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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals


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Goal is to play an 18/month and hit the range twice a month. I don't have a score goal yet, but would like to start with consistently shooting 90's.

In My Bag 2009;
DRIVER: SQ Sumo 5000 10.5°
WOODS: SQ2 15° 3 wood / Nike SQ2 21 #3H
IRONS: Victory Red Full Cavity 4-PW, 50° AW (Steel Shaft)
WEDGES: Victory Red Forged Wedge Black - 54°/12B and 58°/6BPUTTER: BC01 / Kia Ma Monte CarloBAG: Xtreme Sport II Stand/Carry BagSHOES:...

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to not be so drunk at the end of the round that I blow my score

Weapons in my Texas Tech golf bag

FT3 Fusion Driver Aldila NV shaft
junk.. irons
Cobra wedges White Steel Putter lots of beer

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I would like to successfully make it to the US Open. I've come up short the past 3 years! Missing the cut by a minimum of 3 strokes.... So close
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I have had to update my goals. Since I have been swinging well, and hitting the ball solidly, my biggest disappointment is my scores. Usually, I average 30 putts round, and this year's number is 35. 5 shots is a lot to lose in 18 holes. It is not that I am putting terribly. The real cause is that I did not join any one course, and am playing many courses that I am not very familiar with. So, I have not read the greens well, and am trying to get adjusted. In addition, I need to "make the time" to practice my short game more. With my wife having surgery and "complications due to surgery", much of my time in the last six weeks has been spent with her, so it is understandable that golf has taken a "back seat". She is fine, now, so I have to bear down and get back on track if I want to salvage what is left of this season. Here in Upstate New York, our season is only 7 months long, so losing a month and a half is a "huge hit".

Mitch Pezdek------Dash Aficionado and Legend in My Own Mind

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goal is to shoot even par this year and also to qualify for individual STAC for my school (averaging under 5 strokes over par for nine wholes throughout the school season. If you do that you go on to a tournament)

In my Nike Tour Stand bag:
Adams Golf Idea Pro Gold Irons
Nike SuMo Sasquatch 10.5* Stiff Shaft Proforce v2
Nike Slingshot 3 Hybrid 20*
Nike SuMo2 5 Hybrid 25*

Nike SV Tour Wedges 52*, 56*

Nike Ignite Mallet Putter

Titleslist Pro V1, Bridgestone e6 and B330S

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learn exact yardages for my clubs
get a new driver/ball (with fitting)
shoot consistently in the 70s
practice consistently (5 days a week in the morning & at lunch)

Driver & 3 Wood: Burner Superfast
Utility 17°: 09 Rescue
Irons (3- PW): Original 845 Silver Scott
Sand Wedge 56°: Vokey
Putter: IC 20-10ABall: Tour iXGPS:

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To not embarrass myself at corporate golf events... during the game.
In my newbie Alpine Carry Bag
Driver - Tight Lies
3 Wood - Tight Lies
5 Wood - Tight Lies
Hybrids - 3DX IW #3/#4Irons - 3DX RC #5-PWPutter - D3-DF
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  • Moderator
Establish a 10 handicap
take a lesson
improve my mental game

Driver: :callaway: Rogue  /  Woods: :tmade: M2 3&5W’s / Hybrid: :tarmour: 25* / Irons: :ping: i500’s /  Wedges: :edel: 54*, 58*

Putter: :scotty_cameron: Futura 5W  Ball: :titleist: AVX optic yellow 


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Make the jump from a casual almost-scratch golfer to a competitive golfer with tour potential. I figure if I got here without ever taking the game too seriously (its too fun to get stressed about!), there's some potential (I hope).

HiBore XLS 9.5*
Launcher 15*
Rescue 21*
X-20 Tour 4-PW
CG10 50*, CG12 56*, 60*Pixl L1.8 (8 years and running)

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I'm making pretty good progress with my Goals for 09, but really would love to sort out..

* 3 Irons off a tee (I struggle with these)
* Sand/Bunker Shots (Constantly costing me 2 Shots, as I can only just seem to get it out or either over power it past the Green)
* Driving (gain more distance, and straighter drives).

If I could fix these issues by the end of the summer and continue the way that I am playing right now, I'll be a very happy golfer.
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Get under 16 in handicap :D

Driver: SQ Sumo 5000.
3-Wood: SQ II.
Hybrid: Ignite 4&5
Irons: Ignite 6-SW
Wedges: Vokey 60 degrees. Ignite SWPutter: :Odyssey: White Hot XG#1Ball: Prov1, ONE Tour/D, The Hawk.

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I'm coming back from a long break and don't expect to get good this season, so I have some fairly modest goals for 2009:
  • Get back to consistent ball striking. I want my short game to be the problem, not the rest of it!
  • Join one of my local clubs
  • Obtain an official handicap again
  • Play 20 full rounds before the end of the year, keeping score and stats
  • Plan for improvement in 2010!
In the bag: Titleist 909D2 9.5°, 906F2 15°, 585H 17°, AP2 710 3âPW, Vokey SM 52.08 & 58.12, Studio Select Newport 33", Pro V1X.
Home course: Lenzie Golf Club. Working on: ball striking.
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1) 50% driving accuracy
2) Shoot 49 or better on my home nine-hole course
3) Find a set of woods that I'm willing to stick with for the next three-four years

What's in my bag:

- Cleveland HiBore XL 10.5 degree
- Knockoff 3 and 5 woods
- TaylorMade Burner Oversize Irons, 3-PW- Dynacraft SW- Cleveland 60 deg wedge (perhaps not for long, though)- Odyssey 550 Putter

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Break 90 more than once
Have multiple birdies in one round
Improve my driving accuracy
Play well at a tournament at the end of July

In my Warbird XXT Bag

Driver: Big Bertha Diablo 10* Draw
Hybrid: Big Bertha Diablo 3H 21*
Irons: 2007 S9, 4-PW, GWWedges: coming soonPutter: no-name, but gets the job doneBall: Big Bertha Diablo

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Note: This thread is 4685 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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