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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals


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1) Win enough in small tournaments to cover green fees for at least 50% of my rounds.

2) Put together four straight rounds under 75 on difficult tracks.

3) Put myself in position to qualify for the Virginia Amateur or Eastern Amateur next year.
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To shoot in the low 90's/high 80's consistently.
Divider Tour Cart Bag
Tight Lies Stand Bag
SQ Sumo² 5900 11.5° Driver
SQ Sumo² 7 Wood 21° SQ Sumo² 3-7 hybrids, 8-SW iron set SV Tour Black Satin 60° L Wedge (6° bounce) 64° L Wedge IC Series Milled 20/20 Mallet PutterBrush Tees rule. Period.Expensive balls- ProV1;...
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I have hit many GIRs lately but missed alot of birdie putts. I also want to drop my handicap down to atleast a 10 or maybe even single digits. I have to work hard and I think I am able to do it.

In my Xtreme Sport bag
'09 Burner 9.5*
F50 15* 3 Wood
Burner 18* 5 Wood
MX-19 4-GW SV Tour 54.12 & 58.08 White Hot 2-Ball SRT

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-Quit 3-putting. I don't play on courses that have ridiculously fast/sloping greens.
-Avoid the big number. Take hazards out of play. And go for a par, not a birdie. If I short-side myself it takes bogey into play.
-Keep the ball in the short grass. I'll settle with a ball in the fairway rather than in the thick rough yet 30 yards up more.
-Commit. Make solid contact every shot.

All of this combined should probably contribute to my last goal:
-Lower handicap to single digits. Even if it's a 9.9.
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1. Get the ball to the hole! I leave far too many putts with the correct read 6" to 1' short
2. improve driving accuracy
3. improve short game 30 yds in(already doing well with this one)
getting very accurate with flop shots.
4. play enough golf to make my membership a bargain. Usually I only play about once a week...

by the way...hello to all. I really like this nsg board!

 913 D2, 913F, 913H,    I-20 4-PW DG300S,   50,56 (bent to 55) 60,

:odyssey: Versa 90 #7,  TourV2,   C-130, :bridgestone: E6,   Contour

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After a 5 year hiatus (health and family issues) I'd like to get back to being a 6 - 7 handicap. To do that I'd like to play more, but get a chance to practice at least 3-5 times between rounds in order to be comfortable again with every club in the bag. I plan to walk as often as possible (on and off the course) and be comfortable playing 36 holes on foot in one day - if the opportunity presents itself while on vacation.

Mizuno MP600 driver, Cleveland '09 Launcher 3-wood, Callaway FTiz 18 degree hybrid, Cleveland TA1 3-9, Scratch SS8620 47, 53, 58, Cleveland Classic 2 mid-mallet, Bridgestone B330S, Sun Mountain four5.

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My one set goal was to break 90 for the first time ever. I did that yesterday, shooting an 87. This is the first year I'm actually trying to improve my game. Past summers I would golf but never take the time to analyze my swing or figure out what I need to improve.

So besides breaking 90... I guess now I'll try to break 80, haha, but really I'll just try mostly to improve my short game - that's my problem right now I believe.

Driver Cleveland HiBORE XLS 9.5°

Hybrid 3I Adams A7

Irons 3-PW Wilson Air Power

Wedges Cleveland CG10 52° Chrome, Cleveland Reg. 588 56° Chrome, Cleveland Reg. 588 60° Gunmetal

Putter Cleveland Classic #3

Best Score 80 (+8) - July 22, 2011 @ Highland Woods Golf Course (Blue Tees - 71.7/122)

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Shoot mostly (say 2 rounds out of 3) in the 80s by the end of the season.

In the bag:
Cleveland Launcher 400cc
Callaway Hawkeye 3 wood, stiff
TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrid, 19*, stiff
TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrid, 22*, stiffCallaway X-14 irons, 4-SW, uniflex steel, +1", 2* uprightTitleist Vokey 56/8 sand wedgePing A-Blade putterCareer round: 16 over 88Best round...

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1. Break 80
2. A three putt free round (already had one but I want another so I know its not a fluke)
3. A 100% on up and downs for a round (this may be asking too much)
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Break 70 in one of my next 4 rounds. (Olivas today, then Palm Springs trip--LaQuinta Mountain, PGA West Stadium & Nicklaus)

HiBore XLS 9.5*
Launcher 15*
Rescue 21*
X-20 Tour 4-PW
CG10 50*, CG12 56*, 60*Pixl L1.8 (8 years and running)

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My index is 14.9 but is on the way down in a week or two at the next revision, so i'm going to say I want to be at 12.0 or lower by the fall. I'd also like to have a round with no 3 putts and a round with 2 (or more) birdies.
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Progress report on my goals...

