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Driver cracks,Which one

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Just curious to know which driver you have and where it cracked,i have the
taylor made cgb and it is cracked on the sole,it starts from the face and goes an inch and a half long.If your driver has cracked post here and we will see which one is the most common to crack.I noticed the noise from mine got real shrill weeks ago,probably was cracked then and i did'nt notice.
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I have had a few over the years. Here is my list...

Ping ISI
Cobra SS 427

The first two had a lot strokes to them and were aging. The R5 was on the range during a demo, so I cant say how many hits or how it was cared for.
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I was in golfmart last week and i asked one of the guys that work there about
drivers cracking,he said its pretty common,told me to bring my driver to the front desk and they would send it to taylormade,i said i did'nt buy it here,don't matter he said.I brought it in on friday and no problem they took it,
today i got a call too pick up my new driver,brand new driver with headcover and tool kit,i did'nt give them my headcover e.t.c.I was expecting to wait at least a month for a reply and maybe a negative one.Class stuff by golfmart,they did me a good turn,i had already e-mailed taylormade about it but to this day i never got a response.
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Only thing I have with a crack is the exit door for this

In fact I have never had any of my drivers crack. I have seen a TM Burner crack and an old Yonex.

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It happens occasionally!! Don't think negatively on the company it really is not their fault!! Driver heads are welded together & sometimes the weld is going to give nothing can stop it as long as we demand hotter drivers!! Most companies will warranty it if something happens!If they do not replace it then you can start to think negatively. But realize that they are unlikely to replace that 10 year old model!!
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I swear to you this is the God's honest truth. I started getting more serious about golf about 3 or 4 years ago & wanted to buy a new driver. At the time I had a pretty limited budget & didn't have a ton of knowledge about which companies made the best equiptment. The salesman at Golf Headquarters sold me on an Oryx driver (yes, that's right..Oryx) It had interchangeable weights like the R7, which was cutting edge at the time.

Over the course of the next 4 months, I broke not one, not two, but three drivers, all the same model. The face of the first driver cracked right down the middle. The 2nd driver snapped at the hosel & the face of the 3rd driver essentially imploded. All under normal conditions. Each time I took the driver back to Golf Headquarters & each time they gave me a new one, surprisingly without a hassle, although they started getting skeptical when I returned the third time.

I opted for store credit after the third break & bought a new DIFFERENT driver the following Spring

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One of my playing partners has been using a driver with a large crack on the sole about 2" long, parallel with the face and about 1/4" from it. It makes no difference at all to his drives. He tried to get it replaced, but the company wouldn't do it, so he's using it anyway. (But he did buy it second hand and it's several years old).
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Note: This thread is 4399 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I had the same issue with my left elbow, physiotherapist treatment worked for me to reduce the pain. Then strengthen the forearms and wrists, I'm stronger and pain free and enjoy hitting a golf ball, I looked online for golf stretch and strengthen exercises and now have a routine that helps me. Good luck...
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