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Average Distances - How Far Do You Hit Each Club? (And Don't Lie!)

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I was wondering how far everyone hits each club in there bag...

and what it is in comparison to the beginning of the season...

here is mine...

Driver 300
3-wood 270
2-iron 245
3-iron 230
4-iron 215
5-iron 200
6-iron 188
7-iron 175
8-iron 162
9-iron 150
Pitching wedge 135
52 wedge 118
56 wedge 102
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He can't post in that thread, because, well . . .  you know (it's in the thread title).

Seriously dude, stop it. You don't know anything about his game. Stop talking like you do.  Guess what, he doesn't owe you anything. 

Sample size 32 rounds. Dont hit my 5 iron so theres only a few shots for that. I use a 5 hybrid 25 degree instead. The 6 hybrid Ive only used sparingly.

Posted Images

I put my ave distance (full swing)

Driver 250
3-wood 230
Rescue Wood 210
5-iron 195
6-iron 180
7-iron 167
8-iron 155
9-iron 140
Pitching wedge 125
53 wedge 100
57 wedge 85

Although lately anything hit off the tee (3-wood or Driver) ave about 170 yards and never get higher then my head. Yeah I am struggling
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Driver 275
4-wood 235
7-wood 200
3-iron 190
4-iron 180
5-iron 170
6-iron 160
7-iron 150
8-iron 140
9-iron 130
Pitching wedge 115
54 wedge 85
58 wedge 65
putter (see driver

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2 Wood - 170-200
3 Wood-170 -180
5 Wood-155 to 170
4 Hybrid - 150 to 160
5 Iron- 140 to 150
6 Iron- 130 to 140
7 Iron- 120 to 130
8 Iron- 105 to 115
9 Iron- 95 to 105
PW- 80 to 90
54-60 to 70
60-40 to 60

I gave some ranges as there is some scatter. The midpoint of the range is my go to distance - if I have exactly that value the club selection is automatic (except adjusting for wind) and the result is within the range outlined. Also there seem to be some gaps that don't seem to show up since I can hit a 3/4 shot for the higher lofted irons.

Because I am fairly short I have a 2W that goes a bit further than a 3 wood when well hit. I use these woods a great deal so I am fairly stright and a very high percentage shot.
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These are my go to CARRY distances for each club off the deck (exception of driver). I add 10 yards carry off the tee for woods and hybrids, 5 for irons. I can beef up one club length if I have to with most of them. Where roll out applies, I list it to the right:

Driver 210 +40= 250
5+ Wood 185 +20= 205
4 Hybrid 170 +10= 180
6 iron 160 +5 = 165
7 iron 150
8 iron 138
9 iron 125
46 W 115
50 W 105
55 W 90
60 W 75
64 W 60

I also carry a 5 hybrid with a way too whippy shaft that balloons hard. It only goes 155 with a 9 iron trajectory. I mainly use it for recovery shots over trees and out of the cabbage.
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all of these depend on weather its a draw or a fade, fades go about 5 yards less than the lenght given, and draws go about 5 more, the given distance is my average, straight-ish shot.

Driver-averaging 275, depends alot on the day.
2 wood-250.
64; 70
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Driver 270-280
18* fairway 235-250
21* hybrid 220-230
4 iron 190-205
5 iron 180-190
6 iron 170-180
7 iron 160-170
8 iron 150-160
9 iron 135-150
PW 120-135
50* 105-115
54* 90-105
60* 75-90

I have issues with some gaps towards the top and bottom, I'm working on it........
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Average Carry Distances.
Driver: 260
3-wood: 230
19* hybrid: 200
3-iron: 190
4-iron: 175
5-iron: 165
6-iron: 155
7-iron: 145
8-iron: 135
9-iron: 120
PW: 110
GW: 80
SW & LW: Never swung full.
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Driver - 305
3 Wood - 275
2 Hybrid - 255
3 iron - 238
4 iron - 224
5 iron - 209
6 iron - 194
7 iron - 181
8 iron - 166
9 iron - 151
pw - 138
54 - 125
60 - 112

All of these are considering a sweet spot strike and my normal ballflight. Distances vary based on turning it over for a big hook, or a high cut.
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