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    • 58. Slim. 5'11". Not a lot of muscle/upper body strength...need full body coil release Beginnings of golfers elbow but seemed to get it under control with some stretching and wearing an arm band end of summer. Otherwise fortunate yet to be too limited physically (but it will come I'm sure haha) Not sure what transition means. Yes they are probably a little too heavy but I am trying to find some way to modify even slightly to make them work as opposed to starting over with new clubs/shafts etc.
    • No drop off really, you have a 10 yard difference between clubs more or less in the 5,6,7 and 8.  The 6 iron speed around 80 will give you what you just posted.  The gap around the 9 iron I think is the way you hit those clubs. The heavier weight shafts, if you can keep your distance and get more accurate from the club staying on path better than that’s good.  That happened with me...105 gram and 120 gram shafts went the same distance etc... but better accuracy and ball flight with the 120g. If u want more distance, than yes, a 95 gram is probably better.  But try them outside first.  Also I wouldn’t spend the money taking them apart, I’d sell them as is and pick up another set.  Callaway pre owned is a great site for that.
    • Yup, I copied your wrx post already to here.  I agree with Adam as well about the shafts being too heavy for your swing speed which is why I questioned it. A few other questions, age, physical limitations, transition.  If what you said about speed is right, then they should be too heavy.  An overall weight issue, swingweight can be tricked
    • UPDATE I took plunge and ordered anyway - 5-PW...received and will admit being immediately thrown off by overall weight of club/shaft - much heavier than I imagined or was used to. And the i123's shaft is so much thicker or with such a larger circumference than my old Memphis 10 steel shafts....with next to no tapering down near the clubhead which I found very odd, or odd to look down at at any rate. I'm now betting they were custom fitted and built for someone with tips trimmed or stepped who then didn't want them and exchanged for something else...but I was still able to buy as new. Swung a few in the living room and felt like I was swinging a thick steel pole...heavier and next to no flex or whippiness - I was bummed. But not wanting to give up took the PW, 8 iron, 6 iron over to Golftown and had them weigh each (D4 was swingweight of each which the club guy there thought was on heavy side...my old clubs (I took one) was measuring a D1). And no one there knew anything about Accra shafts other than well regarded but didn't think they could be removed to reduce weighting or if shafts could even be removed at all....something about blind bore heads or something. Very discouraging. At any rate as I was there I decided to hit a few into the screen...and then confusion ensued. Six PW shots - straight and averaging 126-130 yards. Six 8 iron shots - straight and average carry 145-148 yds. And six 6 iron shots - straight and averaging 190-196 carry (I was stunned...seemed too long - maybe the machine/screen was off - definitely need to hit outside). Now I know I felt I had to swing firmly and deliberately (as opposed to swinging easy and loose) and still felt stiffish and heavier but must say it felt pretty good coming off the clubface and was loving the ball flight (especially with the 6 iron).  I hit those numbered irons decently before with my X-12's with yardage close and relatively straight with the PW and 8, but my old 6 iron would top out at 170 and less consistent. Unfortunately now have to wait for spring to try them out on the course but now wondering if I maybe should have been swinging a heavier slightly stiffer shaft than what I had been using all along. Might trim the butts a 1/3 of inch to reduce overall weight feel slightly but looking like I will practice with them indoors over the winter and hopefully get more used to the weight and stiffness because i'll take those results if consistent. Thanks again. I will take a look again at that launch monitor smash factor settings...yes that 6 iron seemed to long. With X-12's shafted with Memphis 10's I always hit higher irons pretty good - remembering those older clubs are higher lofted than new clubs: PW - 125 9i - 136 8i - 150 Now is where it really dropped off.. 7i - 160 6i - 168 5i - 176 I put away the 4i and 3i this year as found hitting hybrid much more consistent.
    • But that’s about the only useful distance I have for my 4i: punching low under branches to just get me safely into the fairway!
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