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What Are You Working On?


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Trying not to consciously manipulate the club in the full swing. Just let those hands move around on the angled plane.

Also, putting. Every day is putting day. I've been yipping like Paris Hilton's ••••ing lapdog.
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I have the same problems you have referenced in this entry. Can you give me any follow up on how you are doing and what if any drills have helped with the dreaded over the top swing. Thanks
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I started working on the Stack and Tilt swing today. Struggled at first with the three iron, and then the seven iron. Hit a few the way I wanted, but I felt like I was still flipping my wrists. I started hitting half pitches, focusing on keeping my "flying wedge" and started making much better contact.
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working on hitting draws a bit more. A local course I play at a lot has a lot of dog leg rights so I'm comfortable hitting a fade...I recently worked on fixing my hook and got it to a managable level to where I'm hitting draws with my driver at the range. On the course however is a different story. I'm just much more comfortable hitting a fade.

Anyway, this past weekend I had a company tournament where there were 3 holes that were aggressive dogleg left where a draw is needed unless you tee of with an iron. Tee'd off one hole with a 3 wood and hugged the tree line perfectly to the left. Second dogleg left, par 5, grabbed a driver and went for a draw but ended up hooking it. Third hole, I ddn't feel comfortable so I tee'd off with a 6 iron...felt good right off the face but I saw it fall into the trees and thought "shit"... as I approached the ball, the ball was perfectly positioned on the fairway about 20 yards longer than my normal 6 iron shot. Turns out I hit the cart path and took a nice leap right onto the fairway!
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does anyone have any advice on shot shaping, namely the punch shot and the draw (left to right). I can consistetly move the ball right to left and hit it straight using some wrist action but can't for the life of me get a consistent draw. The last time I played it was windy and I have a pretty low trajectory but the balls never took off into the air, rather just stayed nice and low. I want to know how to reproduce this.
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Note: This thread is 2327 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • My 3 personal favorite arguments against being vaccinated are:   1 - (I saw this one just the other day) "I don't put anything in my body until I understand all of the long term effects." .... Takes a huge sip of Diet Coke.  2 - "I'm not getting vaccinated because I don't want to be told what to do." ... Okay, so you don't stop at red lights?  3 - "I think the government is using this whole thing as an excuse to plant a transmitter inside me. ... Oh shit, I gotta go charge my phone." 
    • Nice to hear some words from himself rather than someone else. He seems to have come out of a pretty bad accident relatively lucky, all things considered. When was the last time he played full time? 😛 The occasional major, his own tournaments and maybe some other special tournaments then, at best. With slim chances of the good old «double U».
    • Absolutely.   I agree that it doesn't follow modern styles as far as pacing, but I would argue that that is a good thing. People have become far to used to constant over-sensatory movies, where action is the only thing that matters. A good story is far more interesting to me. I am 70% through the first 6 Dune books according to my kindle (start of book 5), and I thought the movie should have been less fast. There are plenty of things that were added in (not in the book) that could have been replaced with even better story telling (things from the book). I am super excited that they green lit part 2, and hopefully we will get even more. Even more will probably just be Messiah, because after that things get unexplainable in movie form. My only complaint about the movie was the casting of Duncan (Mamoa), as he we just the "bro dude relatable comic relief". I thought taking away Gurney's good laughable moments and giving them to Idaho was a disservice to all Dune fans. I wasn't impressed with Mamoa, though he was just doing what was asked of him, but the switch of character roles was like nails on the chalkboard to me. I'd also give it an eagle, but it could have been an albatross by staying truer to the source material.
    • I would explain the Nelly invite and catch a rain check with Tiger. We would rather watch a team we actually cared about anyway 🙂
    • Close to $5k for my wife and I if you include dinner and drinks after, and all the gear associated with playing year round in Washington. The kids are only $5 a round with Youth on Course. If we decide to join a club it could rise or drop depending on where we might join.
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