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stepping up from SGI irons

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i shoot anywhere between 90-100 regularly. i'm using super game improvement irons right now(maxfli powermax).

i'd like to step up to something with alittle more control ... something that will help my game improve a bit more ... something that will be good for me for the next couple of years.

i hit the ball great.... mis hit maybe 1 out of 30 strokes or so..i can always get the ball in the air(thanks to my SGI irons).

I rarely divot ... swing quick(fitting says stiff shafts).

What are your thoughts on the following iron choices for my play type:

Mizuno MX 950 (are these a game improvement iron like my current set? no sense in dropping one game improvement iron for another)
Mizuno MX 25
Taylor Made R7
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i shoot anywhere between 90-100 regularly. i'm using super game improvement irons right now(maxfli powermax).

I think these aren't a step in the direction you want to go. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad you're looking at two different Mizuno sets. My suggestion, though, is for you to consider a players' iron with a cavity back, such as the MP-57s (which you might be able to get on the cheap now that -52s are coming out). All the major brands have a club in this category (Bridgestone J36 - with nice combos available, Ping i10, etc), so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Here's why I think they'll be good for you: If you're swinging well, you're quite capable of these. They offer the control you're looking for, without being as demanding as blades. Unless your handicap is heading up at a quick rate, these will last you quite some time. I plan to make sure mine last until I'm at least low single digits, or until they're too old. They don't have a significant offset, I think, unlike most GI/SGI irons. This will promote a good swing. I call this category "swing improvement clubs" (instead of players' irons). I've found my iron striking improved in the time I've had my MP-57s (my handicap is a good 8 or so strokes lower, too). With my previous set of SGIs, I found myself getting haphazard with my iron shots because I felt the club could do the work for me. Now my focus has returned! For the record, I got these when my handicap was 23 or so; I'm currently at 16.3 and heading down at a nice pace!
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i was hoping for a few more replies ... ohwell.

i took your advice shindig and bought a set of 3-pw mp-57 r300's ... i also bought a set of 3-pw mx-950 r300's.

after hitting both sets today at GG, i have decided that swithing to the 57's without any kind of transition would put me in trouble. i will start with the 3-9 of the 950's in my bag and the pw of the 57's .... slowly adding more 57's as i get more comfortable.

thanks for the advice shindig. i'll keep you guys updated on my progress...clubs should arrive by the end of the week ... as the season winds down, i'll focus on a goal of transitioning between the two sets next year(the 57's wont get any play this year).

now it's time for some wedges and a new putter.
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I also just got the Mizuno MX-950. Apart from being a great-looking set for this level of super game-improvement iron, it is forged. Probably the best-looking set I have seen in this category.
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Note: This thread is 4507 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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