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Cutting down iron shafts

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This is a two-part question.

1. How much does a half-inch affect swingweight?
I have a set of irons that are 1/2" over standard length. I would like to cut them down to standard (or maybe a 1/4" under).
2. How hard is it to cut them down myself? What will I need (hacksaw? what blade is best? etc.)
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Before you cut them down, put a piece of tape on there to act as a reminder to choke up. Some folks prefer this anyhow (Anthony Kim is one that comes quickly to mind)

When you do cut them down, using a hacksaw is a tough way to go. A tubing cutter (with a wheel for cutting steel tubing) does a good job, so does a chop saw, or a die grinder with a cutoff wheel.

Be sure to buy new grips, or wait until you need new ones before cutting away, they'll pretty well get ruined in getting them off (I don't even try to save them, I just cut off grips)
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It depends on the weight of the steel but one half an inch is probably 3 swingweights. But the heads were made to play to standard length which is about D2 with 129 gram shafts. If you like the heftier feel of the longer shafts, regrip with Dual Durometer lites which weigh 40 grams instead of the the standard 49/50 weight grip and this will restore the feel/heft to the club.
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Note: This thread is 4661 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I don't know if it can be repaired and if it's even worth repairing. That said, the metal in the dented area has been severely stretched so it will need to be shrunk to get it back. I think you're on the right track with heat and cold but I see a couple of potential issues. First, I'm not certain a heat gun will heat a small enough area and, second, it actually needs to "bubble" out a bit in the opposite direction of the dent - if that makes sense. I think you can get it to come back some but I don't think it'll "pop" back with the rounded shape it should have. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
    • Hi Everyone, I haven't responded in a while because I started taking lessons and I wanted to see how they pan out.  I've improved greatly, though I've only been using my pitching wedge and 7 iron so far.  I've used both my blades with the stiff shafts and my "game improvement" irons with regular shafts. and the flight trajectory and distance is the same.   I just thought I'd give an update since I haven't replied in a little while.  Thanks.
    • Give Continental Golf a look.   I've had them repair a driver head that I dropped on the garage floor and they were exceptional.   Facebook Website
    • He still made the last spot….
    • The only answer is to get mentally tough enough to overcome. and learn to give it back in ways that are effective against whomever is gaming you. Just depends on how far you want to push it. Myself, when I am playing against someone who makes "comments" is that in my mind I reframe it to pretend they are really wanting me to succeed. For example, they say "that sure is a tough pitch over all that sand" turn is into "Focus now, this is important, be aggressive to the spot".   Works sometimes, sometimes not. But regardless, you have to get mentally tough.    
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