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    • Day 118.  Already today I did part two of Erik's day-8 Covid drill, although instead of two alignment sticks I used an alignment stick (my only one) and a shaft pull (I also ordered alignment sticks so I can more easily use them because the shaft pull is a bit awkward).   I used my timing from yesterday's practice to aid.  I may take these to the practice facility and actually try to putt with these for a drill. I also did ten minutes of 7-iron full shots, exaggerating how short-of-parallel I'm going.  Gonna do that more today, too, and get video tomorrow I think. 
    • I think that is a common issue with GPS.  I'm not sure about GGP but I believe GPS in general is only accurate within a few feet either direction.  Combine that with the fact that it only knows where your last putt originated form it can only approximate where the pin is.  I think they use something like 2 feet from last putt but I may be wrong there.  I've never worried about the putting distances, just the number of putts.   I've also seen issues with "Tap-in".  Basically I tap in, pickup and move away so quickly that the GPS does not always "Lock-In" near the ball, it registers closer to where I stand to watch the next person putt after I tap-in.  All I need to do to fix that is stand by the hole a little longer to let it "Lock-In" on my location but that would just slow the pace.
    • Day 243: Too humid to work on full swing outside today without sweating buckets. So I did a 2 hour short game practice instead. Started with chipping on all kinds of lies and focused on soft arms and pivot. Also, I slowed down my backswing which is an issue for me. Moved on to putting. Used my tempo app to get my rhythm down at 72 2/4 time. Then  worked on distance control up and down hill.   Next played a little one ball from various lies trying to get up and down. Followed with sand work when the green cleared. Finished with flop shots and downhill lie pitches.
    • I voted to ban just to stir the pot. I won't defend either one although the "asshat" crowd make a valid point. 🙂
    • I have read that putter is a viable option even from 60 yards out at times. Well at least for some people. Not me, though. I struggle to hit my putter 60 feet.
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