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    • For me, I’ll look at the green and pick out the place that will give me the easiest chip/pitch if I miss the green, which a lot of the time is based on pin position. I’ll give two examples from my home course: Hole No. 1: The only real danger for me here is a bunker short and a drop off right, so any miss other than that is acceptable. Missing right makes it virtually impossible to make par, especially with a right pin placement. I generally aim for the left-center of the green, so if it fades or I push it a bit I’m okay, and if it stays straight I’m still on the green. Left pin placements (which are uncommon on that hole) are the only ones where I’ll aim a bit right, but I take enough club to clear the bunker. Hole No. 7: This is a short par-3 that is heavily guarded. Two bunkers short and left, and drop-offs long and right. When the pin is up front, any miss is preferable to short. Again, virtually impossible to get up-and-down. It’s 145 yards from the white tees, and about 130 to clear the bunker. I’ll hit an 8I, which I know is enough to clear the bunker short, and if I pure it and it goes long, no big deal. Even if the pin is back, I can still get one close with a bump-and-run, which is a shot I’ve practiced a lot and is actually my go-to short game shot.
    • Lastings, LSW goes into intricate detail about this very issue you are musing about.  There are even many examples to try out so that you get some practice working these things out in your head.  Get the book.   EDIT:  Consequently, I have aimed for green side bunkers on numerous occasions.  I have aimed for rough on tee shots.  My friends give me lip about claiming my plan is better, but I have lowered my handicap a lot and I don’t really hit the ball all that much better than I used to.   Honestly, Erik,  I would buy a book of just those Shot Zone puzzles.  I bet you guys could create one of those in far fewer hours than it took you to write the book.
    • Based on the chart, I do.  I'm between purple and red on the chart, so my suggested yardages would range from 6250 to 6830.  The normal men's tees at my home club are right close to the 6250 number, with a couple of forced lay-ups off the tee, so it plays a bit longer.  From the back tees its almost 6800 yards, and a few holes are absolutely all I can take if I expect to reach in regulation.  There's a rated hybrid set that makes a nice change from the normal men's tees.  When I travel, I generally look for a yardage of 6300 to 6500 yards.
    • Finished the away composite for the par challenge today with a par on 17.  Will keep tracking birdies.  Setting a goal to get 6 by season's end.  We'll see about setting another goal if i get there.
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