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all the top brands-- ping, callaway, mizuno, nike, titleist, taylormade etc produce great equipment.

in the end, it's about what fits your eye and how they feel when you swing. i don't know...some clubs just breeds confidence. the ping g10's fit my eye. Don't expect miracles to happen. a bad swing is a bad swing, you can't buy major improvement no matter how forgiving they are.
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I've not been on this site in a long time but decided to come back now that I feel I'm a better ball striker, consistently getting the ball airborne and considering getting new clubs for the first time.

Ping are currently my object of desire. I hit a friend's G10s 7i for a few shots in the range and it felt so nice, like a refined version of my Eye2+s (which are great clubs that I will NEVER sell). I'm at that stage now where I don't feel embarrassed by my swing and will be demoing clubs heavily over the next few months, with a view to upgrading in Christmas but Ping will be the first on the list to try!
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I've never been a fan of pings fat cavity look. However, last year when I demoed clubs I took to the S58's immediately. Looking down on the club it was exactly what I was looking for, and hitting with it brought a smile to my face. It was comfortably the best club (for me) that I hit on the launch monitor. At the time I decided, eventually, that I couldn't justify the outlay given how much I play.

A year later with the release of S57's, and a glut of S58 sets on the market, I decided to take the plunge second hand. Best thing I could have done - the fact that ping sets are sold with different fittings mean that I could buy what I needed. The differences are radical and although my scoring isn't consistently better yet, my swing and shot shape are showing the benefits. With time and practice these clubs can take me to the next level and beyond. I love the feel of the clubs - convincing players look and feel, but with enough forgiveness to keep them easy to hit. A lovely set of clubs. While ping sell a set for this part of the market, it's what I shall play.
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I think that Ping makes the best, technologically advanced clubs available to amatures. You youngsters probably don't remember that Ping irons were not allowed for tournament-play because the groove geometry provided an unfair advantage over anyone elses irons. A rule change finally allowed Ping into competition. And, now a rule change will force V-grooves back.

(A little known fact is that Jack had his irons ground to the absolute minimum allowable groove depth. That gave him that low-spin, high iron flight - but made him a less than stellar wedge player!)

Being and "old fart" who plays shiny. no offset, thin topline, forged blades I just never liked how they looked - therefore, my taste has hurt my scoring!?! I play for the love of the game.

Interestingly enough, I had an Anser 2i putter that I sold on eBay for more than I paid for it, new. I could never pressure-putt with it. Now I use a MacGregor Captiva ( 2i look-a-like) that is very good. Go figure.

If I ever went Game Improvement. I'd go Ping.
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The only thing I have played ping is my wedges. These things are like 3 or 4 years old and I love them. I have tried both vokeys and clevelands but nothign matches my Pings. I am not a fan of their irons but the G10 is a great driver.
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The only thing I have played ping is my wedges. These things are like 3 or 4 years old and I love them. I have tried both vokeys and clevelands but nothign matches my Pings. I am not a fan of their irons but the G10 is a great driver.

I play Ping wedges (Tour-W). The cast stainless with a cavity means that they don't have quite the feel of a forged milled carbon steel wedge - but on the plus side, they don't wear as quickly and consequently last really well. I find I have *enough* feel (for me at this moment in time), and I can certainly spin the ball back if I want (I was at the range this evening hitting range balls, practicing a short flop with my new 60[ent]deg[ent] and watching those suckers spin back - made me giggle like a new bride....).

I probably wouldn't argue that the Ping Wedges are the *best* wedges, but I might argue that they are very good long lasting wedges with decent spin and feel. They also look and feel very very like my S58's, and even more like this seasons new S57's. In fact in a bag with S57s they look like the same club. That can give you great confidence - when all your clubs have a consistent look and feel.
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All Ping Irons are made and assembled in the U.S. the driver heads and hybrids are China :( That being said, this could be my older age speaking but I could care less how they look as long as they get the job done. Many people have commented that they are ugly or I just couldn't get used to the look (WHAAAAAT) I hit it well but it's ugly these comments leave me dumbfounded and scratching my head. But to each his or her own as long as we are playing the greatest game created on some of the prettiest courses we are all the better for it.

Now get out there and smack that little white ball around and don't forget to have some fun :)
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I have been a Ping user for a long time, started with the Eye2 about some 25 yrs ago and I must admit they were easy to hit well balanced clubs at a time, most other maker didn't offer fitting as a standard option, from there I went to Wilson Blades and after many Mizuno TP and MP sets I am back to more forgiving irons. I like a small blade like design and I am currently fond of the Wilson FG Tour and Taylor Made Tour Prefered, today looking at Ping ...... they just look so large and I don't like the offffffset of most of their clubs.
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I always disliked Ping Irons because I never really paid any attention after seeing the Zings and that weird twisty hosel.....
I always thought they were WAY overpriced as well....of course I was pretty poor back then.

I have since looked over ALOT of irons from different companies, including Pings, Mizzys,Callys,Titties, and decided that although I PREFER the look of the thin topline/sole like the S57/i10, I finally convinced myself to get real and realize that I am a High Capper and a prime candidate for GI/SGI clubs (although I did have Tour Burners- those were GI) and there was nothing to be ashamed about considering I play once, or if extremely lucky- twice a week(VERY rare).......
Never picked up a Ping club before this week, but got fitted hitting the i15/G15 the other day, and just ordered a set of Raptures (V1) because of hitting them, the G5, G10, and G15.....
I was able to track down the Raptures(3-PW) used in Mint condition stiff W/AWT for <450

Can believe that I'm gonna play them big shovels, but they kicked my Tour Burners outta the bag(they weren't real small, but smaller and way smaller in the sole)!

Pumped for my Greenies!
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Here's my PING opinion:

ping even admits some of their clubs look ugly, but they work. (theirs an advertisment banner on the froum that says it)

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11 months since I last replied to this post.

My G5 irons are staying in the bag another year or two...the wedges are the best for me of any I've tried.

The G10 fairways didn't work for me...nor did the hybrid.

I am longing for my G10 head back again so I can try different shafts. It was the best driver head I've used.
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I'm a Ping fan, but I have several different companies in my bag. Currently, my irons are the only Ping products in my bag. I've had a set of ISI nickel irons for about ten years now. I've hit a number of new irons and I can tell the difference 15 years (ISI's are circa '95-96, I think) of technological improvements have made, but I just can't bring myself to switch. Even for new Pings. I know these irons inside and out and I know most of the times they have failed me were my own fault--and even the best iron isn't going to do much on those occasional swings that start digging two inches behind the ball.
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I'm playing a 10.5* '09 Burner with stiff shaft and would gladly trade it in for a G15 with a regular shaft. I demoed the G15 a while back and really liked it. It felt a lot better than my TM and I assumed the swing weight was way different. But after checking websites the TM and Ping are very similar in swing weight. The irons are a different story, the I-15 were not forgiving enough and the G15 were too blocky.

My ultimate bag would be: G15 10.5* regular shaft, 3W TM Burner 15* regular shaft, 3-9 TM R9s regular shaft, Vokey wedges, and my putter du jour.
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Note: This thread is 2912 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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