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Things you didn't see coming ... Irony at its best ...

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Looking for interesting, ironic stories!

I had a brand new Odyssey #5 that didn't seem to want to help me out one day during a tournament. After missing a short birdie putt on a drivable par 4, I decided that throwing the club wayyyyy up in the air was the best option. It was a mighty nice throw I might add, with plenty of hang time. However, the club landed head first on the cart path about 40 yards or so away. The shaft was as gnarled as an old tree at the bottom. I went to my pro to get a new shaft installed but was told that the hosel was so bent that no new shaft could be installed. However, we noticed that if we turned the original (now bent to hell) shaft around (exactly 180 degrees) the head sat flat and square to the ground.

The putter went into the closet. After a few months a buddy who began playing golf again grabbed it, and I told him to hold on to it as long as he wanted. Although the bottom of the shaft looked strange, the club still set up quite well.

I played with him 2 or 3 times over the course of a year, each time remembering "Oh yeah, I forgot you had that!"

One day we headed out to the course and I realized on the first green that I had left my putter in the truck (as I had been practice putting the day before.)

Of course, being that he was using what was still my putter, (and being a nice guy) he offered to share the putter for the first nine.

After 9 holes and 10 putts, I had a new (old) putter in my bag, and my buddy was stuck with another oldie out of my closet!

Two weeks later I won a "crystal" (more like cheap glass, lol) dish commemorating a first place finish at an annual local muni course tournament, thanks to my improved touch on the greens.

I still have the Odyssey, and while I was once willing to toss it 40 yards onto a cart path and give it away to friends, I treasure that bent up piece of metal as strong as any other favorite club I've ever had.
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During the try-outs for the season we have a tough par 4 surronded by water. The hole requires a perfect drive and a prayer to avoid the water left, long, short, and the OB to the right. Playing with my buddy, he hit his drive right into the pond to the left, and began to meltdown. He proceeded by dropping out about 205 yards out in the rough, and knocking it on the green hitting the stick for a tap in routine par.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I work at a grocery store and Ive had a few crazy things happen to me left me quite embarassed and i didnt see it comin

1. i probably shouldnt have done it to begin with, but one of my friends mothers was in the store and i saw her she looked pregnant so i said, wow you got another one on the way?, she looked at me and said uhhh no? i just got a little bigger =[ and gave me the saddest look ever, i felt so bad haha

2.i was called up to help out with a rush at the front, and there was a woman with cheetoes, doritos, chip dips, punch, sodas, all kinda of party like foods, so i said Looks like youre gonna have a pretty fun party, and she said my mother died its for after the funeral!

uhhhhh uhhhhh what do you say after that =]
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And as a way of continuing this thread in the original intent, I submit this story ...

Last summer I was playing at a course I used to frequent when I was younger. I still enjoy going there to practice sometimes, and so I happened over on a Sunday morning.

The game on Sunday at this particular club is a points play. (1 for bogey, 2 for par, 4 for birdie, etc.)

You are assigned your quota of points based on a cumulative average kept by the computer in the pro shop. Since it had been a number of years since I played in this group (about 50 people or so), they got together to give me a quota, as my previous average in the computer would have been a bit to low for me to go for.

They decided on the number of points, and my foursome headed on its way. I played a decent front nine and was on schedule to make my points. I birdied ten and hit a magnificent drive on the 11th hole, which doglegs to the right. I was in a position that cannot be seen off of the tee box, but just as well the tee box could not be seen from my vantage point.

As I played my shot (just as I began to come down) a ball slammed down out of nowhere and ricocheted off of my foot. I luckily had begun to turn and the ball caught my heel and bounced away without doing much other than stinging me for a few moments.

Now, I've had some extremely close calls (as I'm sure most of us have had) to being taken out for good, but as well I've had my share of embarrassing moments where I've almost taken a few people out of the game as well.

These experiences helped me to keep a very calm demeanor and I was quite nice and sympathetic to the guy who apologized when he reached the fairway, although the members of my group were not as kind. (It's well known at that course, that you wait until the group playing rings the bell before the group n the tee can play.)

I played decently enough through the next few holes and when I reached the fifteenth, a par 5, I destroyed the ball, flying it about 5 yards right of the center fairway and about 207 from the green.