My 2009 golf goals:

My 2009 golf goals: [*] Join a league. I've never played league golf. I am joining in April. [*] Get handicap to less than 4.0. I got as low as 3.2 for a stretch in 2008, but it went back up steadily. I want to reach 4.0 by May 1 and keep it all year. [*] Shoot a 69 or better. I shot 71 twice while playing my best this year. If I can hole two more putts... [*] Make a hole in one. [*] Focus and commit to every shot. Focus on the best spot to play the next shot from. [*] Hit more fairways and greens. Hit smarter drives to set up the approach. Get GIR shot on and pin high. [*] Make more putts Slow down on the green. Focus on the read, and the speed. Focus on the speed at which I the ball will roll into the hole. Commit to the line. Commit to the stroke.[*] Make fewer bogeys. [*] Take time to warm up before rounds. [*] Play 100 times. [*] Play (and Break 80) at: South Wind CC , Prairie Dunes CC, Colbert Hills .

driver: FT-i tlcg 9.5˚ (Matrix Ozik XCONN Stiff)
4 wood: G10 (ProLaunch Red FW stiff)
3 -PW: :Titleist: 695 mb (Rifle flighted 6.0)
wedges:, 52˚, 56˚, 60˚
putter: Studio Select Newport 1.5

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I haven't played much since 2005... maybe 5 or 6 rounds a season. This year, I'm hoping to double that... and so far I've got a good start on that.

But my goals for the season are:

1. Have at least ONE round where no score is higher than a 7. WAY too many 8's and 9's on my cards... and even the odd 10.

2. Have at least ONE round where I break 30 total putts. So far, my CAREER best has been 31 putts... I'd like to get a 29 in there.

3. My handicap has been 26+ for the last 4 years. I'd like to get to a 22 by the end of the season... but I've only got maybe 6 rounds left in me (money wise) before the end of the season, so I don't know if that's even realistic... but I'd like to achieve it.

4. For YEARS I've wanted to play in a few of the county/club tournaments so this season, I have a goal of playing in the County Tournaments and the Club Championships.

If I achieve 2 of the 4 listed above, I'll call it a successful season.


Career Bests
- 18 Holes - 76 (+5) - Par 71 - Pine Island Country Club - 6/4/2021
- 9 Holes - 35 (E) - Par 35 - The Club at Irish Creek (Front Nine) - 9/25/2016


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Fairly new here, just joining this thread. I had a few goals in the last few months that have come and gone. So far this year my handicap has gone from almost 30 to 21, and it should keep going down because I've made massive improvements. I can feel huge breakthroughs coming. Going forward, here's the goal by end of 2009:

1. Break 85 on a decent course (my best score ever is a 90 on Bethpage Red)
2. Make multiple birdies in a round (never done that)
3. Play a round with no double bogeys

Beyond '09 I want to break 75 in 2010 and be a scratch by end of 2011. I'm finally in a place in my life where I can hopefully dedicate the time and energy to actually pull off that level of improvement.
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Note: This thread is 4685 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This has not happened to me ... yet. I mark my ball with a pink line, and I've never seen anybody else do that. It makes it easy to identify which ball is fine. That said, I think if you play enough golf, it will happen at some point, so I'm betting it will happen to me. Hopefully, it doesn't cost me too much when it does.
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    • Just a pack of lazy ex-competitors or non-winners who are taking the easy road of mediocre playing. A player can finish DFL in all 15 tournaments and gross over $1.8 mil. And that’s playing three round tournaments. LIV honestly thinks that’s a model for growing the game? Such a shame that Cam can be on possibly the height of his career and throw away that desire that got him on the PGA TOUR in the first place. It’s sports. Professional sports. We all understand someone’s wanting to make more money and do less. But when it come to professional sports, that’s seldom a winning model or a respected one.  Bottom line is it’s the fans that have made these players wealthy. Sports produce nothing for people but entertainment. If it weren’t for our love of these games, it would be a hobby alone. Essentially these ass clowns are defecting and turning their backs on what/ who  made them able to even pursue this semi-retired, exhibition money grab. I have no respect for them. Not that it matters at all apparently.
    • You could try and mount a thick comforter behind the net as well. It should absorb any ball with little to no bounce back. But yes, slack in the net is preferred to prevent a possible "Testicular Event"....
    • This illustrates the difference between what you MUST do and what you really SHOULD do. One little nit with the underlined bit, as soon as you dropped the ball with the intention to put it into play, it is in play.  It may be in a wrong place, as it was in this case, but its in play.  There's a difference in how you handle playing from a Wrong Place, as compared to playing a ball not in play (Wrong Ball), but its really beyond the focus of this thread.
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