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Which is easier... Big Greens or Small Greens?

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  1. 1. Which is easiest?

    • Big Greens -- let my putter do the talking!
    • Small Greens -- I don't want to try a 100ft putt.
    • No difference -- I hit too close to the pin... I'm that good.

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Big or small, it still depends on the contouring and collection areas. A giant green with a shortside collection area does give you options -- don't go for the pin. A small green with high slope is a "hit the green and hold it or make a bogey or worse. Donald Ross originals had toad stook greens, it did not matter how long the hole was, the green dominated the score. Huge giant greens with Augusta like slopes produce enough three and four putts to give up the game.

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I play a 9 hole course that has very small greens,2 island par 3`s,and most of the approach shots over water on the other holes,with OB around the greens as well.I like the smaller greens-places a premium on approach shots.I agree with another poster-big greens and I get lazy. I`d rather have a pitch to the green as apposed to an 80 foot putt that breaks 3 times.Figure I can do as well with a wedge in that situation.It`s all about the "aiming juice",though.Sometimes you get a bad batch!

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I like smaller greens. I would rather not attempt the really long putt and just work on getting it onto a smaller green with a much shorter putt.

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If you miss the green, a chip from 40 feet is a lot easier than a chip from 100 feet.

Yes of course... a 100 foot chip means you missed the pin by over 30 yards, and 30 yards from the pin, depending on direction, can be a whole world of trouble.

I'm a really good putter, and I prefer larger greens. An added bonus of the larger greens is hitting them improves confidence.

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Anybody paying attention to the Quail Hollow championship going on now? they have scores across the board ranging from 78-65. The greens there are some of the biggest greens on tour.

What does the size of the green do to your score? I know there is another thread that is similar to this, but I would like to get some input on this.

Is a bigger green make it harder to get closer to the flag? Does the bigger green make you not concentrate as much as you would on a smaller green?

Does a smaller green make you over think too many things, causing a bad shot? Does a smaller green have less things to be aware of - less room for undulations?

My opinion is that I do better on smaller greens. Bigger greens usually get me to use more club than I would need for some reason. Also, even if you hit it on the green, you still have the possibilty of hitting a long putt on a bigger green. I feel more comfortable chipping from a distance over 40 feet.

