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What Are You Working On?


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I am currently trying to cure my slice, that has been a huge issue in my game right now. I'm going to try a stronger grip because I think i've been using a weak grip, i dont know we will see.
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Trying to hit my 3 wood and hybrids. Right now these are the only clubs I feel a complete lack of confidence with. My hybrids especially, they used to be my go-to club off the tee but now I'm hooking every shot. Been at the range the past 2 days and still have not figured out, although I believe I'm swinging way too hard coming through impact. I have no idea what's up with my 3 wood, off the tee or off the turf I top it or hook it. Really not even trying to hit those clubs during a round right now.
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From my lesson today: Working on addressing the ball an inch closer in order to be more relaxed at address. (Used to be too close to the ball. Now a bit too far.) Straightening out the swing for better reproducibility. (Need to stop rolling my arms at the beginning of the backswing, which currently is forcing me to take a hugely inside-out path.) And making the swing plane more vertical.
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Attended a DOCF clinic this weekend and learned how to crush the ball on the 'wall', feeling what Hogan discovered so many years ago. Now I know for sure that it is not an intentional hip slide. The targetward focus from setup to follow through is what brought him back to the target so early. Saw Steve Elkington there and he is a convert. Even got to shake his hand.
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I am trying to regain my confidence in my full swing with the driver. I am getting to much fade and am finding myself in trouble off the tee too often.As a result of this , I have been hitting 3 wood or 2 hybrid off the tee a lot . Although I hit a lot more fairways this way, it puts long irons in my hand on approach more than I would like. 3,4,5 irons are the clubs I struggle with the most. My plan of action is an aggressive stretching program. I hope this will relieve the tension I sometimes feel at the top of my backswing and allow a smoother more effortless swing. I also am swinging a weighted club a lot. I leave it on my back deck so whenever I go out to the backyard I see it and swing for awhile. I have also attached a bungee cord about 6 feet up on my fence
which I loop my club into,assume the top of my backswing with the cord holding the clubhead there,and rotate my torso away around my spine to work my core muscles. One other thing I am
doing is swinging my garden rake[ fan type ] like a driver. This seems to help me practice releasing my wrists back to square and also provides good wind resistance to promote club head speed.
I hope all this helps because I hate having my golf buddy's ragging on me for leaving my driver in the bag when I should be launching it out there past them like I am used to doing !
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I'm working on turning into my right side with quite a bit more resistance, getting a bit more wrist hinge on the backswing, keeping my spine angle on my backswing and getting shorter in transition. Then, it's sequence properly with a lower body move from the top, release the club low and left and try to hit it hard with the right hand. I haven't quite got it grooved yet, but a couple more months... It's really causing my ballstriking to come together well.
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Distance with irons. I'd like to have my 7 iron play to about 170-175yds and then work away from that by about 15yds for each club. That would put the 3-iron about 230. That's perfect.

Im always right over the pin but the ball drop 20yds long. Always working on putting.

77 last week with the first eagle of the season. Not bad for 2nd round in 6 months.
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Celebrating recent surge into single digits...I attended the DOCF clinic and immediately improved. No problem with Right Axis Expansion, LATT or The Wall. Still working on Right Axis Containment and DIF for more power. Not plateauing like before because The Wall gets me to exactly the same position at the top every time and LATT propels me to the left side like a rocket into the 'sitdown'. I will post a video as soon as my son shows me how LOL.
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I've been focusing on conditioning/stability/balance with a TPI program set up for my by a local pro. It's been very challenging (particularly some of the balance/stability exercises) but I think it'll pay off in the long run.
From a swing perspective, really focusing on the first move away from the ball, letting it be driven by my torso rotation and not my hands/arms. Once I get in a good spot there I'm generally good to go.
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Always and forever, staying down through impact. Maybe golf's most basic fundamental, but if I lose that thought ('stay down') before the club goes back, my left side comes up and out early through the downswing.

Same thing, to a lesser extent, with chipping and putting.

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1. Keeping my right elbow close to my body.
2. Turn in the space I occupy trying not to sway.
3. Different pitch and chip shots.
4. Reading breaks and getting the speed right.
5. Learning my distances, especially wedge swings.
6. Keeping my clubs clean.
7. Draws and fades.
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Note: This thread is 2384 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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