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Big Bertha Diablo Fairway Wood

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I was interested in getting the diablo fairway wood because of the promotion Callaway is offering. Does anyone have experience using or demoing them? Is the neutral a square face or is it open like the driver? I appreciate the feedback.
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I personally have always liked Callaway woods. However, I hate the look of the new Diablo drivers and woods. I thought both 'looked' closed in the neutral bias (even though I know in driver is supposed to be .5* open). The woods look really closed to me. They did feel OK to hit, but I just don't think I could ever get over the look of the headshape. A friend of mine hit both at a demo day (outside) and said both had great distance and ball flight. I only hit them on a simulator and only for a few balls because I knew the look was going to prevent me from buying them.
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I demoed the 3 wood a few weeks ago. I tried it on the range and, I was able to borrow it for 2 rounds. I thought it was perhaps the easiest 3 wood to get up in the air off the fairway I've ever hit. It performed equally well off the tee.

Now the one I demoed was a draw model. I have not hit the non draw wood, but I intend to do just that tomorrow. I will choose one then, although I doubt I will hit the neutral model any better than I hit the draw. My guess is that I will end up with the draw version.

The wood does appear a bit closed but, this doesn't bother me as it might some. I like the shaft: I can load it easily and the weight works well for me. I am replacing a 16 degree hybrid with this club. While I hit the 16 degree hybrid well, I am hoping for a bit more distance from the Diablo because of the longer shaft. The key element for me with this club is the consistency of good ball strikes I have enjoyed with it. It seems as easy to hit as the hybrid it is replacing, but a little longer off the tee and fairway because of the longer shaft.

In any event, I have really enjoyed getting to know this club.
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Note: This thread is 4481 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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