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Who do you model yourself after?

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In terms of golf, who is your role model. This can mean who do you imitate both in swing, course temperament, ext. I'd like to say that for me I follow the temperament of someone like Padraig, always calm and collected. But in actuality I probably have the temperament of Sergio.. I try to model my swing after Adam Scott. How bout you guys?
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adam scott-when on the course, i walk with the same class and confidence that he does. i also like the look on his face when he squints his eyes, its almost like watching a hawk zero in on its prey lol. seriously though, i find is confidence boosting to model yourself after some one who is good at golf.
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I like Freddie's attitude and flow. But one guy I love to watch and model my temperment after is Retief Goosen. When he pulls the ball out of the cup, you cannot look in his eyes and tell if he made a double bogie or double eagle. That is intimidating on the course to an opponent. After a double bogie it says, "no worries I'm gonna make that up". After a birdie it says, "no biggie, I'll probably make more". Emotional golfers don't know how to take that.
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until maybe just two or three months ago, i didn't particularly think of myself as modeling my swing or course behavior after anyone, and that's still a great deal of how i approach it. but about a month ago, i saw the hogan vs snead dvd for the first time and fell in love with both of those players. if i were really hellbound on modeling my swing after someone, i'd try to create a swing that had snead's natural look and feel combined with hogan's deadly accuracy.

good luck with that, eh.

as for temperament, i tend to blow up a bit on occasion. by "blow up" i mean i'll curse under my breath and whap the clubhead not hard, but firmly against the ground and pace around in a circle. this usually goes on for 5-10 seconds while i get myself back together and try to figure out what went wrong with the shot and how to correct it before the next shot.
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i like anthony kim alot he is so confident in himself and his game. But i was watching him the other day and he hits an okay shot and says "you suck at golf" to himself. He is confident but always striving for perfection. And he's so little and hits the ball a mile but overall i like his swing and temperament.
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Note: This thread is 4598 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I can't wait to hear about them.  I'm probably not getting new hybrids this year, but if I did, these would be near the top of my consideration list.  Please let us know how they are.
    • I read something recently in either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine and it listed I think the top 50 players and what they played for irons.  It was a blades/ combo set/ whatever set type of article.  I showed that they were very few players playing a full set of MB’s.  If I recall correctly, most were gaming some type of combo set.   Clubs like the TM p770 are just so good now, their benefits are more attractive to better players.
    • Thing is TV shows the good shots, the putts being made so we all think they hit everything close and make every putt. Go look up PGA tour proximity to the hole... you’d be surprised it’s not close like you see.
    • I would have to agree, as agile and strong as they are with a game of golf, they probably would look pathetic in a fighting ring. If and when they get their dup together that will be a good show. Although I think the media has hyped it beyond what it really is and would just be a competitive round of golf like most others.
    • I dunno. Watching two meat heads who probably have no idea how to fight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather see them play some serious golf and really give the tour a show.
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