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    • Part of the ability to come back from behind will depend not just on how many strokes behind but how many players are ahead of the player.  For example, if a golfer is 5 back and in solo 2nd all they need is to shoot 4 under and the leader to drop 1 and they are in a playoff (Unless they get passed from behind).  That is very possible. However, if they are 5 back and there are 10 ahead of them they may shoot the 4 under and the leader may drop 1 but they still need to outpace the other 9 players which makes the comeback harder. I think that is part of why the recent PGA was so good to watch for me.  Many players within striking distance in the final round.
    • Day 12: Did day 22 drill from 30-day covid challenge related to stance and posture.  Then hit a few different clubs trying to incorporate the feel of that posture.  Playing 18 tomorrow.  Should be an interesting round trying to play with a stance that feels so different.  But i have some confidence after a pretty consistent session hitting balls into the net.
    • I’m not sure how your comment is relevant to my position on this issue. The question posed was whether we had a problem with certain behaviors on television. While I can see a very distant logical chain (something like TV parents want censorship so they can “click and parent”) to your point, I am seeing separate issues. I expressed that I did not like it and explained why. People can certainly be good parents and not want such behavior on “regular” TV. There’s some sweeping logical acrobatics to make the implication you’re offering. Moreover, if I were to “parent by TV,” I’d likely pick something other than watching guys try to hit a ball in a hole in the ground. 😀   While off topic (but in direct response to your off topic rhetorical), we limit television/device use in our house and try to be “present” with our kids as much as we can. After all, life is too short, and they grow up too fast.  FYI: no offense taken here. We’ve been internet acquaintances for some time. So, I am assuming no ill intent on your part. I know you’re just trying to rebut my position and you’re likely busy so you just came up with the first thing you thought of in response  😀 Let’s get back on topic. 
    • There is no spirit to this rule. it is one of the black and white rules. If you or your caddie touches the bunker before the shot you violated the rule. There is no intent in this rule. But yes, this is clearly not the reason for the rule. the rule is there to prevent someone from gaining an advantage. But the way the rule is written there is no intent or advantage to rule on
    • I have been hard at work on the takeaway and getting to a good position at the top. I think I have made progress so I am uploading a new video as well as attaching a side by side pic of me prior to my work and of one that I hope to hear is some progress. i also have been working on trying to get my head to stop starting down toward the ball at the beginning of my transition which I think is the second cause of my OTT.  I’ve been focusing on balance and making sure I am moving towards the target while keeping my head behind the ball. When I do it with 50-60% swings I can pull it off but when I go full speed it is still there but I think it is improved. Thoughts? Am I going in the right direction?      
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