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Shawn Clement


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Shawn says that if  you practice certain tasks (like cutting grass with a grasswhip, throwing clubs, etc) you will feel the correct mechanics and get into the correct positions automatically (without one having to think about them). This differs a lot from other golf instruction where you are taught the correct mechanics/positions , etc  to then get the feel.

The WIG (Wisdom In Golf) forum members stress that you shouldn't try to copy him because everyone will have their own 'WIG'  swing.

He's probably exhausted all his swing instruction ideas on You Tube because current videos are really a re-hash of older ones but he's publishing a book on 'Fathers Day' .

I particularly like his 'Head Bobbing ' and 'Create Serious Speed'  videos and also the proper way to do the 'One Legged'  and 'Two Legged'  drills. I can't do the 'Hogan Power Move' very well as any sudden extra secondary spine tilt hurts my back. He's definitely using a bit of 'parametric acceleration'  in the WIG swing which is why he can hit the ball so far. Also like how he concurs somewhat with Tutelman website about how the golf swing is like a 'Trebuchet' where the hips act as a counterweight to the free swinging arms.

His best advice is about 'getting out of the way'  of the free swinging arms (assisting g-forces) and that we are automatically wired to do this if we let ourselves do it (letting go to gain control -scary) because we are gravity experts (self preservation skills we learned when we were cavemen).

He also has a particularly 'short pitching/long chipping' style which I find completely different to the norm instruction (you see on the internet) and compares the body actions to throwing horse-shoes to a target. His style of instruction is engaging and fun and imho , I think that most of his ideas on golf instruction just feels right.



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Note: This thread is 1862 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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