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What Are You Working On?


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Working On:
1) Currently building a complete swing based on a mix of Hogan's: 5 Lessons and Jack's: Golf My Way
2) Dedicating time to fade / draw the ball with the irons.

Through lessons 1/month, driving range practice, and playing a local muni 9 testing out new things. (This way I don't go broke)

1) The ultimate goal is exactly what Hogan was seeking: A swing so ingrained it just happens automatically with a little thought as possible even under tremedous pressure.
2) The ability to confidently fade / draw the ball
3) Using the above skills to disect qualty 18 hole courses with ease
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Proper address position. I've been setting up much too close to the ball. Correcting it feels real bad right now, but it has to be done.


"In the process of trial and error, our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility." -- Master Jin Kwon

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Trying to kill the strong fade/almost slice that seems to have cropped up on almost everything longer than a wedge. I think it was more prominent last round because of a switch to a Bridgestone e5 which probably spins a bit more than the old Warbirds or Pinnacle balls I was using. Also need to drill my chips, since I had a miserably large number of fluffed chips last round. Otherwise, things are great for the most part...

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Hey guys!

First time poster here and I'm very excited to learn from all of you! I'm about to start a new thread asking for some advice but I gotta get my three posts in first.

So anyway, right now I'm working on flattening out my swing. I'm a taller guy with long arms, and my swing has always been naturally steep. As a result, I hit the ball high with a slight fade. But since flattening my swing out I'm starting to see some amazing results. I'm also working on making myself a "one plane" swinger. For the longest time I was trying to swing the club back on a high plane and then drop the club to the inside on the downswing with just terrible results. Now I'm trying to take it back and through on the same plane, and things seem to be working much better for me.
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Currently building a complete swing based on a mix of Hogan's: 5 Lessons and Jack's: Golf My Way
Dedicating time to fade / draw the ball with the irons.

And must improve my putting skills.
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Develop a consistent full-swing focusing on control and accuracy first followed by maximizing distance. I currently have only been swinging clubs for three weeks and mostly self taught. My current problems include a terrible slice with my driver and topping the ball on my irons.

1) Learning the Stack and Tilt Method by reading the book and taking a day long course (June 6th) hosted by the "Erie Gang" (Dave Wedzik, Erik Barzeski, et al.).
2) Practice, Practice, Practice via range visits, 9-holes twice a week, and my 12x12' driving net in my back yard.

Establish a handicap of 30 or less.
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Working on swing as been practicing at range for past tow weeks and not hinking too much. Balls is going straight too! (most of the time)!
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Working on keeping hands from being shallow on the take-away and focusing on getting power from the shoulders and wrists, trying to swing smoothly with the left arm.

"Golf is an entire game built around making something that is naturally easy - putting a ball into a hole - as difficult as possible." - Scott Adams

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Finally got my 3i to go straight so now I can reach most of the par 4s. Handicap has dropped to 7.2 because of it. My short game is non-existent so I absolutely need a high GIR. I love my 6150 yard course with its narrow fairways. The premium should be on accuracy. I am thinking of going to the older heavier clubs like the Wilson Staff Dynapower irons from the late 1950s for better feel. I bought the 1 iron off Ebay just to see if I could get it up in the air. It's like hitting with a butter knife LOL. Ball takes off like an Exocet missile in a very low but piercing flight.
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I'll try to keep this short...lol

I hadn't played in several years 2004-2008. When I left the game, my last round was 79 with 5 birdies. I was still losing the driver and would have a "few blow up holes. My iron play was really good. I came back to the game and really struggled, +20-22 Over the top, weak fades etc. I went for a few lessons on different occasions. My grip was still sound, good take away etc. My fault has always been too fast with the hips to try and compensate when I hit weak shots. I sent my BIL the three recent video lessons. His comments turned out to be insightful. He said that I used to be more upright with the body and "reaching" a bit for the ball through impact. In these lessons the pro had me closer to the ball, "classic" posture and working towards the 2 plane swing.

I dug out the only other lesson I had on film from 2001. I indeed was more upright and my swing was closer to single plane. Looked up a few vids on youtube for single plane and of course I came upon Moe Norman. While I knew of him, I had never seen his swing. I studied those for a few hours last Saturday night and went right to the course Sunday with the setup as close to Moe as I could muster without practice.

The difference was night and day. While I struggled with scoring in the beginning because the ball flight was straight and longer, I still setup for the fade as I didn't trust the swing yet. I shot an 88 for the first time in a long time.

I went back today to check my driver swing speed and trajectory. I'm back up to 103 avg, up from 93. I'm swinging an R9 regular, but we feel that I can benefit from driver in stiff with a higher kick point.


I'm working on the one plane swing, right forearm on the same plan as the shaft at address and ball placement for short irons through driver to get things dialed in. I fell like I can get back to around 10 hcp with this change. I'm stoked again to be playing.....before this change...not so much.

I'll report tomorrow after the round.
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The biggest thing I'm working on is trying to straighten out my swing plane. I've had problems with my swing being inside-out which has been obliterating my greens in regulation. Since I'm altering my swing plane, I've been hitting the ball thin so I also have to work on staying down on the ball while I swing. As for the short game, I'm trying to keep my eyes behind the ball when I putt and make sure I don't lift my head up on short putts.
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Takeaway. Had my sister record a range session two weeks ago and I never realized how terribly inside I got with my takeaway. I went to the range for the first time today with the new motion and at first I was shanking and topping everything (the reason I started fussing with my swing to begin with). Then something clicked. I concentrated on ONLY keeping my right elbow into my body on the takeaway and BAM, started to hit pure shots again. I just hope I wasn't reverting to old habits, I didn't have a way to record it today. Playing Wednesday for first time in three weeks so hope I've at least found a somewhat serviceable swing.

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Revamping the whole swing. My balance is horrible, my swing is pretty solid on the backswing, but the downswing is a mess. My head moves like a bobble head doll, my weight shift is horrible, and my hands cut accross the ball right before impact with a chicken wing.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Proper wrist cock and loading (and pushing off) the inside of the right foot more. I was thinking of working on a better lateral hip slide, but I think I have enough on my plate right now. In putting, I'm working on 3-4 footers.

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On the range today I discovered that if I first dial in my tempo, rhythm and balance with practice swings before every real swing, my consistency approaches 100%. Valuable lesson. Down to Scratch !
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Note: This thread is 2582 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This has not happened to me ... yet. I mark my ball with a pink line, and I've never seen anybody else do that. It makes it easy to identify which ball is fine. That said, I think if you play enough golf, it will happen at some point, so I'm betting it will happen to me. Hopefully, it doesn't cost me too much when it does.
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    • You could try and mount a thick comforter behind the net as well. It should absorb any ball with little to no bounce back. But yes, slack in the net is preferred to prevent a possible "Testicular Event"....
    • This illustrates the difference between what you MUST do and what you really SHOULD do. One little nit with the underlined bit, as soon as you dropped the ball with the intention to put it into play, it is in play.  It may be in a wrong place, as it was in this case, but its in play.  There's a difference in how you handle playing from a Wrong Place, as compared to playing a ball not in play (Wrong Ball), but its really beyond the focus of this thread.
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