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How much beer do you drink while playing???

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  1. 1. How much beer do you drink when playing????

    • Never drink on the course.
    • Not when playing practice rounds.
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Some do....some don't.

When I play in a competitive round (tournament or money game), I do not drink at all. If I play in a charity event with "Captain and Crew" or scramble format, I may sip half a cup of draft beer during the 18 holes.

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it really depends on who I'm playing with. My usual golf buddy is the diving coach at my school and he's like 60ish where I'd get banned from NCAA for drinking with a coach. Otherwise when I'm with kids my age, it depends on how well I want to play. I've had 4 beers in 2 holes once where I stepped up to my next tee and wobbled off before swinging. Good times.
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The most I've ever drank on the course was 2. That was earlier this year. I just don't see how being drunk on the golf course is worth it. I work to hard to make the money to pay for the round to drink too much and not get to enjoy the time. Most of the time I play I have a jug of water and a couple of Gatorades.
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Like everyone else, it depends on who I'm with. I'd say I'd average about 2 a round, sometimes I don't drink any, and I think the most I've drank during one round was 10. I usually drink more during scramble events like I have one this Sunday and I'm sure I'll be drinking a few.
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I play a lot better if I don't drink. I think that's true for just about everybody. I had this confirmed just yesterday. A guy I play with most everyday is about equal to me in skill. Some days I beat him and other days he beats me. A lot of times our scores are the same. We're always within one or two strokes of each other. The only exception is when he brings beer on the course, which is rare. Yesterday was one of those rare days. He brought a twelve pack with him and started drinking on the first hole. Through the first 3 holes he was ahead of me by 3 strokes. Then his game began to get sloppy. I really stunk it up on the first few holes. Doubled #2 and tripled #3. Then I began to settle down and play some golf. At the turn, I had a 49 and he had a 48. Terrible scores for both of us. Then I buckled down and got serious. On the back nine I shot a 40 and he shot a 47. My 40 was within inches of being a 37 because I missed 3 birdie putts by less than 6 inches. His score would have been way over 50 if it weren't for the mulligans (I didn't take any). He was awful! Even with my 49 on the front I beat him 6 strokes. Imagine how lopsided it would have been if I hadn't struggled so bad on the first few holes. The day before yesterday we were both sober. I shot 85 and he shot 87. That's more normal. I know this is unscientific but I've never seen Gary play as bad as he did yesterday except on those rare days when he decides he'd rather drink than play good golf. 95 is an incredibly bad score for him.
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Ideally 5 - 2 on each 9 and one at the turn (that number is generally destroyed afterwards)

However, I will only buy one at a time so if cart girl wants to make money she has to earn it (I always over tip). I wouldnt complain if she hit me every other hole. But I will not reward them for being lazy.
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As a rule, I never drink on the course anymore when practicing or playing for individual score. When I did, it loosened me up a bit, but then at some point I got waaaaaayyyy too lose with my play. Once I decided to take it a bit more seriously, I cut out the alcohol. I will, however, drink 2-3 if playing in a work-related scramble with nothing on the line. --LBB
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I voted 4. Usually on the scrambles i have 2 a side, no matter if the day is going good or bad, I am a firm believer in swing lube (couple of beers). When I walk with the push cart might have 3 for 18 holes. Sorry....I like the taste of beer (Bud or Miller Lite on the course)
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I do not drink on the course, though most if not all of my friends drink on the course. I do not have an issue with it all to be honest, I am just not a drinker and thus it translates to gaming. Furthermore I play golf like I play my "athletic" sports and I do not want anything to hinder my competitive edge though my dad clams a beer or two would limber me up as I have a bad habit of being stiff and gripping to hard. So I do not drink but I would not advocate prohibiting those who wish to so long as they remain respectful. Water, gatorade, coke, red-bull.....all fair game.
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I don't drink at all on the course. I used to have a couple beers with a cigar while I was playing, and it really didn't improve my focus -- just made me look around for the nearest bush a lot more frequently. Frankly, I don't think anyone's game improves while drinking -- you may think it does, but then you probably think you're taller, stronger, wittier, and better looking after a couple drinks too. Doubt it.
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No option for me to pick. I don't drink beer, but I do drink on the course occasionally. By occasionally, I mean whenever I go out with the guys for a fun round. Most of my golf is played solo or with my wife so I don't drink a lot when golfing. When it is time for a drinking/golfing outing though, watch out lol .

The best is the International golf tournament we have here every year. 4 courses (2 9s, 2 18s), 3 days, close to 600 golfers, and more drinks than I can count lol. It's basically go to course, have a drink, start golfing, drink throughout the round, finish round, drink some more, eat, drink, and then do it all over again the next two days. Golf is difficult...getting to the course on Sunday of the International, that's the real test

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skipped through this and its pretty clear that people in the uk dont drink beer on golf courses - its not something i have ever seen and is something that chavs or neds might do.

I play like an absolute dog after a beer so its not pretty.

in the usa and in europe its different - hot weather and hot cart girls so its likely i would drink 1 or 2 a round over there.

in scotland however - its no beer and occasionaly in the winter a wee dram

after the round how much beer have you got, lol

i am guessing that most of the beer drinkers dont walk and use a cart? would this be correct?

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i am guessing that most of the beer drinkers dont walk and use a cart? would this be correct?

I can't speak for everyone, but around here it doesn't matter whether you are carting it or not. I mean, obviously it is easier if you have a cup holder, but they don't last that long sometimes anyway :p. Also, they do make drink holders for pull carts. Whenever I drink on the course it is usually during a fun event in which case we usually have a cart. Trying to drink a rye and coke while walking and golfing is a bit of a pain...although our course started putting lids on the plastic glasses which is awesome!

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Note: This thread is 4560 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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