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Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?


Greatest Golfer (GOAT)  

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  1. 1. Tiger or Jack: Who's the greatest golfer?

    • Tiger Woods is the man
    • Jack Nicklaus is my favorite

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Tiger Woods is better. He has won more tournaments in his career right now than Jack did his first 17 years. Basically Tiger is on pace to break his major wins and tour wins.
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Bobby Jones played against amateurs, well two of his grandslam were against amateurs weren't they??? Hard to compare any golfers of different era's. We're HUGE tiger fans but if Tiger were to retire tomorrow, dont think you could say without a doubt that Tiger was the greatest. Certainly you would say he WOULD have been the greatest, but the record books have gotta count for something

To denigrate in some way the acheivment of Bobby Jones because he played against amateurs shows a lack of understanding of the history of this great game . In the era that he played the majority of the best players were amateurs which is why at that time the British and US amateurs were held to be majors . It is interesting that Walter Hagen , Gene sarazan and Ben Hogan never won a major that Jones played in and never manged to beat Jones on more than one occassion each in official competition. Now those are three of the greatest pro's of all time.

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iacas;52629]Did you happen to watch the last two majors of last year? In particular, the one played in July?

We can agree to disagree!

You do realize Tiger played balata balls in winning some of his majors and all of his U.S. Amateurs, right?

If you think the balata balls from the 1990's played and reacted just like the ones from the 1970's, that would be incorrect! There's 20 years of technology changes that went into Tiger's ball from the 1990's. You do realize that don't you?

So? Nicklaus' and Tiger's peers have the same relative advantages or disadvantages. Technology is a moot point. Tiger - and Jack - can only compete with the equipment they have, just as Bobby Jones could before them both.

That's exactly why I always say you can't compare how Tiger is a better long iron player than Jack, the Equipment is different. But you could say Tiger is a better long iron player than Phil, which I happen to agree with!

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I never saw Jack at his prime. However, I like the old-fashioned, out of shape golfer that Jack is/was opposed to the athlete that the younger players such as Tiger are.


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Jack will always be a legend, but Tiger opened up the game of golf to the whole world. Tiger is the reason I originally started watching golf and taking an interest in it.
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Until Tiger wins more majors he is the second best golfer of all time.

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Payne Stewart's funny pants were the greatest.
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Until Tiger wins more majors he is the second best golfer of all time.

True, but in the May issue of

Golf Digest Jack reckons Tiger will break all of his records. But for the moment Tiger is better. I voted for Tiger because Jack was before my time.
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very tough call.. think about the tech that tiger enjoys nowadays (nike might be crap, but still better than what they have back in jack's days).. it would be an interesting an match if they hit with each other's set!
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I still think it is way to early to call this one, due to the fact that Tiger has only been playing for 8 years or so. I voted for Tiger simply b/c he is the man, but time will prove who's the better golfer.

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  • Administrator
Jack, because he has more wins and did it with inferior technology.

His competition had the same "inferior technology," and the common thought is that if the modern pro had Jack's equipment, Tiger would be even further ahead.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Jack, because he has more wins and did it with inferior technology.

I agree completley.

His competition had the same "inferior technology," and the common thought is that if the modern pro had Jack's equipment, Tiger would be even further ahead.

Jack has more wins, and their scores aren't that much different with the inferior technology. Just imagine how good Jack and the rest of his competition would be if they had the new clubs and balls.

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I agree completley.

i see your point but you could easily argue they've made holes a ton longer. 610 par 5s? 290 par 3's? 490 par 4's?

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    • With Sergio they played the whites, saying that they wanted a challenge and it would be too easy from the reds. If Bryson had played with Sergio on this course and this day instead of DT then they'd have gone quite a lot lower.
    • Day 8: did a stack session.
    • Gotcha. Don't remember it being that short in Paige episode (the only other one I watched in it's entirety), but to be fair I wasn't paying close attention to the hole lengths. 😜
    • Probably relative to the other courses he has played in the break 50 series. He's done them all from the front tees.
    • So this wasn't a bad watch. For a guy pushing age 80 he strikes the ball well. I mean, if I am doing what he is doing 30 years from now, count me in. Imma pass on that putting stroke though.... wow. That's saying something with my putting skills. Not making fun of it but it's almost like he had to keep the putter from falling out of his hands after impact every time. Not sure if that's a recent thing but it plays out like some neurological condition.   BDC claims 'it's a hard course' to break 50, and then proceed to play putt-putt tees with 320-yard par 5s.. lol. Dood drove almost every par 5 from the tee. Anyway, not exactly the 'greatest round of golf that has ever been played' as expectedly self-advertised by 45, but I've certainly seen worse by far. 
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