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The Best of all 3 Worlds! Nike Pro Forged Combo's

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just wanted to chuck this post down quick

just got my new irons - the Nike Pro Forged Combo's...they are wicked!
my first 9 w them and rifled a 39
i was on everywhere today, but these irons are sweet!

bought them from ebay HERE BRAND SPANKIN NEW!
i live in Canada and they were shipped to me from Texas in only 4 days!

they had 10 available on Monday, there are only 5 sets left
if you are a low to mid handicap looking to upgrade, BUY THESE IRONS

huge upgrade for me over the old TA2's

haope you all shoot straight this weekend!


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well after about 54 holes w these clubs, all i can say is wow
they have great feel, not too bad on mis-hits and when you hit it pure..it's like BUTTA! :)

awesome feel and control from 150 in as well, w the 8-PW
they create a managable amount of spin too, which is nice

however, i did lose about a one club distance, out of the lower blade irons (8-PW)
i used to hit a 9i from 150, i am now an 8i
this seemed to be common for most low-mid handicappers, from the reviews i read
not sure why, but it is what it is

not a big deal, just need to get used to it

other than that, happy to report that these irons are highly reccomended!

PS - hope you picked yours up from the above link, as of today they are all SOLD OUT!
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Great choice on irons. I got a set of the Pro Combos when I was 16 years old, and still use them today. They are in excenllent condition, and can't imagine using anything else. I recently added a 2 iron to the set even.
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don't mean to keep reviving this thread, BUT.....
these things keep getting better!

i have lowered my HCP by 2 to a 7, in the last 6 rounds (full 18's)
i am super acurate w these things
i shot a 37 this afternoon....only hit 2 fairways (the others i missed were literally 1-2 ft in the rough only), 7 GIR, and only 12 putts

i cant say enough..Nike has produced a superb club my friends
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I think Im sold on these irons too....you ordered them from Dallas Golf??? BTW where in SK are ya Im in NB

yep, got em from Dallas Golf

they were great to deal with, had them in only 4 days from texas im in Saskatoon you wont be dissapointed w these clubs, snag em up!
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Nike PRO COMBO! *asian accent*

I have those too, ^ thats what my friend always yells when he looks at them.

They are great clubs, I read that they have higher lofts so that might explain your loss in distance. Check the lie angles though, mine were on average 4-5 degrees upright which is completely insane.

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yep, got em from Dallas Golf

dude.... that's a bad a$$ deal. i know that place. i used to buy wedges there. i always buy used wedges, and he'd always try to sell me new ones. don't think he liked me very much, added to the fact that he's a raging longhorn who drives a burnt orange corvette and i'm an aggie. anywho, i went about a month ago to stock up on balls cause he always had the best deals in town, and dude was closed up. so i guess he's trying to get rid of merchandise. awesome deal!

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Note: This thread is 4345 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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