I hit one of the most solid 5 irons I believe I've ever hit and watched the ball drift right to left towards the hole. I clearly saw the ball bounce in front of the hole and then it was gone. I truly assumed the ball had shot over the back of the green and shoved the club back in my bag. The guy riding with me swore that it went in, but I was having none of it.

We reached the green and I searched behind. When I saw nothing, I then knew that the ball was in the hole. Double Eagle!

I believe to this day, that my reaction in the situation described on the 11th hole is what led to this play and my 16 points on the single hole which led to a nice little payday.

That is definitely something I neeeever saw coming.

Be back with the info on the Putter later tonight!
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(It's well known at that course, that you wait until the group playing rings the bell before the group n the tee can play.)

That sounds like one of the old holes at Black Horse / Bayonet in Seaside, CA. The new design eliminated the bell, but not necessarily the need.

So, to add to the topic.... I decided to play golf with a friend that I had not played with before. We went to the Muni that I starting playing golf at. At this time I had made par maybe a dozen times since starting the game. On this particular day, it didn't look like I was gonna make one. As we rolled up to the 8th tee box I stated, quite matter of factly, that this was my hole! It was a short par 3, 109 yrds with the green elevated and sloped. Well I hit the green and watched my ball roll all the way off and down some more. My friend laughed and mocked my earlier statement. His tee shot flew the green. So we each went to our ball for shot two. Now at this point, all I could see of him was his head, as he was on the other side of the green. He watched as I lined up my "chip shot" (which at the time was me praying I just hit it right instead of my normal tomahawk chop). I hit my ball and watched it bounce, roll and drop right into the hole! My friend's head went down as his club went up! It was my first birdie ever.....yeah, never saw that coming.
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Mine was on Sept. 11 2001, work had cut everyone loose to go home but I had brought my clubs and since I could do nothing from Colorado anyway I went and kept my tee time. My partner of course did not show up and there was no one else on the course for obvious reasons.

I hit to a fairly short dog leg left par 5 going through the fairway into the rough, caught a flyer with my iron and landed on the green and putted 10 foot for my first and only eagle ever.

I will always remember the day I got my eagle although I was alone except for the crew roofing the house next to the green, so really no witness.

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Playing in a tournament about a year ago. Third hole is a par-3, hit an atrocious tee-shot, topped it barely past the ladies tee. Hit my second through the green so had a horrible chip downhill, and sloping hard right to left. So I made the chip for par and went onto finish 2nd in the tournament. When I was walking to git my second ball I was thinking, this could be a very ugly day.....
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I was playing last summer at my home course, and it was a par 4 dog leg left with a moderate elevation change and lots of trees. Needless to say the group ahead of was not visible even with the aid of the periscope. I figured that enough time had passed and used my 3 wood to hit a draw around the trees (probably one of the best shots i'd hit all day). As I approached where my ball should have been, I instead found the golfer who was ahead of me with a towel wrapped around his bleeding head...:(
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Ended up in a 7 way tie to get in my first tour event back in 2000. Hit an awful drive into the trees that stayed in bounds by about two feet. Hit the ball back out into the fairway with the rest of the players. Knocked the ball in the hole from the fairway for a birdie. Qualified.
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Note: This thread is 4523 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I lol'd at that video. I feel it's me at times. Thanks for the laugh.
    • Prior to 2019 Many clubs had the LR declaring them to be movable obstructions and if the ball moved you simply replaced it. Since 2019 they are now loose impediments but if the balls moves when you remove one, that is now a one shot penalty (the ball still has to be replaced). Was this really thought through?
    • I would say the Ace wins.  Hard to deny them the prize to give it to someone who need 2-3 shots.
    • If you know you are better, just get enjoyment out of beating them 😉 If not, mindfulness is a good way to try to not stay annoyed. 
    • So today I was paired with a couple of annoying golf partners.  I would guess they cost me a few strokes, but we know that’s not possible as only we are responsible for our shots.  But maintains focus with the guys who play only a few times a year can have you lose focus and you can’t wait for the round to end. A few of these guys are in this video, especially Mr. Mood Swing. Enjoy:   
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