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What Are You Working On?


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I've been working on a couple of things this season. I noticed at the beginning of 2010, that at address, my shoulders were a little hunched over causing my back to be rounded. I believe this was causing all of my ball striking inconsistencies (fat, thin, all grass/no ball, etc.) So I've been working on maintaining that lumbar curve in my lower back all the way throughout my swing. This has helped tremendously on my ball striking consistency.

Have also been working on putting. I've never really practiced putting before. Am usually on the range to run through my irons and end with the driver, but always skip over the putting green. This season I finally started doing some drills for short putt consistency. The famous Michelson putting drill, lining up a ring of balls around the cup, all from about 3 feet away, needing to make a certain number in a row or you start all over again. Or lining up 3 balls at 3ft, 5ft, 8ft from the cup, from all 4 sides (preferably with 4 different breaks; up hill, down hill, left to right, right to left). Miss one and you start over. This has really helped with not only my consistency, but with the pressure you feel to make those putts during the round. Nothing like missing that last putt and having to start the drill all over again!
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Working on getting some consistency out of my fairway wood. I usually hit a 2 or 3 iron off the tee on tight holes so hopefully I can build enough confidence to use the fairway wood off the tee on tight holes to put me closer to the green.
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What I worked on this afternoon at the range:

Driver - Pre-shot routine on every shot. Good alignment and posture. Good coil into right hip with complete shoulder turn without swaying. Smooth transition in to downswing syncing arm swing with body turn and head position. I try to hit no more than three drivers in a row and then hit a couple of mid to short irons or wedges. Then back to the driver. The pressure is on to hit three good drives in a row. The idea is to try to simulate hitting shots I'll hit on the course.

Partial Wedges - Controlling distance with length of back swing, width of stance, and tempo. I work on accelerating the club through the ball no matter how short the swing. I do a drill trying to hit 1st ball 40 yards, 2nd ball 50 yards, 3rd ball 60 yards, 4th ball 50 yards and then 5th ball 40 yards. (Up and then back down the ladder.) I mix this drill up with other things I'm working on; like today when I was working on my driver.

Putting - Setting up with my eyes directly over the ball with my hands slightly ahead of the ball. Today I worked mostly on keeping my head steady by focusing on the alignment line I mark on my golf ball. I work on visualizing a line starting with the alignment line on my putter, through the line on my ball, to my aim point at the hole. I then try to make my stoke along this line with out moving my head or eyes and with out peeking until well after the ball is on its way. I don't do a complete pre-shot putting routine every time, but I do take the time to carefully align my ball via the alignment line before making my practice put. Yes, it does take more time, but it sure makes it more realistic to what try to do on the course.

Sticks in My Bag:
Titleist 909 D2 9.5 w/ Stiff UST V2 76 gram, Titleist 909F2 15.5 w/ Stiff UST V2 76 grams, Titleist 909H w/ Stiff UST V2 89 grams, Titleist AP2 3-9 irons w/ Project X 5.5, Titleist Spin Mill 56.11 Sand Wedge, Titleist Spin Mill 60.7 Lob Wedge, Scotty Cameron Newport 2, Pro V1 ball.
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working on my tempo. if i ever START in a funk i cant seem to overcome it. i get frustrated, tension sets in and then i start rushing something.... im using music in my practice, and breathing exersizes during a round my only swing thought being a slow one - two
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Basically I'm working on completely re-tooling my entire swing. I took a few lessons when I started golfing (23 years ago), but have gone it on my own since then and a lot of bad habits have crept in leading to terrible inconsistency in my ball-striking....fat, thin, shanks, slices, you name it. Also spending a lot of time working on my short game, as it's an aspect I've severely neglected in the past.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Right now my driving. I've been playing for about two years and my drive was great to start. I would hit it straight and long.

The more I got into golf the more I started thinking about my shot and it gradually started to slice. Now I have a lovely slice that I'm trying to correct.
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Working on my swing and ball striking. Trying to build a consisent, repeatable swing that produces the a straight ball flight. Been fighting a push/slice since i started playing.

Also trying to work on my putting
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Working on learning to swing :) I'm a beginner, first picked up a golf club in July of this year, was instantly hooked... Had a good stroke of beginner's luck, played decently for a newbie (better than my some of my co-workers who had a bit more experience), then as I tried to improve, well, everything fell right apart.

Since then I've been lurking here every day, absorbing youtube videos, anything I can get my hands on. Did some video of my swing today, I can immediately see some problems with it but my #1 issue is pushes to the right & some slices if i really screw it up.

So my goal is to learn to hit it straight-ish (trying to get the S&T; draw, no luck yet) and long-ish enough so I can go back out and enjoy the game.
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Had some lessons lately and working on takeaway not going inside, limiting backswing so shaft is parallel at top and keeping hip/shoulder rotation constant. So far it's working, handicap is down 3 points in 3 weeks.
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During my practice session this Tuesday, I worked on two things.

1) Getting my weight to my left side more which allows my lag to be free and attack the ball. This really prevents my hands from getting stuck behind me.
2) Maintaining a flat wrist (after contact) on all of my putts.
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Too cold for golf, so I am spending the winter in the golf dome.


Improve my ball striking
-Only hit with 3 iron at time being
-Only hit my "hard to hit" driver from 10 years ago
-Look into lessons
-Look into assistance online
-Look into training aids
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Note: This thread is 2336 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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