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Average Distances - How Far Do You Hit Each Club? (And Don't Lie!)

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I know everyone is different, but I was curious as to what distance you hit your clubs (i.e., average distance you consistently hit your clubs). More than anything, I am just curious as to what is normal since the guy I usually play with takes two clubs less than I do. I know consistency matters more than distance, but I was just wondering.
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He can't post in that thread, because, well . . .  you know (it's in the thread title).

Seriously dude, stop it. You don't know anything about his game. Stop talking like you do.  Guess what, he doesn't owe you anything. 

driver: 220 3 wood: 170 5 wood: 150 3i:never use it 4i:120 5i:130 6i:130 7i:140(grandpa told me to use my 7 a lot, can you tell) 8i:120 9i:100 Pw:70 Lw:60

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Is your handicap index really 36?

Driver: 285
3W: 245
Hybrid: 220
3I: 200
4I: 190
5I: 180
6I: 170
7I: 160
8I: 150
9I: 135
PW: 120
SW/LW: Dunno*
Putter: Hopefully no more than four or five feet.

* I never hit full shots with these clubs. I think my lob wedge goes about 70 yards on a full swing, but I have rarely needed to hit it full. Sand wedge is about 90, I think, full swing.

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umm, I don't keep a handicap, but I usually score between 100-110. Most of that comes from a poor short game. I have been working on it and taking lessons, but a job in investment banking is not the most conducive to practicing as often as I would like. Also, this is only my second year playing and I had never played a full 18 until 2 months ago.

3 Wood: 210
4 iron:185
5 iron: 170
6 iron: 160
7 iron: 150
8 iron: 140
9 iron: 130
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Driver: 278 (305 max)
4 Wood: 220 (250 max)
3 Iron: 210
4: 200
5: 190
6: 175
7: 160
8: 150
9: 140
PW: 125
53*: 110 (115 max)
56*: 95 (105 max)
Lob: 65 (85 max)
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D: 265-280
3W: 250 (off the tee, 230 off the ground)
5W: 210 ( off the tee, 200 off the ground)
Hybr: 190
5I: 175
6i: 160
7i: 150
8i: 140
9i: 130
PW: 120
52: 110
56: 95 (currently out of the bag)
60: 75
P: 30ft (I usually miss from further away )

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Irons about the same as Erik (thank god for "copy and paste" lol ):

3I: 200
4I: 190
5I: 180
6I: 170
7I: 160
8I: 150
9I: 135
PW: 120

The rest:

Driver: Max of 265 yards carry - plus whatever roll.
3 wood: 230 carry.
19 degree rescue: 215 carry.

56 degree sand-wedge: Max comfortable distance: 90-95 yards
60 Lob wedge: Max comfortable distance: 65-70 yards

..........much the same as a few others on here already.

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Driver: 250-260(Old Driver) - 290+ (New Cleveland Launcher 460 Titanium - Longest in play was around 305-310)
3W: Don't carry one.
3i: 200-210
4i: 190-ish
5i: 175-185
6i: 165
7i: 150-155
8i: 140
9i: 120-130
PW: 100-110
52 degree: 95-100
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Driver: 275-285 Avg
3W: 230-240
3i: 230
4i: 220
5i: 190-210
6i: 180
7i: 155-165
8i: 145
9i: 130-140
PW: 110-125
52 degree: 100
58 degree: Too soon to tell. I mostly use it inside 60.
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Driver 285-295
3W up to 275 usually 260
hybrid 2i 220-250
3i 230
4i 215
5i 200
6i 180-190
7 170-175
8 160
9 150
pw 140
52 125
56 110
60 1-100
putter 1"-120 feet
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in metres (sorry... approx yd in brackets)

Driver: 250 carry (275)
3Wood: 230 carry (250)
3I:180 (200)
4I:170 (185)
5I:160 (175)
6I:150 (165)
7I:140 (155)
8I:130 (145)
9I:120 (135)
PW:110 (120)
SW: ~70 (80)

i got two pretty severe distance gaps SW-PW and 3I-3W. the former is the only one i notice.
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Driver: 280
3-Wood: 250
2-Iron: 220 (thinking of switching out with Hybrid)
3-Iron: 210
4-Iron: 200
5-Iron: 190
6-Iron: 180
7-Iron: 165
8-Iron: 155
9-Iron: 140
PW: 130
52*: 115
56*: 100

These are full distances. I usually play each one around 5 yards less. My most versitile club is the 6-Iron. I can play that comfortably anywhere from 165-185. If I'm ever undecided about clubs and a 6 is even in the equation...I usually hit it.

Fairways and Greens.

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