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Anyone get sore wrists?

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I get a sore left wrist and even a sore left hand. I don't think I'm gripping too tight, and think this pain may come from trying to control the club after the impact.

Anyone else get this problem?
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I do and it hurts like a B*
I just started 2 months ago and have no idea what I am doing to cause this
because I would like to cure it
if this keeps up,,, I am going to quit golf
because putting up with a sore left hand and fingers is no fun at all...
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I do and it hurts like a B*...if this keeps up, I am going to quit golf

I know how you feel. I also started a couple of months ago. Are you swinging too hard? You're only supposed to swing at 70%-80% of your full power. I have a lesson Friday and will ask about wrist pain.

Hopefully someone else who's dealt with this will post some advice.
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If you hit down on the ball, as you should with most clubs, you may experience some pain especially in the colder months. I was plagued with tendonitis for a couple of years. I played guitar, bass and upright bass for 20 years and that didn't help. I eventually went to graphite to help, which it did. And FYI Aleve is an OTC Godsend for joint pain. Over time my problems subsided. But when I was ready to go back to steel shafts it kinda started back up sporatically. Anyway, long story short, ditching stiff shafts (which were too stiff for me anyway) made a huge difference. In a regular flex I have a softer impact feel, but that is specefic to my swing speed.

So in short:

It's not uncommon. Try Aleve to ease the pain. If it continues consider another shaft setup - graphite, another flex or one of the shafts with inserts. Also consider softer grips that are targeted to the arthritis crowd. This too shall pass. And if it doesn't, see a doctor and/or a swing coach.

Good Luck!
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I get sore wrists from time to time. If I am digging deep on my iron shots it usually means my wrists are going to hurt later on. So if your making alot of sod then you will probably suffer the same effect. You can try to shallow out your swing and reduce the turf or take some Ibruprofren.
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I broke my left wrist 2 years ago hitting a shot, but since it healed I don't have any pain from it. I even finished the round after I broke it.... hurt like hell, but didn't know it was broken until I saw the doctor 2 days later. I broke it on the 4th hole... still shot 84.... makes no sense at all.

Never had any wrist pain other than that.

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Right handed and my left wrist can really hurt during some rounds.

The pain is a lot better if I stretch my wrist very well prior to playing. This is eaisly done by taking a long club and grounding it...grip with left hand only and moving only your wrist....raise the club upwards fully and slowly....keep repeating this and you're wrist will stretch and warm up prior to having to be taxed with impact.

There's always advil liquigels in my bag if things get tough.

Most of my pain was resultant from a full 4 iron shot I made back in June. I went full out on the shot...my ball was in some light rough and I dug down after it. The club hit the ball and stopped almost immediatley after as the ball was resting on some long rooted weed. That impact hurt an extreme amount and I finished out my round in pain.

It has bothered me since.
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...but the worst is my left knee. At times it hurts to stand up or walk to my ball.

I have knee pain issues and for me the solution is to bend the knees slightly. If you stand knees locked straight, that puts strain on the knees. Bending the knees puts the stress on the leg muscles where it belongs.

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Hi, I started experiencing some wrist pain about a month ago, the pain co-incided with a push slice. After a little bit of work the problem seems to be because I am trying to steer the club through impact with the left wrist fighting the right wrist. Last week on the range and course I have just worked on making them work together and much reduced but not eliminated the pain in my left wrist.
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  • 4 weeks later...
I was having wrist problems a few months ago after a few days at the range and wondered if the steel-shafted irons I had were putting too much strain on my wrists. I switched to graphite-shafted irons and the problem seems to have diminished, though I'm not practicing as much as I was.

I also have to wonder if the use of hitting mats for my irons was contributing to wrist strain. I'll need to look further around here for a range that has grass instead of mats.
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I actually developed a click in my left wrist, closest to my thumb. It hurts a bunch when it flares up but only shows up after I keep playing too often. The problem arises when I cock my wrists back for lag so I can whip my club through. Once this gets started, it happens every time I load the shaft on my backswing and distracts me to the point where I break form and get an unexplainable, inconsistent kink in my shot (pick my head up, change my body position, stop looking at the ball, so on and so on). Has anyone else developed a click or a pop?
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My left wrists hurts pretty much all the time now. It has been like this for probably 2 months straight. Not like real bad, and after warming up the pain pretty much dissapears. I can't really lift anything over like 10 pounds with it though. I don't want to go to the doctor because I'm 90% sure he is going to say just rest it for a few weeks. I have rested it for about a week and a half and it isn't getting any better. Psshh not playing golf for me in that long is like torture. I know the best thing is to go to the doctor and get an x-ray just to make sure, but I don't think it is anything that major
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Note: This thread is 4571 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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