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Your 2008 Goals: How'd You Do?

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Cite your post in this thread and let us know how you did in your 2008 goals!

Do not respond to anyone else's posts. Let's keep this strictly as a reference. If you want to congratulate someone or comment on another post, please start another thread or send the person a PM or something.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I joined the Sand Trap late in the season and didn't post in the Goals for 2008 thread (I don't think). But I had one main goal, to break 80 playing it down. I started playing golf and not "sorta golf" last summer. And I also wanted to start an official handicap this year as well.

I broke 80 three times with three 79s. And I picked up my first handicap card on GHIN through my local club. Yay me.
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Some of you have already read this, but I don't get tired bragging about it... haha.

1) Make the Southern California PGA's North/South Cup team. Done. Got named to the team on October 28th.

2) Win a mini-tour event as a professional. Did that just today!
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Not sure how to link to the other theard about the 2008 goals so I just copied and pasted my reply from that thread here:

i-Guys Goals for 2008 as follows:

1) FIR (fairways in regulation) = 50% (7) (21% (3) in 2007)
2) GIR = 50% (9) (33% (6) in 2007)
3) Up & Down = 46% (27% in 2007)
4) Putts per round = Less then 31 (32.3 in 2007)
5) Penalty Strokes average per round = 1.5 (3.7 in 2007)
6) Handicap = Less then 12 (14 in 2007)

How I did:

1) FIR = 42%...missed my goal but improved from 2007
2) GIR = 30%...missed my goal (working on swing change with 2nd coach only since September)
3) U/D = 33%...missed my goal but improved from 2007
4) Putts Per round = 32.1...missed my goal but improved from 2007
5) PS = 2.2...missed my goal but improved from 2007
6) Handicap = 9.1 (FSGA) YEAH!!! Beat my 2008 goal!!!

Upon reflection I admit that I missed most of my goals but going through a complete swing rebuild has hurt my progress but it made me focus on my short game more and the results are in my handicap...I am looking forward to 2009 and will probabaly keep the same goals as 2008 (except handicap) as I look for my swing changes to start clicking especially with my new coach...bring on 2009!!!

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My 2008 goals;

1. Play more regularly
2. Reduce handicap to single figures (started season at 11.5)

Happy to say I achieved both! I've played at least once per week since April (the most I've played in 7 years)

I played pretty poor through the summer and was really struggling on goal 2 but since September I seem to have made a huge breakthrough (thanks to Stan Utley's putting book). I shot a 2 over 70 a fortnight ago and on Sunday a 1 under par (!!!) 67. My handicap is now 8.2.

I can't wait for '09. I'll definetly set some more specific goals, probably looking at improving up/down percentage, GIR's, and putting.
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My 2008 goals, though not entered on the goals page, were:

1. Get Handicap from 9 to 7. ACCOMPLISHED (I'm a 6 now)
2. Get avg putts per round to less than 30. ACCOMPLISHED (28.87 through yesterday)
3. Hit 50% of fairways. FAILED (38%)
4. Hit 50% of GIR. FAILED (41.8%)
5. Play 100 rounds of 18 this year. FAILED. (unless I can get in 13 more rounds)
6. Make five eagles. FAILED. I made one.
7. Get a hole in one. FAILED.
8. Shoot in the 70s at Prairie Dunes CC and Colbert Hills GC. ACCOMPLISHED.
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I don't think I posted in the original thread, but here were my main goals (in brief):
1) Bring handicap down below 15
2) Break 90 consistently on my home course

1) Momentarily had my hc down to 14.8, but that was shortlived
2) Broke 90 four times (lowest score being an 83)

Needless to say, I still think I'm improving. Can't wait for 2009 :)
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well... my biggest goal was to win the club championship... and that didn't happen, (I finished 2nd)

Though I did win 3 other tournaments this year... I wanted my handicap to get worse and that didn't happen... (maybe I should just turn pro)

I am much much more consistant with the driver even though I practically never hit it on my home course(s)... my stats...

Driving Distance: 312.9 (up from 305.0 in '07)
Fairways: 66% (really good for me)
GIR: 72% (PGA Tour here I come)
Sand saves: 80% (72/90 on the year... that's better than most tour pros)
Putts Per Round: 29.88 (toward the end of the year much better)
Putts per greens in regulation: 1.758
Eagles: 19
Holes-in-one: still none...
Double Eagles: 1 (par-5 third at Hillendale)
Birdies Per Round: 4.85

Low Round: 61 at Elm Tree on July 17...

