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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals


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I played 57 rounds in 2008 and dropped my handicap from 18 to 14 with the following stats:

Fairways 64%
G.I.R. 28%
Up&Down;% 17% (this has been my weakest link)
Putts 34
Average score 89

My 2009 goal is to drop another 4 strokes to get to a 10 handicap with the following stat goals:

Fairways (keep above 60% and work on increasing distance)
G.I.R. 40%
Up & Down% 40%
Putts 32

Other goals:

- Break 80 (current best is 81)
- Play at least 60 rounds
- Enter at least 4 tournaments
- Devote majority of practice time on short game/putting
- Walk more often instead of riding
- Stay relaxed while playing and enjoy every round
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1. Become more consistent, avoid inexplicable high score days
2. Trust and execute more fades into right side pins
3. Reduce the pull hooks (I know I will have them, but fewer would be great)
4. Play the year without a shank of any kind (that would be a first)
5. Always remember: a day on the course is a good day
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Pretty modest.

1) Sub-5 index (I'm 7.5 now)
2) Club champion
3) Match play champion

I can definitely make it into the match play portion of the club championship and I'm really solid in match play. So, who knows.

My biggest weakness is proximity to the hole inside of 130yds. I had that dialed in while fought my driver, but I've got my driver dialed in, but the wedge game went south.
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My 2009 goals:

1) Drop my handicap to 15.
2) Stay more Focused and Calm on the course.
3) Practice at least 2-3 times a week.
4) Completely stop over-hitting any club

Man I'm already psyched for next season.
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- Multiple wins on the Golden State and Pepsi Tours
- Get to Japan for '09 Japanese PGA Tour Q School [and qualify]
- Shoot 8 under par
- Figure out correct balance between practice time and play time
- Qualify to play LA Open, Buick Invitational and US Open
- No 3-putts
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As I have only become interested and trying to learn the game (5 months since I first picked up a club to begin this wonderful journey), I'm hoping 2009 will be a great golf year for me.

1) Play more!
2) Practice more often and more efficiently (not just pounding balls downrange) - more time on putting green
3) Continue with lessons, and work on the topics covered
4) Play the new Palmer course at N.C. State at least twice (opening Mar/Apr 2009).
5) Break 100!

#5 may be a stretch, but I am gonna try - at least it will give me something to work towards.

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My goals are;
Lower handicap to 20 or better
Take some lessons to help develop a more consistent swing
Work on my course management
Don't get so angry after one bad shot

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My golf goals for 2009:

Increase FIR to 80-90% (I'm around 60% now)
Increase GIR to 60%+ (I'm stuck at around 30-40% now)
Decrease Total Putts to under 30 (I'm around 30 now, but GIR is low so as that goes up and I want total putts to get better).
Get handicap to under 10 and keep it there for rest of year (technically at 10.7 now, but that's a bad 10.7 - my last 20 rounds has 10 reasonably good rounds and 10 bad rounds)
Shoot par or better at least 1 time.
Keep improving my already decent short game (I'd like to improve scrambling to around 50% up and downs from missed green).
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Break 100, then stay there.

Become more consistent. It seemed like i could never put my short and long games together. Seemed like i either hit a ton of GIR and couldn't putt or visa versa. I think becoming more consistent will help me with goal #1.

Keep stats of GIR, fairway%, putts, etc.

Commit to a swing and stay with it.
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  1. Reduce my handicap from 28 to at least 24 but hopefully somewhere around 19
  2. Finish in the top 5 of my clubs junior championship
  3. Kill my slice once and for all
  4. No 3-putts (I averaged 3-4 a round 08)
  5. Beat my dad by 10 strokes
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My ultimate 2009 goal is to get to a single digit handicap.

Currently I'm giving up strokes off the tee (either 3 wood or Driver) and also I feel like I should be making a few more short putts (4-6 foot range).

I'm going to concentrate on my short game a lot more this year, since I have never really put the effort into my short game that I have in my long game.
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I only started playing a few months ago (played 4 full rounds)

1) Break 100 by Summer
2) Consistently shoot in the 90s for the second half of the year
3) Straighten out my Driver!
4) Shoot par or better at the local par 3 nine hole course
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My Goals for 2009 (Although quite far away as I live in Canada and winter has just begun):
  1. Handicap Index - I am currently a 7.4 and I would like to get to scratch, however I realize that may take some time. A realistic goal would be get to or around 5.
  1. Long Game - I would like to get my driver straightened out and get more confidence with my long irons. I feel as though I need to be able to attack shorter par 5's to lower my index.
  1. Short Game - I would like to get my short game (120 yds and in) to be more automatic. Went through spurts where I would hit them close and make a lot of birdies. Going to try and make it more consistent.
  1. Putting - I would like to eliminate 3 putts.

I feel that if I can get these things worked out I should be able to drop the index no problem.
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I liked the style, so I borrowed the layout for this list from Iacas.

My 2009 golf goals:
  • Join a league. I've never played league golf. I am joining in April.
  • Get handicap to less than 4.0. I got as low as 3.2 for a stretch in 2008, but it went back up steadily. I want to reach 4.0 by May 1 and keep it all year.
  • Shoot a 69 or better. I shot 71 twice while playing my best this year. If I can hole two more putts...
  • Make a hole in one.
  • Focus and commit to every shot. Focus on the best spot to play the next shot from.
  • Hit more fairways and greens. Hit smarter drives to set up the approach. Get GIR shot on and pin high.
  • Make more putts Slow down on the green. Focus on the read, and the speed. Focus on the speed at which I the ball will roll into the hole. Commit to the line. Commit to the stroke.
  • Make fewer bogeys.
  • Take time to warm up before rounds.
  • Play 100 times.
  • Play (and Break 80) at: South Wind CC, Prairie Dunes CC, Colbert Hills.
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I liked the style, so I borrowed the layout for this list from Iacas.

lol hole in one is pretty tricky, I know skills plays into it, but a lot of things have to fall in line for one to happen.

my goal Average under 75
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Hit it a draw consistently
Stay calm and collected under pressure
Leave less putts short
Play more bump and run's and less flop shots
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Note: This thread is 4362 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Last time out I did make my first birdie of the year at 3. Hit a PW up hill to a 125 yard flag to 6 inches. Landed it short of the stick with a low trajectory hoping to skip it back to the flag and have it check up. Couldn’t have missed making a 2 my very much. Rest of the day I did my best to Kevin Na some birdie putts. Was feeling it after that shot. At 4 I smoked a driver and then hit a gap wedge from 92 to within 5 feet. I hit what I thought was a great putt and started walking it in.... lipped out on the high side tho. At 11 I hit my 2nd way right but my 3rd within 5 feet at the par 5. Again tried to walk one in only to lip on the high side: guess I should leave the walking in of birds too the pros!
    • Commenting ,just before  taking the shot (especially negative thoughts) affect your golf swing. Man I feel bad for you. It was awful. Action with some new rules should be taken for this. 
    • Well, at least you have the par-4s down!  I had a round a few weeks ago at my home course that would have been my second-ever no sixes (first was not at my home course)... played the par-5s in -1 (all pars and a birdie), but two sixes on par-4s did me in for the challenge.  Thankfully I have the badge from two years ago or so, but it'll be nice to have a few more rounds that fit this. 
    • Day 206.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.  15 minutes after work of 6-iron shots (about a half dozen total balls this time).  Same focus:  setup, backswing pace and length.
    • Day 52: COVID-19 day 6/7 short game drills. After that, did a few minutes of rehearsals for my priority piece. Lesson coming up at the end of this week to see where I have gone wrong with this one.
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