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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

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get a consistent swing- practicing on the range more to find a more consistent swing that i can rely on. Atm, my swing is very off and i have shots going to the right and then going to the left. I still manage a 9.5 handicap but with a more consistent swing i know that will go right down.
get a lower handicap- my handicap atm is 9.5, which is really bad for the level of golf that i would like to be playing, and that i should be playing. my goal is for a 6 handicap by the end of 2009.
get more power- I already have a good amount of power in my swing- 280 yards with driver consistently, but when i try to drive it farther(harder) I hit it off and it will go to the right or hook dramatically.
work on short game- my short game is great on the putting green but lacking very much on the course. i seem to get hesitant with my chips and putts when on the course. My chips around the green would come up short and i'd leave my putts on the low side every time. my goal is to get below 30 putts a round before 2010.
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My 2009 Goal is to use my driver more, to have it become more consitent (land in the fairway), and lower my handicap by 4 strokes.

I also would like to win the adult-child championship at my club. My son and I have come in 2nd and 3rd place--soon it's going to be 1st place!

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2009 personal goals for me go like this:

___ Beat bestfriend in golf.
___ Beat everyone in my golf group.
___ Establish a real handicap.
___ Practice an average of 5 days a week starting as soon as its 60+ degrees.
___ Play in 5 tournaments (Atleast one in minnesota)
___ Place in Top 10 in 3 of the tournaments.
___ Keep track of my statistics.
___ 60% of fairways from tees.
___ 55% GIR.
___ 50% of first putts.
___ Shoot a 40 on a 9 and 82 or better on 18.
___ Develop a tournament mentality.
___ Do everything while still excelling at soccer.

(Copied chart by JCDot33 Thanks!)
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I'm a little late on posting my goals, better late than never.

Get better off the tee box I can play 18 holes teeing off with my 5 iron and shoot my handicap in the low 80's, but the moment I tee off a driver I'm all over the place shooting low 90's. My goal is to fix my over-the-top swing by coming in on a flatter angle. I know I'm coming too steep into the ball. I will start by hitting balls at the range from my knees to make my self swing around my body. This will be my first attempt to fixing the issue.
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New here to the site...great site BTW

My goals:

1. Play 90s golf and try for the occasional break into the 80s

2. Build and stick to a preshot routine. I find most my miss hits are due to a lack of a consistent preshot routine.

3. Play atleast 1 once a week.
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My goals are several - In the past year I have really started increase the stats I keep (such as putts per round, GIR, Fairways, birdies, 3 putts etc.)

I would like to average better than 32 putts per round (assuming I hit at least 10 to 11 GIR).
I would like to hit more than 60% of fairways
I also would like to get up and down from within 20 yards 65% of the time.

I think those are pretty reasonable for me... I hope...
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Practice More Consistenly I know that there are hundreds of other things in anyone's life that need more attention at times, but thorough and dedicated practice can easliy be added...home, at the course or the range.

Bring Handicap to Single Digits Self explanatory, but as of yet always seems just out of reach.

Play More Tournament Golf In my case, I believe that the added pressure and ideally playing with others as good, or preferably better only forces you to try to play at a higher level.

Force Myself to Play Better Course Management It's cool when you can damn near drive a green on a short par 4 or have a shot at a eagle putt inside 20ft, but not always worth the risk of OB or hazards. Gotta play smart, to play well.
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In 2008 I reduced my handicap from 26 to 20..

Progress recap: end of first quarter 2009:

H/c reduce from 20 to 12 (currently 18.3) Avg score 88 (currently 92ish) Avg putts 34 (currently 36-38) Add 10% to my drives (currently 200-230 yards) (no change) Strike long irons consistently (yes improved) Take chipping / putting lesson (no chipping lesson taken /putting lesson done - helped a lot) Eliminate slice (no - still there..) Lose 5 kgs (lost 2 kgs) Scores are coming down from good iron play and much better putting, i'd say my h/c is trending towards 17. I'm quite happy with progress year to date but i'm much stronger with irons than with woods. I'm taking a lesson every 4 weeks and trying to make it to the range once or twice a week. Slice is still a problem but my drives are rarely out of play they are just shorter than my play partners. Will be focusing on chipping / putting over the next three months and would really like to improve my play with the woods, although I don't expect improved wood play to drastically influence my scores. See you all in July!
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Short game needs MAJOR improvement.
Hitting my driver straighter (Will settle for slight fade)
Shoot in the 80's consistantly
Get our whole golf team to advance out of district.
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My goals for this year?
1) To keep my son (age 5, playing 2 1/2 years) as excited about golf as possible. If I had started at that age.....
2) Improve my handicap as much this year as I did last year.
3) Play in this
and win my flight.
4) Get at least 5 people interested in learning to play golf. Last year, I got 4 of my buddies and one cousin hooked.
5) and, finally, to play more than once a week without having to hear about it from the wife....
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1. practice practice practice

2. really improve on my driver (consistency and distance). would love to be around the 250 yd. avg and eliminate my slice/fade

3. cut down on the 3 putts.

4. get my handicap down to 20.
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Note: This thread is 4304 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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