four Magic Moves" teaches the early backward wrist break - when I first tried this so called "magic move" I said "you gotta be kidding me". I gotta tell ya, after I kept practicing this one earl

Yes, your body is the engine and the effort the golfer expends to swing the golf club is the "F" (Force) in our Torque equation; T = F x L (T=Torque,F=Force,L=Length of lever). Now, the secret is to

Look at video of Hogans swing from the rear and you can see that his right hip rotates completely to the rear and to the target in the backswing. His weight settles into his left leg AS PART OF HIS BA

  • 4 years later...

I use the method and it works. It took me only a short time to use it with my irons (about 3 months) but it took a bit longer with the driver (about a year). I am 69+ years old and I have a 6 handicap. I have parred our golf course once this year. I have a back disease that forces me to wear a Mueller back brace. Joe Dante's 4 magic moves golf swing is less painful for me. The key to the swing is the early wrist set, but the lateral move is very important, especially with the driver. I have to guard against pulling the driver if my lateral hip action is not timed properly. As with any swing, timing and tempo are very important.

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    • For me, this highlights the 2019 rule change that no longer limits this type of penalty to 4 strokes (or the error/mistake being active for 2 holes), but instead carries on, per hole, until the problem is corrected.  That is something I just learned now, so thanks, I guess? FWIW, this means that if you forget a 15th club in your bag and play the whole round with it, you need to add a cool 36 strokes to your (let's call it not great to begin with) 95, to end up with an absurdly high smooth 131!  Wow.  The only silver lining I see is that since you get to only record a net double for handicap purposes, that round may end up being recorded with ESC as a 104 instead...  🙂
    • Day Eighteen, June 12, 2021. Played 18 today. First ever bogey free round. 1 eagle, 1 birdie, and 16 pars, 68.
    • I don’t see why the PGA/LPGA/Champions don’t play a mixed tournament from 3 different tees. Each tour competing against itself, but playing a 3-some, one person from each.  I think it’d be one hell of a tournament with something for everyone. 
    • Don't want to be cynical but I've never bought shoes that didn't feel comfortable from the get-go.    If they aren't comfortable when I leave the store, I leave them in the store.
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