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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals


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Man o man. Been away from these forums for a couple of months and am getting ready for some golf again. Even though it's December in Ohio - I'll be waiting awhile.

1. Sink a hole in one.
2. Average under 30 putts a round.
3. I actually started with a handicap of 41 when I joined here and got down to my goal of a 22. So my second goal is to break a handicap of 20.
4. Get my handicap down to 17, which in some cases (at least I think) I'll be under a 90 on a normal 72 par course.

I got accepted into Kent as a prejournalism major. I've been friends with Herb Score (KSU goal coach) and have talked with Ben before (KSU alumn) - hopefully, now, I can get a little closer and steal some mojo.
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1: Handicap below 10
2: Be in good form for our fall tourney, par or below would be nice
3: bring my short game up to the level of my long game (one of the reasons
for the 5 wedge bag)
4: walk every round (unless one of the group needs one)
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  • Practice putting and short irons more
  • Try out for the golf team and make it for the first time
  • Work my way in to the top 6 on the team so I can play in tournaments
  • Shoot even par or better atleast once this year
  • Save up money for new irons and driver
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1. Get under 90 by Mid-May
2. (follow up of 1) If I get under 90, compete in WJGA tournaments.
3. Handicap down below 15.
4. Make JV team as freshman.
5. Buy fairway wood/hybrid.
6. Improve distance.
And finally,
7. Improve My accuracy with short AND long irons.

Wow that's a lot...
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1) break par (leftover from last year)... like Iacas says... even from a tee box a little more forward or an easy course.
2) use video camera more (hopefully getting some good software for Christmas) and work on the swing, especially getting my left arm straight at impact.
3) dare I say handicap to 5 (below 6.0)
4) whip my brother-in-law's a$$ every single time we play
5) buy no new clubs... except maybe a 3-wood or driver
6) Play Pinehurst #2
7) improve, if only slightly all stats
FW hit 60%, GIR 38%, putts 32.5, putts per GIR 1.86 ppm GIR 1.73

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This will be my first full year of living in Florida, so my goals will be followed and taken care of. I am extremely excited for this upcoming golf season. I have made such good progress in the 6 months since I moved here/started playing golf on a consistent basis again. This also will be my first full year of tournaments since I was in high school. Words can not express how excited I am to get back on the tournament trail and start working my way up the ladder.

With that being said, my goals for the 2009 season are as followed:

1. Get down to a scratch handicap. I now have access to multiple full practice facilities that give me the opportunity to practice for free as much as I want to. I plan on using it to my advantage just about every day of the week.

2. Join a mini tour and play a full tournament schedule

3. Come up with a practice schedule and stick with it.

4. Play in the big skin games in my area. There sure are alot of them!!

5. Shoot 65
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Ok, lets see...

1. Be more consistent I want to stop hitting bad shots. For some odd reason, this year, I've had my best golf, and my worst golf in years. In one round I'd shoot in the 70's, and in the very next in the 90's (great -.-). I'd choke down in very important ocasions (like being 5 over par, and confortably in the cut, and end up 21 over for that particular round...). That being said, I want to shoot in the 70's 2 out of 3 times. I just have to focus really hard on this to be able to do it.

2. Stop trying to change my swing every single day I think that this is my worst point. Even when I'm hitting the ball pretty well, I always end up killing my swing because someone tells me to do something like this or like that... I got to trust in me and in my golf coach. I guess that I'll have to be rude for some people back at my club that think that they know a whole lot about the swing...

3. Stats GIR - 70%; FW - 70%; Putts per round - at most 28.5; Scrambling - 85%; Sand Saves - 80%

4. Enjoy golf One shot at a time, really, not get ahead of yourself. I do this all the time, and eventually, I'll stop doing it.
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MY 2009 GOALS:

-Learn to hang around: For the first time last year I finally got myself into contention in a couple of pretty big tournaments. Unfortunately i let my emotions get the best of me and was not able to post a good score on the final day. For this reason I need to figure out what I need to do to keep myself in contention and eventually win.

-Purposeful Practice: There were way too many times last year when I would start "machine-gunning" balls on the range, and Ive come to learn this takes you nowhere but backwards. I want to slow myself down on the range and focus on the process a bit more than the outcome.

-Nebraska-Kansas Cup: Last year I finished 12th in the Junior Rankings for Nebraska. I want to find my way into the top 5 to 8 so that I can compete in the Nebraska-Kansas Junior Cup.

