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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

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I do not get out enough. I spend plenty of time at the range, but very little time out on real courses. This coming year me and some of my friends at work want to join a league. I also see no reason why I shouldn't finally break 90 or even 85 this year given how well I hit my irons.
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1) Stop being a f#ckwit: last year (this year atm) i would be 2 over with a couple to play and make a double or consecutive bogeys and then just throw my game and start being a f#ckwit saying that i shouldn't have done that and what not and end up 7 or 8 over and not drop anything off my handicap when i could have lost .2 or .4

2) Practice 2-4 times a week solidly, like 4 hour practice sessions etc. Depending on the time i have available

3) Work towards my 2010 goal of playing in the NSW Amatuer

4) play off 5 or less by the 31st of December 2009

5) Get a JNJGF ranking (have to play in 9 JNJGF events)

6) Win a JNJGF event Nett or Scratch

7) Don't bend or break any clubs (especially putter!)

8) Have a good golfing year

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Shoot consistently in the 80's(I'm using brand new clubs instead of my dad's 20 year old ones so I should make this one)
Lower Handicap
My putting needs improvement
Make golf team
Get less than 30 putts per round
Try different shots(ie: bump and runs, draws, fades, more low shots, more high shots)
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I have but only one goal. I was an 8.5 at the start of the year and got it down to 7.1 by the end, and would like to get it down to a 6.5 or better by the end of 2009. I just want consistent improvement.
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Well 2008 was such a bad year that I really need to improve in 2009:

- Improve the short game
Using Utley's putting style my putting is finally coming around but my chipping, bunker play, pitching, etc are atrocious. Some serious work has to be put into the short game.

- Get the Driver under control
Did this in 2007 and had a great year. Fought with it big time again this year. I have to get my fairways hit stat above 60%

-Play some events outside my comfort zone
I need to play at least one bigger amateur event in my section

-Get my handicap back down to 0
I was a 0 or less most of 2007 and at the beginning of 2008 it has since crept up to almost 2.

-Keep my GIR up
Hit over 66% of GIR, this was my saving grace in a horrible year. I have to keep this up and even improve if I can get the driver figured out.

Some stats I want to improve:
Stat ________ Now/ Goal
Fairways----44%/ 60%
Total putts --33.19/ 31.5
up/down % --- 43%/ 60%
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try to get my handicap below a 12. i was aiming for single digits (i went from a 28.5 to my current cap last summer) but i will be gone much of june and july for a competitive marching band tour (yeah i'm pretty cool). so get to a 12. try to start my rounds solid (no more almost hitting the houses off the first tee) and keep that positive energy going the whole round
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2009 Golfing Goals:
  1. Work with a pro every 2-3 weeks from January till November
  2. Practice 2-3 times per week (90% short game), with daily putting at home
  3. Play 1-2 rounds of 18 holes per week
  4. Reduce handicap to single digits
  5. Have confidence in my swing allowing it to be automatic on the course without thinking about mechanics
  6. Build a solid set-up position – Weight distribution, Alignment, Grip
  7. Focus on consistent swing tempo same full swing with wedge through driver
  8. Have fun
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#1 Single Digit Handicap.

the rest help accomplish #1.

#2 Average 30 putts per round or better. (34 in 2008 actually was UP)
#3 Work on short game minimum of 2hrs/week.
#4 Work on swing-plane minimum of 2hr/week.
#5 Improve on 2008 percentages to minimum of 50% each. 2008 GIR=32.19 Fairway=41.03
#6 Eliminate 3 putts. (1.9 per round in '08)
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* Consistent improvement routine. Since my life is divided into quarters, I need to schedule improvement time each quarter. This means practice with the wedges and putter at least twice a week and golf exercise at least twice.

For Winter Quarter (Jan-Mar), I don't have to be on campus until 10am any given day (but must be at 10 each day). Accordingly, I'm going to go to a nearby course and work on my short game 2-3 times per week and exercise the other 2-3 days. I have yet to determine which days for which.

For future quarters, I'll have to determine them by the end of the first week of the quarter.

* I would like to break 85 by my birthday (June 28). Seeing as how I shot an 85 (on the nose) by my birthday last year, I view this as very doable.

* I would like to break 80 by the end of the year. I broke 100 in July 2007 and 90 in April 2008. So hopefully I can break 80 by January 2010.

* Don't let my golf get in the way of school. I'm making great progress in school and I'm on track to graduate in good time. In conjunction:

* Don't let school get in the way of golf. I still need to have a life.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

#1 - get my swing back. I've got a nice case of the draw/hooks. It's unpredictable and ugly.
#2 - get comfortable with my woods - correlates with #1. Most hooks happen here.
#3 - practice everyday [if time allows w/school, work, etc.] and play 2-4 days/week.
#4 - get a single digit handicap. the goal is a 5. That's probably a stretch, but it's worth working towards.
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My personal goals for 2009 are:

1. Have more fun on the golf course and beat myself up less.
2. Travel and play more courses.
4. Bring my handicap below 15 (okay...maybe that's a bit ambitious...let's say below 17)

Okay...so I bet you're asking yourself, what's #3 - she went from 2 to 4.

All I can say is...If I make #3, I'll tell you about it ;)

ps: This sure beats losing weight as a NY Resolution!!!!
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Note: This thread is 4307 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I ended up making an appointment at PGATSS and got fit in their tour studio. Overall it was a good experience. It wasn’t as magical and data driven as seen on TXG videos appear to be, but I think I came out of it with what I wanted. I was trying to be brand agnostic, but did mention that I would buy the Ping 425 Max if I just bought off the rack. I tried maybe 3 different heads, but we primarily focused on that driver. I wasn't hitting well at all that day. But then again I don’t have a consistent driver swing. I warmed up with my flimsy Callaway Strata driver, and he asked if that was my actual swing. He said my swing speed was 80. Swinging slow and in the middle of my stance is the only way I can hit it straight, and it goes super high for about 220 and stops. If I put the ball in the front on my stance I hook it way left. Anyways when I actually swing for real, I was averaging 100-105 swing speed.  Ultimately I ended up getting a 9* Ping 425 Max with a 65g Ping Tour Stiff shaft, turned down to an 8* with the weight set to fade. At first I was a little skeptical, because I didn’t perform well there. I was still hitting it to the left. He told me I just needed some practice with it. After a few rounds last week, I’m very happy with it. I’ve been averaging about 275 with it. I’ve even hit a few 290 according to my Garmin watch! I’m so happy to have my first real driver!
    • I think that the current prices of gold and platinum that they use are reflected in the price. Seriously - what sort of idiot would pay these prices? In @billchao's post for two fairway woods I was wondering where the iron set was.  People are paying for a shafting, not shafts. Geez.
    • It always amazes me how someone can have the top 13 of anything done at the highest athletic level.     
    • Yeah I really like that Hybrid for sure. I like that you can flatten the lie angle of the G410s. I will probably mess with a G410 5w and loft it down to near a 4w. It was a blast getting to play some golf with you this past week Matt. It has been way too long since we were able to meet up for that. I was super happy that you were able to make this trip! On another note I went to the range tonight and had very good results adding a little "throw" to the downswing. I did not hit a single ball out of the bottom of the driver. I am super happy with the results as I was hitting the ball much higher. Now I just need to repeat that. 
    • I am getting very tired of these slow starts. 6-6-5-4. 6 over before  hit the 5th tee. Doesn't matter how many I hit at the range, it always seems to take me 4 holes to loosen up and settle in......
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