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Did I get ripped off? Fake Callaway 25th Anniversary FT-i Driver?

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I recently bought a Callaway FT-i XXV Anniversary Edition Driver from a local guy on kijiji. I met up with him and he seemed like a genuinely good guy. He said he bought the driver new and said he had some good discounts since he was sponsored. He played with the driver a few times and decided that it wasn't for him.

The driver I bought is the FT-i Anniversary edition driver and he said that it is 10degrees with a neutral optifit system, he also said it was the stiff shaft.

I should have done more research I guess, but from the research I just did, it says that this anniversary edition driver comes in 2 forms:

- 9.5degree in stiff shaft (Fujikura 686) and a neutral optifit system
- 10degree in a regular shaft (Fujikura 586) and a draw optifit system.

The driver I bought is neither of those, mine is 10degree stiff shaft (although I don't see where it says speeder686), with a neutral optifit system....

Were there custom configurations available for this special edition club? or did I get burned?

Here's a link to Callaway's site for this specific driver:

Thanks in advance! I will go home and take some pictures later.
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I hit it at the range a few times, but it was indoor and only about 150yds long dome so it
Was tough to judge how far it hit. It felt good and felt nice though.

I will post pics when I get home. I am not entirely sure, but the shaft says 25tg anniversary on it
and it does not say speeder686, so I doubt the original owner changed shafts...
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Ok, I just got home to take another closer look and I am almost certain I got taken.... I looked at the shaft and it says "25th ANNIVERSART", yes ANNIVERSART rather than ANNIVERSARY, or maybe I have just never heard of the word anniversart...

It says "Flex S", but mentions nothing of the Fujikura 686. There is also no "out of 2500" marked anywhere. It should say "xx out of 2500" somewhere... argh

I called the guy back and left a message. I also called Callaway to see if they can confirm anything, but they are closed for the day...

pics in a bit..
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Those pics aren't much help in terms of analyzing fit and finish. Turn off the flash and use the macro feature. The button often looks like this:

As for "Anniversart" - well, I think that's dead giveaway on it's own.

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I would say the odds are impossible that Callaway released a driver that misspelled the main word on the shaft. Obviously a fake, but I would call Callaway and discuss the matter.
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Not that it matters anymore at this point, since the club is apparently fake, but here are some photo that will hopefully prevent this from happening in the future to others. Hopefully this guy calls me back asap to give me my money back!! I know what he drives and where he works, so hopefully that will help.. but I hope it doesn't resort to that. He seemed like a pretty stand up guy.

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My guess is that he bought it on eBay or some such thing, realized it was a fake, then sold you a bill of goods. I doubt if he is getting legit clubs from legit sources that a fake would end up in his hands. At any rate, a full refund seems appropriate.

Meanwhile, here's a factory that makes those exact fakes:

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Hopefully! I will try calling him again tomorrow. He said he was sponsored and gets "good deals" since he's a scratch golfer... so much for that. I take responsibility for not taking enough time to research and look at the club... I feel soo disappointed in myself!
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I can understand how you must feel. I am waiting for the shipment of my first Ebay purchase. I really have to monitor my shopping practices now because sometimes I wonder if I am looking for a club or a great deal. If I do commit to a great deal I guess the compromise is finding the occasional unsavory transaction or knock-off.
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well, seeing as those knock offs at that website look exactly like the real things, i wouldnt blame yourself too much. The only give-aways that i saw were the "anniversart" and no "xxxx out of 2500". This guy might not have known, either.
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That's what I am thinking, that he didn't know either. I have called him a few times and left polite messages, but so far, he hasn't contacted me back. I don't know where to proceed from here, but I will give it a few days...
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Note: This thread is 4539 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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