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The cylinder rotated a lot easier than I expected. I can see where this would be very handy as a cart bag.

It does rotate very easily. I spin one in the pro shop when talking to the guys sometimes.

I'd be concerned about how long that will hold up (particularly if you play in the rain or in the desert or some other bizarre conditions - near the ocean, even). Original post posted for subscribers, then taken down and taken to PM with I <3.
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I know someone who has one that he's used for a while now. He's in Canada near the coast and he hasn't mentioned any issues he's had with it. I'm just patiently waiting until I can get a new bag. I think this one could be the Shiznit.
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I know someone who has one that he's used for a while now. He's in Canada near the coast and he hasn't mentioned any issues he's had with it. I'm just patiently waiting until I can get a new bag. I think this one could be the Shiznit.

Just wondering how these are holding up for everyone.

Our pro has one set up right by the cash register in the pro-shop. I can't help but play with it everytime I'm in there. I'm about to switch over to larger grips....beginning the process now with a few sticks. They'll be jamming for sure in my current bag....my son may get it when / if I switch to something else.
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I have the clip-lok bag, no revolver. I bought it for the clips so my forged irons wouldn't get dinged up as fast. My only complaint is the putter clip. The top clip is exactly where the cart strap wraps around the bag and cant be used when riding. A putter tube would have been a better choice. Fortunately it also has 14 slots for clubs in addition to the clip.
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Had to revive this thread instead of creating a new one. I to am having cart bag envy and looking to replace my slowly deteriorating hand-me-down bag I got from my buddy. I’ve narrowed my choices down to a few and would love your suggestions/opinions on this. I’m an analytical person and have put in a bunch of research in hopes of just buying one bag and not having to replace it because of poor quality and/or growing out of it’s size/fad/storage capacity etc…

I’m really feeling the Bag Boy Revolver but the only downfall I have is I wish the putter clip was an external well style. A couple of my golf buds have them and while on the cart I found it kinda cumbersome to find the club due to the flat top. I wish they offered or made it so it still revolves but in a theatre style setting. This is where Bennington’s Quit Organizer comes in. Bennington has the theatre style organizer but doesn’t rotate. But the Bennington retails at $230-ish on up and the ’08 Revolver currently from Golfsmith is selling for $129. Sent an e-mail yesterday to BagBoy asking what the difference was on the ’08 and ’09 (’09 retails at $179.99) and got a speedy reply this morning:

“Thank you for your e-mail.

The only differences between both models is that the bottom clips are positioned a little higher up on the 2009 model and they are removable, and the color schemes have changed. Otherwise the 2009 is the same as the 2008 model.

Bag Boy Co.

That being said – makes good sense to buy the ’08 if one wanted one unless the subtle changes warrants the ’09. This is where the BagBoy owners chime in. ;)

Bennington’s Quiet Organizer
Still debating which would suit my needs better – the QO 12 or QO 10 or QO9.

QO12 Thinking this may be a little too big. Perhaps more on the staff size bag?


QO9 Doesn’t look like it has a designated putter well/scabbard.

BagBoy Revolver

BagBoy Pro May be too big? Cool removable cooler feature. May end up being lost in my case.

Lower on the list is Ogio - the Anamoly I think it's called?

What do you think folks!


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I am a follower of golf fashion, like most everybody else. But it seems to me that, while these bags are attractive (as far as bags go), they are BIG. I mean, I've seen house trailers in Mississippi smaller than some bags out there. Bags today appear built to hold the contents of a small cruise ship, rather than the necessities for a round of golf.

I just need a bag to hold 14 clubs, a few balls, a few tees, a towel and Frogger brush clipped to the side of the bag, a little tape for blisters and that's it. I stow my rangefinder in my cart, not the bag. I'm looking for a new bag, but I prefer the minimalist approach.

But I'm not one from whom to take advice about bags. I have a Japanese version Titleist stand bag. I thought I might enjoy walking and carrying my bag while playing golf and, I just liked the way the bag looked compared to domestic carry bags. The pleasure derived from the fantasy of walking and carrying one's own bag greatly exceeded the reality. After one round, my back was sore and, at my age, a sore back and golf don't mix well. So now, I stash the bag on the back of my cart and persue cardiovascular improvement elsewhere. I sort of feel foolish riding around for the past three years with a stand bag strapped to my electric cart (plus the stand mechanism doesn't fit properly in the cart well). So, like the fellow who began this thread, I, too, am looking for a cart bag.