-Get on the radar of college scouts: If i can play my game and play it solidly throughout the summer, i believe that i'll find my way onto the recruiting list of some good schools.

-Run- There were a couple of 36 hole one day tournaments last year where I felt like I lost a few strokes on the last nine because my legs gave out a bit. I've already started to run quite a bit, but I want to continue running about 10-15 miles a week to get my legs in better shape.

Best of luck to all in the upcoming season!
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My 2009 goals are:

1) Teach my kids the great game
2) Play more than I did in 2008
3) Find my putting stroke and putt better (than the past 10-12 years)
4) Reduce my handicap
5) Post at least one round at par or lower
6) Have fun playing
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1) Reduce my handicap to 13 (currently 18.5)
2) Practice more -- once a week at minimum
3) Play 25 rounds -- Join a weekly league
4) Get my body in better shape to make the golf swing easier and smoother
5) Wow my buddies at year end golf trip and win some $$
6) Enjoy the game and have fun
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I have a few goals for 2009.

1. Get into the Golf school I want to. I plan on attending Golf Academy of America in Orlando. Wish me luck!

2. Golf Atleast 5times a week. This will be tough, but I want to make my career in Golf so I will have to make time for it should be tough haha.

3. "Finalize" my club set. I want to get my entire set in order and perfect condition for my game, and not become even more obsessed with the latest fad in equipment. That should leave my pockets a bit more full haha.

4. Lower my handicap 2 strokes. I want to be shooting in the 70's consistently, not just every once and a while, I am satisfied with high 70's/low 80's but I want to become a more consistent 70's shooter.

5. Practice more. I need to develop a consistent practice routine, practice on my own and practice hard. I can't just rely on my athletic ability and mindset to get me through rounds, I could do with a bit more consistency.

6. Work on course management skills. Hardest part of the game to master, I have come so far the two years I have been playing, already being an 8handicap, but once again I can do much better and this will come with better course management skills.

7. Arrive earlier and leave later. I want to start getting to the course earlier to properly warm up for the round ahead. Afterwards maybe hit a bucket of balls and the putting green to work on my faults that came about in the round.

8. Get better of the tee. I can hit the ball a mile, but I can always stand for a bit more accuracy.

9. Start tracking my rounds better. GIR, Putts, FIR, etc.

WISH ME LUCK! and good luck to everyone else!

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Not too many for me but they're both going to take some serious input:

1) I've always hit a reliable draw. Since a back injury 10 years ago it's been getting harder and harder year on year to maintain so for '09 I'd like to remodel things to hit a reliable fade.

2) As someone earlier said: Run! I need to up my fitness levels and build the legs up somewhat.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

  1. Write down my goals so I will be more likely to achieve them, thats what I'm doing here
  2. Start 2009 with a golf specific fitness program to gain flexability and more yards
  3. Commit to every shot, if I am not 100% committed to every shot I take then back off and recommit or pick a different shot or ball flight
  4. Spend 70% of practice on the short game, and continue to work on strengthening my mental game away from the course and practice
  5. Complete steps 1-4, achieve step 5, shoot most rounds in the 70's and shoot at least 1 round of even par golf
One last thing... play in more competitive tournaments
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Note: This thread is 4362 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Commenting ,just before  taking the shot (especially negative thoughts) affect your golf swing. Man I feel bad for you. It was awful. Action with some new rules should be taken for this. 
    • Well, at least you have the par-4s down!  I had a round a few weeks ago at my home course that would have been my second-ever no sixes (first was not at my home course)... played the par-5s in -1 (all pars and a birdie), but two sixes on par-4s did me in for the challenge.  Thankfully I have the badge from two years ago or so, but it'll be nice to have a few more rounds that fit this. 
    • Day 206.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.  15 minutes after work of 6-iron shots (about a half dozen total balls this time).  Same focus:  setup, backswing pace and length.
    • Day 52: COVID-19 day 6/7 short game drills. After that, did a few minutes of rehearsals for my priority piece. Lesson coming up at the end of this week to see where I have gone wrong with this one.
    • Agreed. You always seem to have a brain-fart hole where you even just make bogey on a par-five and you’re toast. I usually am able to do it about 1 in 4 rounds, and it’s usually a bogey on a par-five that does me in. (Or the occasional brain-fart 6 on a par-3)
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