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What Are You Working On?


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Consistent solid contact

high ball flight and a soft land with little roll

rotation through the swing and a circular swing path.

Counting to two after contact before I look up at the ball
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I am working on the most basic of all parts of the swing, my alignment. My alignment at address- for all shots- is horrible. I feel that if I just fix my alignment, including exactly where I'm supposed to have the ball in my stance, I can immediately drop strokes.
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I recently switched from righty to lefty and am working on hitting more consistent shots. I am left handed, but like (I think) most lefties, I chose to play righty d/t some obscure reason. The problem is, I could never strike the ball consistently. Since the switch (it only took me 11 years to figure it out...) my shots are much better! I am however, still putting righty. it just feels better... plus, I read an article that stated that it is easier to read putts if your dominant eye is in front of the putt... Don't know if there is any veracity to these claims, but it seems to work. Good luck to me!
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My irons are as sweet as they've ever been, straighter and longer than ever. All I'm working on right now is my short game, and my putting. Completely forgotten how to judge a green with my year-long absence.
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I tend to focus on fundamentals with the actual swing - alignment and ball position, primarily. My latest project is the mental game and attempting to integrate "process vs. outcome" thinking into my mindset. Have always been guilty of focusing too much on score... to the detriment of my score!

I find that approaching each shot methodically, with a pre-determined sequence of steps, helps to block out the external thoughts that interfere with the swing.

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pitching, pitching and more pitching.
Picked up a couple wedges, a new 56* and for the first time a 52* (no 60's or anything silly like that)

Going through something similar to the 3x4 wedge system, but I'm simplifying it to 2x3 wedge system.
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My coach has put me through several swing changes. Haha.
Switching from a 1 plane swing to a 2 plane swing, making the grip and setup neutral, relaxing right elbow even more than normal(which is a good bit), firing my hips more(which is also a LOT), working on flexibility(I want a little more than a 90 degree turn), And working on my mental game.

Why? So I get on Tour that much faster. :D Haha.

How I'm doing it? Hitting a bucket of 150 balls focusing on one aspect, and then more buckets focusing on the other aspects. But each bucket is dedicated to focusing on ONE aspect.
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I am revisiting the five fundamentals with a little more indepth research as to Hogan's secret. The results have been outstanding.
What I have discovered is that when the left wrist is cupped at the top of the backswing and released (or unhinged), and ONLY AFTER the left hip and knee begin to pull foward, the club automatically drops into the "slot".

By unhinging the wrist after the start of the downswing, there is nothing to think about. The club sqares to the ball everytime. It removes the tendency to pull down on the hands to get into the slot, which breaks the rythym and arc of the swing. The speed at which you generate the club head, by driving the knees to the target, creates resistance and the supinination of the wrist is a product of the centrifical force and bowing of the shaft. I can hit crisp, straight and far without thinking a single swing thought.
It needs to be said that unhinging the wrist must take place after the lower body initiates the downswing and that the wrist unhinges in a manner which simulates a flattening of the wrist, ( patting someone on the head) rather than casting a fishing pole. This will improve your shot making tremendously. Try it!
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Working on flattening out my swing to stop coming over the top so much, which doesn't result in a slice as much of a strong left-right, especially on my irons. Also keeping my wrists a lot tighter and going for a more consistent take away instead of just collapsing my wrists right off the bat. Always working on putting and the short game.
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Note: This thread is 2258 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Last time out I did make my first birdie of the year at 3. Hit a PW up hill to a 125 yard flag to 6 inches. Landed it short of the stick with a low trajectory hoping to skip it back to the flag and have it check up. Couldn’t have missed making a 2 my very much. Rest of the day I did my best to Kevin Na some birdie putts. Was feeling it after that shot. At 4 I smoked a driver and then hit a gap wedge from 92 to within 5 feet. I hit what I thought was a great putt and started walking it in.... lipped out on the high side tho. At 11 I hit my 2nd way right but my 3rd within 5 feet at the par 5. Again tried to walk one in only to lip on the high side: guess I should leave the walking in of birds too the pros!
    • Commenting ,just before  taking the shot (especially negative thoughts) affect your golf swing. Man I feel bad for you. It was awful. Action with some new rules should be taken for this. 
    • Well, at least you have the par-4s down!  I had a round a few weeks ago at my home course that would have been my second-ever no sixes (first was not at my home course)... played the par-5s in -1 (all pars and a birdie), but two sixes on par-4s did me in for the challenge.  Thankfully I have the badge from two years ago or so, but it'll be nice to have a few more rounds that fit this. 
    • Day 206.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.  15 minutes after work of 6-iron shots (about a half dozen total balls this time).  Same focus:  setup, backswing pace and length.
    • Day 52: COVID-19 day 6/7 short game drills. After that, did a few minutes of rehearsals for my priority piece. Lesson coming up at the end of this week to see where I have gone wrong with this one.
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