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    • I think that many (all?) of us have tried to do things with our swings that somehow made things worse due to being either:  1) Incomplete or nonspecific in description (you thought of or were told something wrong) or execution (you understood or wrong and/or did it wrong/overdid it). 2) The opposite of beneficial or intended, due to it being counterintuitive and/or flat out wrong.  Or even: 3) Impossible to actively ‘do’, for one reason or another. 4) Some other problem. (Feel free to describe!) Then hopefully, we realized the issue with our false fix, or were shown the light by a competent pro.  I’d love for his thread to serve as a compilation of pitfalls and more importantly, ‘a-ha moments’ that we have had over the years. Hopefully a long enough list of these will allow others to avoid our specific pitfalls. I’ll start: Issue: Hitting fat shots. False Fix: Actively attempt to hit ‘down’ on ball in order to ensure ball-first contact.  Problem with False Fix: Swing became far too steep, causing continued mishits due to smaller, and thus harder to reach ‘impact zone’ Real Fix: Shallow out swing, increasing  serviceable ‘impact zone’, allowing for more consistent ball-first contact, reducing number of fat shots.  Very interested to see what we can come up with and glean some tips!
    • Yep. Lesson learned for the kids... it's not only ok to question authority, it's sometimes necessary. This was my favorite part. Typical.  Thanks for the clarification @Asheville.
    • I searched for "Pro Am" and nothing came up so I thought I would start one on pro am experiences. Last year I got to play a couple of holes with  Miguel Angel Jimenez at the CC at Muirfield (not to be confused with Muirfield Village GC across the street). While we warmed up he was sitting on the clubhouse patio smoking a cigar while his wife had a glass of wine. He put on a clinic for maybe 30 to 40 of us before heading out to the course. He then went on and made is way through the group playing two holes with each foursome. His wife drove his golf cart. He was entertaining and helped us read some putts. He had some amazing shoes, which you won't see on a shelf at Golf Galaxy or Dick's. A month or so ago I played with Gary Hallberg who is on the Champions Tour in a Pro Am leading up to the Mitsubishi Classic. He had forgotten his driver head at the hotel as he took it off and put it in his suitcase before getting on the plane. He took 3W off the tees and it was great seeing a pro swing up close and see the ball flight. The tempo, the crisp crack of club meeting ball and the resultant flight was an awesome experience. He took some time afterwards in the clubhouse to chat with us. His son is trying to make a go of it. I did some research on Gary and he was a veritable HS superstar and went on to Wake Forest and was the Division 1 individual medalist in the 1979 NCAA championship. He was also rookie of the year on the PGA tour in 1980. I am sure you all have some better stories than mine, so lets hear them.
    • Thank you. Glad to be here. Hopefully will be able to play today if it doesn't rain.
    • I'm new to the site and have been browsing a bit, it looks like a community that could be very helpful! As of right now I am a terrible golfer (averaging between 95-110) and am looking to improve. I am in the Navy and currently overseas, so it has been difficult to consistently work on my game, but I am moving back to the US soon and am looking forward to having the time I need. Thank you in advance to everyone who I will get advise from, and I look forward to talking golf with you!
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