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    • Hit the new wedges for the first time tonight and they weren't bad, I was hitting almost all of my "full" shots with both clubs off the toe which was unusual for me, hit some knock down 100 yarders with the 54 and some 70 yarders with the 58 and those were more centered strikes so it was just the "full" shots that were off the toe. I compared the new head shape to the MD3 when I got home and the MD5 is a much smaller head overall and isn't as wide in heel to toe length as the MD3 so I'm thinking they will just take me a few sessions to get used to.  Driver still needs some work, but for the moment am switched into more of a "play" mode since I'm heading to Pinehurst late Thursday night, I just worked on getting my swing thought down and practiced swings and hit shots where I felt that feeling, which is hands in/club more vertical on the way back, then keep right elbow under the left arm on the downswing and rotate my body through.  For the Pinehurst trip, below is our schedule Friday PM - Talamore  Saturday AM - Mid South Saturday PM - Tobacco Road Sunday AM - Mid South I'll probably add onto my existing Pinehurst topic after this next trip with any updates on Talamore/Mid South and then my thoughts on Tobacco Road too.
    • I'm learning something new all of the time here.  I don't know if you meant to say the temperature gets over 100º or the humidity gets over 100%.   I had to ask Google if such a thing was possible (over 100% humidity) and yes it is possible to have more than 100% humidity!
    • I had two Friday that should qualify as a tie lol.    First- I hit a block cut tee shot into a parallel fairway that left me about 150 from the stick but nearly blocked out by some trees. I decided to hit a hard 8 iron and take on the trees. Hit it perfectly and just made it over the top and could see through a small gap of the trees my ball come down right near the stick. Turns out it ran out about 15 feet but a great outcome nonetheless. Made Par.    Second- After topping a fairway shot into a hazard I needed to get up and down from about 105 yards for a bogey and likely halve the hole in my match. Knocked down an approach wedge and it came off beautifully and the ball struck a backstop about 5 feet behind the back and sucked back to less than a foot. Kick in bogey save...and yes I halved the hole 🙂 
    • Day 48 - Played my best round ever, hit a 41/43 for an 84. I was consistent off the tee, hitting my irons well, and my chipping/putting was reliable as well. Still some room for improvement, but it’s great to see these lessons and practice paying off. 
    • Went 39 - 35 yesterday for a 74 which included a 6 on a 275 yd par 4, and an O.B. tee shot on 17 but managed to get up and down from 100 yds to save bogey. Back 9 was very solid outside of that original tee shot on 17. I hit it to tap in range from 124 on hole 10, made 6 straight pars after that, bogeyed 17 with that O.B. tee shot after hitting my 2nd drive 310 yds in the fairway and hitting the 100 yd approach shot to 6 feet, and drained a 10 footer for birdie on 18 to break par for the back 9.  I have broken par on 9 multiple times this year but haven't quite been able to put a complete round together yet, hoping it happens this coming weekend when I'm in Pinehurst.
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