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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals


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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Focus on my swing (keep head still, let hips start the downswing, NO OUT TO IN)

2. Hit GIR 8 times in a round consistantly

3. Break 85 by December

4. Improve flexibility with stretches and excersises daily

5. Play as often as possible while maintaining good grades in what will be a tough semester
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1) Break 90

Reached my goal this year.

I've broke 90 twice (shot 86 both times). The key has been working on the short game, somewhat, at the range.. instead of pounding driver and irons. On both 86 rounds, my putts per hole were 1.78 and 1.72
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1. Move up from 9th to 6th on my golf team
2. Lower my handicap to a 3.
3. Work on putting and eliminate the 3 putts, and have more 1 putts
4. Work on overall swing and ballstriking.
5. Develop a workout routine and get ready for next season
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At the start of spring I was shooting in the low 100’s, then I got it down into the 90’s, now I’m in the high-mid 80’s……I usually shoot in the low-mid 90’s but I take a winter break.

Accomplishments in a single round to break 80:
1. FIR on all par 4&5’s….well maybe not all, but most
2. Not a single 3 putt
3. No blow-up holes….I usually have 1 or 2 a round were I double
4. Making a birdie on at least 2 holes
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1. get my driver on a 1 plane swing
2. be able to hit a controlled slice better
3. work the ball around hazzards into pins
4. have a round with less than 25 putts
5. hit 16 greens in regulation
6. shoot in the 60s
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1) Iron out swing faults. Everyone has this, so I'll hold the description.

2) Become more consistent. Pounding a drive can wait, I'd like the ability to be able to hit the same club the same distance every time. Short game++

3) Break 90. I get the feeling that if I achieve 2), or work hard at 2), this will follow very shortly after.

4) Less of a thing to put work into, but just get braver. I'll never attempt a shot that could possibly result in a hazard or OB. Balls to the wall approaches over danger DO work, and they yield results. So I guess 4) is actually "grow a pair".
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1. Improve my driving.
2. Remember to slow my swing down, dont let my hands and arms go faster then my hips and club.
3. Stop swinging from out to in.
4. Did i say slow my swing down.

All have to do with my Driving this year. My putting and iron play has been awesome.

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practice more I need to improve my swing and slice the ball alot less
go to the golf course more I don't get out that much. I would like to get out more

my bag includes
big bertha driver
3,5 wood
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Iron
SQ Sumo2 Hybrid
sand and pitching wedge
pro V1 balls
burner balls
Callaway Tour Authentic Diablo Staff Bag
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I've just started taking this serioulsy. I picked it up 10 years ago for work, played in a few company outings...bet never really clicked with it.

In July I took a series of lessons at one of Hank Haney's schools....

Goals for '09
Build a swing, make it solid and repeatable, get no slice, distance secondary
Play a round of business golf without embarrasing myself
Break 100
Break 90
Play at least 2X per week
Complete Pelz Short game and putting bibles and incorporate them into a proper practice regime
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I posted my goals earlier, and it is time for some self-evaluation:

1. I have not been as consistent as in past years.

2. I have won some big matches, but not won any tournaments (second place, though).

3. The results listed in #1 and 2 are because I have not been able to practice 4-5 times a week like I normally do. Now, the problems (off the golf course) are behind me, and I have resumed a good practice schedule.

4. Here in Central New York, we have one month left in the season so I want to finish the season on a good note. I will play in 3 or 4 tournaments and a few matches, so I will concentrate on them.
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Note: This thread is 4391 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I think you two, @DaveP043 and @Ruler, may be talking about two different images. The below, IMO, should not be GUR or a penalty area. Just play it.  
    • Any time I get no doubles, I consider that excellent. It happens rarely. 
    • In 30+ years of playing, there have only been a couple of people that I've felt like laughing at.   One was "Howie" who was the most depressing person I've ever met.   Every word that came out of his mouth was just so negative and down, not angry, just absolutely Debbie Downer stuff.   After a while it was just so obvious that I couldn't stop thinking about it and every time he said something, or hit a bad shot, I had to turn away.   He was a horrible player, or at least having a really bad day. But...the other person I've felt like laughing at, several times, is my father-in-law.   We don't speak now, but that's because his wife has ruined everything (although he's pretty bad himself now).  However we used to play golf a lot.  He's got that slow burn like Judge Smails from Caddyshack.   He's fine for a while, but when it goes off the rails at some point he loses his ****.  We were playing a course and I was having a really good day, and he wasn't.  He started crabbing big time on the 11th hole when he was in and out and back in (multiple times) a huge horseshoe bunker around the green.   I knew it was coming after that.   Duck hook off the next couple of tees and he finally lost it on the 14th tee.   He duck hooked it after 30 feet into the weeds in front of the tee box.   Then he comically threw his driver in after it and had to find it.   This is after a few holes of hearing him beat himself up, muttering and complaining.  I was trying my hardest not to laugh all thru the 14th hole, somehow made par.   Then I started laughing on the 15th tee and blew one OB.   It's just comical watch him come unglued.    He pretty much hits a big banana ball.   So he aims left.   It comes apart when his miss is to roll his hands over and hit a low hook.   So frequently he is aimed left and then hooks it left, usually into a bunch of trees about 60 yards off the tee.   He'll do it like 8 times in a row.  It's funny up until he says things like "I'm just the biggest idiot who ever picked up a golf club", then I start to low grade feel sorry for him. OMG, yes.   I admit if I lose a couple of nice balls in a round I start to go looking when I have time, but never at the expense of the other players.   Last month we saw someone fishing for balls on #10 and the three people he was with just left him and started to the next hole.  Don't blame them. I never comment on someone else's game.   If someone if a good player, I don't mind hearing something they notice is wrong, but I don't feel qualified to comment on what someone else is doing nor do I think most people want to hear it.  Especially since I've seen some really weird swings, yet these people know where the ball is going and score well.
    • For me was when I started hitting consistent playable drives from the box.  
    • The worst for me is subtle directed drops of tips/hints or what "his pro" told him..when he is a worse player than you..far worse.  From what I've learned over the years is STFU and play.  This post refers to my first round after years away.  We were playing in a foursome..work group.  One of the youngest guys in our group..all decked out in Dry-Fit Nike Golf/X-Armor (or is it Armor X) down to the TW golf shoes.  He starts marking his ball for alignment and said I should also do this and that it helps with putting..LMFAO..I just smiled.   He saw my bag (I have mostly Mizuno/Titleist stuff)..he said the best driver are Mizuno...LMFAO again..just smiled.  As we play, he was constantly reminding the group what he was putting for (this is for par, birdie, etc..) which became annoying after the 2nd hole..yikes.  
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