Still, aesthetically, I long for a more minimalist approach in cart bag design, without sobriquets like "Diesel," "Exodus," or "Atlas" (of course, one is tempted to write Ogio to say, "I saw the Atlas and shrugged."). I prefer a less ostentatious design, yet accomodating to the clubs better than some of the so called "Sunday" bags.

I mean no offense to those who don't pack light or prefer big staff bags. I would just prefer lighter fare.
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Methinks my golf bag envy is about to come to a dramatic hault.

I was in a golf shop in Lumberton, NC the other day and closely examined a Bridgestone Cart bag. Man....this is one kick butt bag. Plenty of storage...easy access stuff.....outstanding marks on their zipper quallity and zipper tabs (crazy as that may sound).....14 full length dividers...etc, etc, etc.

You can get them monogramed if you want.....

I'm toying with this idea really carefully........
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I'm still digging my Sun Mountain C-130 with the separate putter compartment -- has 15 additional slots (14 + umbrella), lots of room, looks great. I don't understand why most bags don't have separate putter slots -- I hate my putter banging around in the bag, and since it's the most frequently used club it's a no-brainer to make it easily accessible and to protect it better than individual irons. Lots of room, great looks, great price. The BB looks great, though I have to see one in real life.
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My only criticism is that this is pretty useless. Sure, it may save you about 1.24 seconds each time you get a club, but quite frankly, who the hell cares? Kudos on the price, though. At least it's not useless technology that costs a fortune.
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I have one and quite like it although I despise the clips on the outside of the bag. Almost lost my putter a couple of times as it fell out of the clips and I had to go back looking for it. Another time it came out part way so was half in the bag and half on the ground - could have snapped it in two.

I love the revolving top. It's extremely handy. I've never had an issue with it. It's sturdy and works extremely well.

Unfortunately the external clips are a deal breaker for me. I've been keeping an eye out for a revolver with a simple ordinary putter well built in instead of those silly clips. If they come out with that, I'll happily go back to the bag boy. Would also love the addittion of a quick access pocket. If I could combine the best assets of my bag boy revolver with my Callaway Hyper X, I'd have the perfect golf bag.
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And even as I make that last post I look up this years model of the revolver and guess what... no clips. Methinks I wasn't the only one who hated them. I may very well pick up the 2009 version of the revolver.
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I haven't read through all the posts in this thread so forgive me if someone already made this point. The main reason why the top revolves is to be able to turn the club in the back to the front so it can be pulled out without it hitting the rain hood. On some carts, the rain hood when folded up does not allow you to pull the back clubs up and out. This is the case at one course I play alot. Not sure of the cart brand but it is a poor design.
I use the BagBoy non revolving that has cliplocks. Great bag. Agreed, the putter clip is a poor design when using a cart but works great with a pull cart or carrying.
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How sturdy is that rotating top? It would suck to have that thing break.

The top has gotten better over the years...the revolver bags are still kind of new (less than 10 years) as far as some companies go, and they have done a wonderful job of replacing flaws with previous designs...better bearings being needed inside of the top were an issue early on, as was fraying with the piping on the bag...however most of these problems have been addressed in the 2015 mode and also they have added a detachable cooler which is really convienient

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Note: This thread is 2232 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Played 27 Holes today made 7 birdies today finally birdied the 1st, just the second and third left to birdie.
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    • Played my second round (ever) at the course that I think will be a home course for me next year (the complex has two 18s... I have played the other 18, but not in over a decade).  Birdied #13 to improve my away composite to five birdies and a total of -4 (I still have yet to par a hole nine in 2021 ... anywhere).  My two-round composite at that course is a 77.  By contrast, no birdies so far at my home course (well beyond two rounds played... and at least three scheduled in the next two weeks!), and three holes there I've yet to par.
    • Jesus, it’s not just white people who are offended. Just because he isn’t doesn’t mean many more native Americans are not. This line of logic is just idiotic. 
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