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What Are You Working On?


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Second shots

I've been pretty good from the tee and fairly good around the green and putting, but my second shots on par 5s and long 4s have been brutal. My playing partners today said it looked like I was trying to swing too hard. tomorrow I think I will try to concentrate on hitting smoother and not thinking about trying to kill the ball.
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Tempo. Especially with my irons. I constantly catch myself swinging harder trying to get a few yards. I watch a lot of videos of Ernie Els and try to match that tempo he has. My friends say I have it but I don't feel it.
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Well, so far it's been a crazy year and the question should be what haven't I worked on. I've been working on too many things at once and my results have been minimal. Now, I'm going back to basics and keeping it simple. The top three things I'm working on are swing tempo, grip pressure, and swing plane. Hopefully, by focusing on three components, instead of 20, I can improve my swing and handicap.
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These things I have been working on over the past couple of weeks:

1. Shots < 50 yds. I have struggled with this part of my game for years. I have started to analyze my lie before picturing my shot. The goal here is to get shots within 10 feet for a makeable putt.
2. Left-to-right putts. I feel I struggle with these putts being right-handed and sometimes I don't get my putter head back to square on my follow-through, so I'll leave a lot of these putts below the hole. I have been using a Mickelson drill expect spread the balls out to only have L-to-R putts.
3. Swing tempo with my woods. I have always been a good iron player, but inconsistent with my woods (inc. driver). I've taking a mental approach to get back to using the same tempo with my woods as my irons (as Penick would often teach).
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Hip slide, wrist cock.

Learned the proper version of both these moves in the last 2-3 weeks, and the golf swing finally makes sense and feels smooth and athletic. Problem is I seem to forget to do one of these 2 things often on a swing. Tonight I had 0 tops and only 1-2 bad full swing shots. Seems like it's clicking enough where I can finally focus on short game primarily.
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Wow, it's been a while since my previous post, but what the heck. I've been struggling with my swing, and especially consistency, of late. Somehow developed a habit where I'm swinging the club slightly across the ball. Depending on my lower body rotation and release, I have been hitting shots left from the target, either straight or with a noticable draw. Have been working on my backswing and am now trying to get the club up in a more upright position in order to avoid a premature shoulder turn at the beginning of the downswing to straighten the club and thus coming across the ball. Also, am thinking I should see what my right elbow is doing when swinging the ball...

If anyone has any tips on how to ensure I'm striking the ball on the correct line, please let me know.

On the course, I need to make a few more birdies drop, create a fair amount of makeable chances (2-5 per 9 holes). Once my swing is back to where I want it to be, I should start hitting more GIRs. I'm also scrambling terribly at the moment: save par only on occasion when faced with a chip shot.

It's never a walk in the park, is it?
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Right now, I'm simply trying to groove a consistent swing. For as long as I've been playing (almost 20 years), I've never really felt like my swing was really my swing (if that makes any sense), and I've struggled with consistent ball-striking. I've figured out a few things with my weight transfer lately, and now I'm working on grooving them into my swing.

I recently bought a bag of 100 balls in an onion-sack, and I'm lucky enough to have a place to go and hit them. There's a pitch and putt that's closed with a large field that used to be a driving range adjoining it. The city of Oxford still mows it regularly, and I only have to share it with the occasional other golfer and the Oxford High School cross country team.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I'm new here.

anyways, I can't hit irons at all. I think my swing is ok, but I figure my cheapo custom no-name iron set off eBay might be to blame

I'm looking at getting a set of Wilson di9's
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Im currently working on the pitch of my voice when inevitably having to shout "fore right"

But seriously am working on my swing path (mainly with driver) to get a more in to out swing path, Im really chopping across the ball at the moment
And those pesky wedge shots, am blocking them out right at the moment. Long irons could also be a bit better, but theyre not very important right now.

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Learning to hit my 4 iron. I gave away my 3 hybrid today, I've had enough of trying to learn to hit it. I just never felt comfortable over the damn thing.

Putting. Always putting.
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I'm working on getting my divots to start in front of the ball and to have them at their deepest point 4 inches in front of the ball ( The Impact Zone by Bobby Clampett.) I am working on getting my putting to be better than below average, as well as getting a consistent ball flight with the driver.
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I've been completely away from golf for the last 6 months and just got back about 1.5 months (due to my job). I've been playing for almost 9 years, FYI. When I returned to the course, I found that I had the chipping yips. I chunk even the easiest shot from the edge of the greens. The yip was getting worse; sometimes I also bladed the simple chip shots because I was afraid of chunking them.

So, here are what I'm working on at the moment

A. Getting back my feel on chip shots around the green.
B. Driving the ball a little bit further.
C. Short putts (which is what I always work on).

Even now, I still freak out when my ball sits in the rough around the greens. I honestly play better out of the sand and would rather be in one, than had to face the simple chip shot I used to be quite good at.

I'm grinding hard.....
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Arms a little more relaxed at address. A little bend in my right arm.

maintaining my tilt away from the ball and turning around that axis. This gets my hands in a better spot at the top and allows me to swing from the inside.

that's good for now.
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Note: This thread is 2283 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • You seriously think Bryson was the first PGA Tour pro who started working on being more fit and gaining speed from that? Have you been watching the Tour for the last 40 years?
    • Looked at the X3 page, the X3 uses the fusion technology, so guessing some of the features on the X3 are going to be on the M+? If I had more time, I'd cross out the M+ data points and just guess from which ones are left over. Or maybe it's more accuracy? Or maybe chipping/pitching related.  
    • Don't even know how to describe it, but I open up to play a flighted wedge that will hop and stop. just let the hips and legs provide all the power, with the hands simply hinging and unhinging, naturally to a low follow through.. Most wedge shots I will play with a square face to simplify alignment, and I will change my 54 degree (my workhorse wedge) from a 10 degree bounce RTX to a 14 degree Vokey when facing very soft conditions or a very lush course. I will intentionally put draw spin on a wedge into a good wind,  or when the pin is well left and I want to get a good bounce and a bit of run upon landing  or on a shelf I don't want to fly to then suck the ball back onto the lower level.
    • Deja vu This was exactly what you told me last week, right down to the sword fight.  It will be a good refresher. Thx
    • But seriously, pretty solid explanation with good visuals. I’m actually going to make sure I’m gripping as Erik shows here.
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