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"Tour Tempo" by John Novosel

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I'm gonna be honest here, there is really no need to buy this book.  As one of the other posters already pointed out, the theory proposed is simple and the book gets repetitive, probably b/c it

Picked this up on Saturday and B&N;, while there with my kids. Looked interesting and was very interesting to read. The author studied pros and believes that a common denominator to all effectiv

I don't think this is true. Here is an analogy: One car takes 7s to go from 0-60 and another takes 9 secs. The first car is "faster" but both have the same speed when they hit the wall at  60mph. With

Picked this up on Saturday and B&N;, while there with my kids. Looked interesting and was very interesting to read. The author studied pros and believes that a common denominator to all effective golf swings is a tempo from start of swing to impact where the ratio of time is 3:1 (takeaway to point where starting the downswing/downswing to impact).

His belief is that most amateurs swing too slowly in the sense that they spend too much time getting to the top because they are immersed in swing thoughts, or for other reasons, then go for the ball, resulting the usual errors, casting being primarily among the culprits.

What drew me to the book is the focus on eliminating casting, which is a problem I have and was just starting to work on when I got my new clubs reshafted late last season, and I find a lot of similar threads on that in this book, Clampett's book and, to some extent, in the Shoemaker book.

It's almost as if he believes that if you take care of the tempo issue, the rest of the swing will take care of itself. Pretty interesting book, with some "Abs Diet" reminiscent before and after sections comparing the swings of various amateur guinea pigs.

Small book, easy reading, good photos and a CD with audio and video I have yet to check out. The video has some swings analysis and some predetermined tones for incorporating the suggested tempo (same ratio but different elapsed times for different swings) into practice.

Anxious to try it out, and had never heard of it before.
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I achieved some pretty impressive and quick results from Tour Tempo. The book itself is repetitive and very basic, and not a very interesting read, but the idea behind it is phenomenal.

I went for a driver fitting last week and bought a new Titleist 909D3. My swing speed was clocked at an average of 93 mph, with a range of 90-96. Later that week, I bought this book, Tour Tempo. I was curious of my current tempo, so I videoed my swing and counted frames as the book describes. Before practicing the Tour Tempo method, my swing was 39/11, which takes 1.67 seconds from the start of the swing to impact.

After two days, total about 60 minutes swinging in my living room with the included Audio CD, I videoed my swing again and was at 27/9, which takes 1.2 seconds, and achieves the 3/1 ratio that the book encourages. I went to hit balls at the range today. Very inconsistent contact at first, as I was getting used to the quicker tempo, but once I settled in, I was hitting the ball noticeably farther with every club. The range I go to has a trackman, so I tested my swing speed with both the 5 iron and driver, and was shocked with the results. 90 mph with the 5-iron and 104 with the driver. According to the book, this equates to an extra 18 yards of carry with the 5 iron, and 25 yds with the driver.

The book is only 17 bucks on amazon, and I recommend it, if only for the included Audio CD tracks. The book itself is largely uninteresting and repetitive, but I am very encouraged with the results thus far, and excited to see how well my new swing transfers to the course!
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I achieved some pretty impressive and quick results from Tour Tempo. The book itself is repetitive and very basic, and not a very interesting read, but the idea behind it is phenomenal.

I bought a 1 GB MP3 player just to listen to it while practicing. 24/7, Swing, Set, Through...

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I took some lessons from Ben Jackson (the teaching pro to whom the book is dedicated). He has remarkable success at teaching extra distance. He is over 70 and still can rip it 300 yards when he catches it.

It was such a pleasure finally finding someone that doesn't tell me to slow my swing or swing easy. For many, the idea of swinging fast and hard may sound like heresy but for me it was a relief.
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So if I understand the basic idea, it's that your tempo should help your swing speed be at it's fastest at the point of contact? I think so many of us weekend hackers leak power all over the place and we do not maximize our power when our swing is at it fastest point too early or slow.

Anyway, I just bought the book (no cd included) on ebay for less than $4. If figure it's worth a look. I know for my size and strength I am not hitting the ball as far as I could. It certainly would be nice to have some shorter, more managable approach shots.
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Read this book a couple years ago and listened to the CD as well. I found it to be helpful. And I think it's true that most of us ams swing too slow, especially on the downswing. I spent my first 2 years of my golfing career chunking balls because I had "swing slow" stuck in my head. I decel'd on every ball and hit every shot fat.