Handicap: officially +5.2 but I still say +4.0
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

My goals were to;
Play more consistently...marginal success
Improve my putting...marginal success
Break 80...39-42, 42-38...best I could manage.
I'm happy. I did improve in all aspects of my game even if I failed to meet my expectations. All in all a good year.

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My unofficial goal was to break 100 and I finally did that today. Guess it's time to start making an official list for next year.
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I did pretty good, I'd say out of my 5 goals, I cracked 3.5 of them but added 1 new goal onto my 09.

I've began to play pretty consistent with my Irons and aiming for at least half G.I.R which are happening quite reguarly, my putting has improved and my mental attitude is getting better, I'd always dwell on a bad shot and think it over but now I'm beginning to move away from that and concentrate on the next shots ahead of me. I've improved my handicap dramatically, My goal was to get down to the late teens, unfortunately, I couldn't not make that but I'm at 21 and pretty happy. I was 29 at the start of the summer and 37 last year, all progress

Trouble is, I'm working abroad at the moment and have no clubs with me and in a country where the golf has closed for the season, heading back to Bonnie Scotland for Christmas time and although the weather won't be great, I'm hitting the range here with some borrowed clubs next week, Just hope all my good work hasn't gone from the 5 weeks off.

My driving has gone off the boil though or it was last few weeks I was playing back home, I'd end up last few games I played hitting Hybrid off the tee or 3wood, I'm going to work hard on my driving (as it was best part of my game in 07) this winter at the range to try get it back to some type of service.

Next year, although this should be on another thread - I'm going for consistent putting, pitching and working on my distance and G.I.R work.

Overall, very satisfied with 2008. I only played for a few months this year but worked hard on my game to improve, just wish, I lived where I could get out 12months of the year..

Maybe someday,

Good luck to everyone with their goals for 2008 and 2009, this truly is a fantastic site and I love reading everyone's posts from the high cappers to the 0.5's - so interesting to read how this game can get to us all

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I did my best to break some goals and keep some goals.

One goal was to break 80 and I did, three times. Whoo hoo.

A second goal was to keep plugging and not get deterred by bad shots. Pros hit bad shots (by their standards). Who am I to think that I won't? Playing became more relaxing when I figured this out.

Chipping-Using the right club, at all times. Well, yeah, I have the right arrow. It's just the Indian that screws this up. Still working on this. My goal for 2009 is to work with either a pro or a very good golfer on ball placement, hands and weight shift/balance. Hopefully, this will shave a few strokes off my score.

I thought this year was a great year, though. I practiced a ton, about three or four times versus an actual round of golf. Hopefully, 2009 will be even better.

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I went backwards. A little over a year ago, I was closing in on a 6 handicap. I spent some time ill and am now up to a 9.6... I have started spending more time at the range working on my irons, GIR is what has been killing my game. My driver is pretty straight, usually only miss a couple of fairways per round, but I only hit 3 or 4 greens. If my scrambling isn't first class, I can't shoot my handicap.
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Here's my original post

My goals were:

1) Last season I hit balls a lot, but with no objective, so this year I'm going to practice with a purpose - I did, everyday I hit balls at the range I hit every single ball trying to hit different types of shots, I feel this helped my game a lot.

2) Get my handicap down to single digits (sp?), and hopefully play in some Alaska Amateur events - I went from an 18 handicap at the end of last season to a 7.7 handicap right now, it is still dropping

3) Practice my short game A LOT more - I feel that I practiced more then I did last year, but I felt this was the biggest thing of bringing my handicap down more then I did this season.

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I did okay in 2008. I lowered my handicap from a 30 to a 9 and it is my second full year of playing. I still would have liked to see more consistency, one day I would shoot a 75 and the next day a 92. That was really frustrating but I guess that will come as I play longer.
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Note: This thread is 4553 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I can't wait to hear about them.  I'm probably not getting new hybrids this year, but if I did, these would be near the top of my consideration list.  Please let us know how they are.
    • I read something recently in either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine and it listed I think the top 50 players and what they played for irons.  It was a blades/ combo set/ whatever set type of article.  I showed that they were very few players playing a full set of MB’s.  If I recall correctly, most were gaming some type of combo set.   Clubs like the TM p770 are just so good now, their benefits are more attractive to better players.
    • Thing is TV shows the good shots, the putts being made so we all think they hit everything close and make every putt. Go look up PGA tour proximity to the hole... you’d be surprised it’s not close like you see.
    • I would have to agree, as agile and strong as they are with a game of golf, they probably would look pathetic in a fighting ring. If and when they get their dup together that will be a good show. Although I think the media has hyped it beyond what it really is and would just be a competitive round of golf like most others.
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