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Note: This thread is 4047 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Figured I’d resurrect this thread for many who have not seen it. Not sure how accurate this Mevo is. I thought it has been pretty dang gone good with using it here this week, but it said my strong grip smash factor was 1.51...sounds a bit absurd. At any rate: I realize I was hitting into a net, but I just saw this thread and wanted to give it a go. I think it went relatively well considering how awkward it felt. I’ll wait for someone else to confirm before I claim it...I want it to be considered legit
    • Lake Spanaway Golf Course, WA Scorecard Hole Black Blue Blue/White White White/Green Green Men's Handicap Women's Handicap Men's Par Women's Par 1 422 402 382 382 382 318 3 7 4 4 2 458 425 407 407 358 358 1 5 4 5 3 195 170 170 144 144 125 17 17 3 3 4 423 378 378 358 358 299 11 9 4 4 5 501 492 476 476 476 451 9 3 5 5 6 195 173 164 164 118 118 15 15 3 3 7 399 377 377 359 359 339 13 13 4 4 8 463 382 363 363 300 300 5 11 4 4 9 525 519 519 502 468 468 7 1 5 5 OUT 3,581 3,318 3,236 3,155 2,963 2,776 OUT OUT 36 37 10 458 452 452 425 425 406 12 4 5 5 11 419 406 396 396 336 336 4 10 4 4 12 444 397 382 382 347 347 2 14 4 4 13 524 500 500 484 484 454 8 2 5 5 14 157 143 131 131 131 110 18 18 3 3 15 471 422 397 397 358 358 6 8 4 4 16 428 413 390 390 329 329 10 6 4 5 17 190 174 174 161 161 148 16 16 3 3 18 411 376 376 357 357 340 14 12 4 4 IN 3,502 3,283 3,198 3,123 2,928 2,828 IN IN 36 37                       TOTAL 7083 6,601 6,434 6,278 5,891 5,604 TOTAL TOTAL 72 74     Black Blue Blue/White White White/Green Green Men's Rated 74.2 72.0 71.0 70.3 68.6 67.1 Men's Slope 136 123 121 120 118 117 Women's Rated       76.0 73.9 72.3 Women's Slope       129 125 121   The Black Tees can be stretched out to play 7300 yds. The course is very well maintained year round. The bunkers? Well they could use some sand but I'll take some of the best maintained greens in the area over sandy bunkers. 1st Hole: This challenging dog leg left opening hole requires a right to left tee shot to set up a mid to long iron approach to a green that slopes back to front. A large, right green side bunker will come into play when the flag stick is on the right 2/3 of the green. 2nd Hole: A long straight away that requires a very accurate tee shot, and a second shot that makes the best shot makers really think. Personal note: when you check your distance you'd better club down and play to the left side of the green. If they tuck the pin behind the big bunker on the right it's a sucker play. 3rd Hole: The green has a three-club swing and any shot that doesn't hold on the left-hand side makes for a very tricky up and down. A great shot makers' hole from the back tee. Local knowledge: playing the left to right breeze off the tee is a noob play. That breeze dies near those bunkers. 4th Hole: This slight dog leg right, par 4 requires a tee shot that is played to the left side of the fairway. The mid to long iron second is guarded by a grass bunker that runs the entire width of the green on the right side and you don't want to go in there. 5th Hole: Be careful of the "grip it and rip it" attitude as you prepare to hit the tee shot on this relatively short par 5. Right and left are jail and possible bogey. Two huge bunkers guard the front of the gigantic green and require very difficult sand shots. Local knowledge: play your tee shot left. There's a big pine on the right side you need to be clear of for a shot at the green.  6th Hole: A downhill par 3 that you do not want to be long on when the flag stick is on the front of the green. With two bunkers front left and right, easy does it on all down hill putts. Note: this hole is a bogey machine. 7th Hole: Aim right at the giant fir, standing 150 yards from the center of the green. Any ball left or right will leave you a mid to long iron to this long narrow green. Note: I have hit that giant fir with my tee shot. 8th Hole: Keep your tee shot down the left-hand side of this long par 4, as the right side is known as bogeyville. The front part of this green is hidden and guarded by a blind bunker front right. Note: there's a bunker on the left they're forgetting about. Back right pin location is very tricky. Front left pin location is a birdie. 9th Hole: Fly the bunker on the left side of the fairway, and you could be home free. Short of it and you're playing a three shot par 5 to a heavily guarded green. Note: play your putts straight... mostly. 10th Hole: This is the "Amen" corner of Lake Spanaway. Play holes 10, 11, and 12 even par or better and you will feel like a King or Queen. Under par and you will feel like you are on top of the world. A straight drive will set up a fairway wood to a relatively generous green. Be careful of the sand bunker on the right hand side of the green. 11th Hole: This hole appears to play longer than it does. A smooth swing with your driver down the left center of the fairway and you are set up perfectly for a mid to short iron approach to a big, generous green. 12th Hole: This dog leg left par 4 is one of the holes at Lake Spanaway that you will remember when your round is finished. Take an extra club on your approach. It is all carry to this huge green protected by two bunkers from left and right. Note: this is the most difficult hole on the course. You must hit your tee shot to the upper part of the fairway at the dogleg. If you overshoot, you're in the woods. If you undershoot, you have the worst sidehill hook lie on the course. The green has a steep drop off into the woods on the left side so that hook lie doesn't help - if you miss it left you're looking at a DB or triple.  13th Hole: Play this straight away par 5 as a three shot hole and you are assured a par or birdie. If you go for it in two - a fade off center of the fairway will give you your best lie and approach to this green that slopes back to front, and has a bit more break than you actually see. Note: the fairway slopes right.... overcook the fade and you're in the trees. You'll be in someone's back yard on the left and you don't want to hop the chain link fences... not in that neighborhood.  14th Hole: This sleeping beauty of a par 3 could be the kiss of death. No the water does not come into play here but more bogeys than birdies are marked on the scorecards. Just because this is the 18th handicap hole doesn't mean it's easy. That front bunker catches more balls than anything.  15th Hole: This is the big giant that has conquered them all. The trees are double bogey trees, not firs. Cut the center of the fairway or play the right side. Those sand bunkers left and subtle hill that rolls away from the green on the right will make you wonder why you didn't take one or more clubs for your second shot. Note: Keep it in the middle off the tee and a 155 yd club should do the trick. But you have to make the center of that dogleg left. Don't get clever. 16th Hole: Play 16, 17, and 18 even par and you're in the money. Play 16 down the middle and aim for the middle of the green. This green is second to #6 in three putts. If you're riding you're golden. If you're walking that ball might be leaking right. You don't want the ball leaking right off the tee. It's not that long. Use your 3W.  17th Hole: #17 is the second toughest par 3 on the course. Two giant firs on the left and fairly good size bunker on the right protect this large green. It looks simple, but looks can be deceiving. Note: Can I say I hate this hole? From my tees it's only 147 yds from an elevated tee. It's an 8 iron. I've NEVER gotten better than a bogey on it. I've tried a 9 iron and that lands short. The 8 iron lands in the back of the green or rolls off. I've tried hitting a little punch shot and had that land in front of the green and roll all the way off the back. Did I mention the green is huge? Also if you block the ball right you're in the double bogey pines.  18th Hole: A straight drive down the middle of 18 is the biggest gift a golfer can ask for. As you walk up the middle of the fairway, you will notice that the trees do not come in as close as they appear from the tee. Note: The tee shot is scary looking. You need to hit it in the middle and you need to hit it to the crest of the hill or past that crest where the trees pinch in. A 3W off the tee should do the trick. The trees are no fun. The lighting around the green makes the approach difficult to judge except at midday. And you might drop an f-bomb on the green depending upon pin placement.
    • Note on the Cobras. If you don't like the Lamkin Crossline grips (some people love them, I don't) you can get them with Golf Pride Tour Velvet with the Cobra Connect - you just have to specify that when the store orders the set.... and Cobra will send you an extra 6 grips and a putter sensor. I'd also look at their Forged Tec irons which also come with the Arccos system. You might love them. 
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