Swing smooth, not slow, is a better thought (for me anyway). There's nothing slow about a pros swing, their tempo is just worlds better than ours.

The idea of the "swing, set, through" thought process is helpful, keeps your swing accelerating through the ball. You could also simply do 1,2,3 at a certain pace if you like.

I really should revisit this book/CD.

If anyone would like this book/cd I would be happy to ship to you, providing you of course send it back.
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Wow, My 5 iron has already improved on average by like 10 yards. I went to the range after i was outside practicing my tempo for bout 45 minutes. Got about 20 Balls. First few were a little thin, after that they were way better than before. I'll be able to play nine Friday so I'll be able to compare scores and such.
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I didn't keep score because I got new wedges and putter so I was still adjusting to my short game, but I hit 5 fairways, and 3 GIR on nine. That's like a 1.5 improvement in three days.

Book is an extremely read, took me about 45 minutes. I really like the Matrix of club head speed and yardage. If that is accurate I would guess my swing speed has improved roughly 8 miles per hour. That's in reading the book, and practicing the Y/L drill for about 10 minutes each a day, and practicing my tempo for 30 minutes each day. For three days.
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I have the book without the CD. Can someone tell me whether or not the CD that comes with the book is critical for practicing tempo? Seems like it would be after going through the book.

Also, has anyone tried the micro player? Any thoughts about that?

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I've had this book since it came out in 2004. It REALLY changed my game for the better. I was certainly not swinging fast enough. Particularl in the take away, where we all read that it should be slow and smooth. Well, my take away had got to a controlled 'Snails Pace', (which I now see as great if you are a beginner or high handicapper). This book put paid to that.
The other thing I loved is that the Timing Tones included on the CD gave me something to focus on. I never get caught up in multiple swing thoughts anymore, when I'm at the address position. I always have the 'Tones' playing in my head instead.
Thoroughly recommend this book.
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How long did it take to ingrain (sp??) the tempo tunes in your head and into your swing? How fast did you see improvements? What were some set backs, if any?

I just read the book tonight and practicedwith the CD into my backyard net. Interesting, work in progress ....

More thoughts from those who worked through this method ... please?
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Note: This thread is 1803 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Our Junior golf program starts kids at a very young age and the kids progress as their abilities become better. Most will start will the 3 hole program playing from around 100 yards. Then they move back to 150. Then the program advances them to 5 hole rounds. They start at 150 and move back to 200 yards. When they are able to average a set scoring ability they will advance to 9 hole short course and then 9 hole long. During the stages, staff will have instructional days along with fun games they play at the range. Each season consists of a putting contest and a family scramble with award dinner at the end of the season sessions. The program has become very popular as the membership grows with over 300 kids participating. Parents are encouraged to keep scores for groups during the season. Many just walk along and observe and assist when needed. Most kids complete the entire program and they make many new friends. My observance over the years is when kids play, they are learning safe manners and  exhibit a good mannerism learning etiquette and sportsmanship and rules. IMO, kids will enjoy leaning golf with other kids. I enjoyed having my grandson in the program for several years. It also provided me an opportunity to meet the children of many regular golf members who I have golfed with through the years.   
    • I think you keep searching for different things when in reality you need to find your priority thing and work on that until it’s no longer the priority thing.
    • Oops. I should have said 'discarded cigarette lighter' rather than a walnut.
    • I have been doing a drill where I swing with my right arm only (right-handed golfer). In taking the club back slowly with my right arm only to the top and pausing there, I have found that the only real efficient way to initiate the downswing is for the lower body/hips to rotate towards the target. The lower body is needed to tug/pull the upper body/right arm. The momentum created on the downswing of the right arm does not have the left arm to get in the way and stall the swing. I find that the body opens up fully to the target without thought or concentrated effort involved. So practice a full, slow backswing with a pause at the top with the right arm only. Then do a good downswing and the body will be facing the target and there is also some good lag and forward shaft lean.  
    • I would suggest putting up a swing video so that people can assist you better.  In general, very few people can generally have too much hip or shoulder turn.  Most have too little
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